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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sibling reversal

One of the greatest moments in spanking film and photo history has to be the day when the infamous "Kailee" had her sister "Lily" join the 'RealSpankings' team for a while and someone said, "I know! Let's have the younger sister be the Top!"

Pure genius! This was several years ago and like Camelot, it only lasted a brief and shining moment, but in that time the sisters made several films together and an array of still shots that any simple Google image search will reveal.

What I liked about this pairing was something more rooted in my head than in the images themselves. After all the two were models and while cute, neither need worry where they will place their Oscar statuette. But contrived plots or not, a few significant things were undeniably real: the actual spankings filmed at 'RealSpankings' (to their success and credit) are genuine stingers, the two really are sisters, and older sister Lily was usually (though not always) the one to go over her younger sister's lap.

I used to try to imagine what that was like for Lily. Spanko or not, fake or not, she was the older sister and Kailee was no wimpy spanker. She knew Kailee was going to give it to her pretty good! That has to be a factor when baring and bending, right?

But for all I know, these delicious musings may have never even occurred to her. She may have been a girl who just needed money whose sister said "why not make a few bucks filming with us?" But I try not to think about that. I would like to keep my imagined thoughts of the public acceptance masking an inner embarrassment of getting it good from one's younger sibling. And in their pictures......there's no denial of that!

Here is a brief retrospective of the various times Lily got spanked by Kailee:

this was her first time getting it at RealSpankings and little sis did the honors. Imagine your debut is a naked OTK over your kid sister's lap!

Pro spanko or not, Lily made the best faces when struck and Kailee never seemed to mind 
spanking her older sister hard enough to get those reactions.

A 'school scene'. I hate those....but the outfits work for me.

Due to her fair skin, Lily always colored up nicely!
(too bad about that tattoo. >sigh< these kids today!)

Monday, September 26, 2016

More reversals still.....

These are some of my favorite reversal pictures: 

Youngsters did it in the old days....

.....and are still at it today!

It can happen to a seasoned pro.

But it's best when it happens for real, like this from XOXOBeth. Her Master's younger sub actually got to cane her. Delicious! Imagine getting it in your own home from a fellow sub who is younger than you.... yet still knows how to leave welts.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

More reversal- "Retro"

OK, it is posed and corny and we'd all be safe in assuming the "Mom" probably never got a single whack, but.......there's no denying the appeal to this vintage 'reversal' photo.

The idea of reversals occurring within families is a small but solid subset of reversal fans and there are writers who specialize in this very specific genre. I myself have recently completed a story where this is an underlying theme......though not the only one, in a story I have yet to 'release'. (It's still being tweaked, which is my standard procedure for any piece I do.) Just be patient and it may be released soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I LOVE the whole notion of 'reversal' when it comes, not just to spanking, but all forms of D/s & BDSM.  My next few posts will deal with this fascinating twist on traditional roles. But today we'll start simply: f/F spanking art.

The image of the older, wiser, more mature, more respected and established female figure disciplining her younger charge is a solidly established stereotype. How much more powerful is the submission when those roles are reversed?

What an added bit of embarrassment it is for a spanked person submit to the authority of someone much younger...........but just as capable with a strap or paddle?

And there are all sorts of concocted rationales for how the younger party manages to secure the dominant role. The least appealing are the ones where the older person behaves irresponsibly to such a degree that the younger person in their life is forced to take charge and set them back on a disciplined path. The most appealing are the ones where the older party is just drawn to the younger person's strength and doesn't consciously focus on their age.....although at times still feel the added embarrassment of having a younger Top.

I have a couple of f/F stories with a reversal theme: "An Age Thing" & "Deep Pockets". If you have a thing for reversals and haven't read them, head over to the main website and check them out. (I will warn you. You won't find any 'Mom came home drunk again and I need to stop her destructive behavior'-type plots.)

Monday, September 19, 2016

My World-view

Yes, this pretty much sums it up.

When you are a horny boy kept in denial for lengthy periods (as I am right now) and your own sexual indulgence is severely limited to just a few treats, those treats..........which may seem trivial to some........take on importance of global proportions. 

Whereas the average vanilla man can indulge in regular sex, or if not, at least in masturbation to achieve orgasm, I have only a few sanctioned outlets for my desires:

1: if permitted and approved I can self-tease..........but not to orgasm
2: I can kiss and worship Rosa's feet
3: or if she is feeling willing, playful, and generous I can 
devote my attentions to her butt

While the first is the most 'direct', it is also a bit of a lonely solo act.........and one that, while it feels nice building up, ends only in a worse frustration. The second, foot worship, is a lovely joint activity, but for me, foot kissing and toe-sucking is a very complex act. I can engage in it with many different motives and many different feelings..........from an almost innocent act of deference, to a sort of simple, emotional bonding, to a true demonstration of submission, all the way to being very sexually turned on by it. It can merely make me feel safe, connected, and snuggling with a security blanket (sucking a thumb?), or be a crazed, huffing-puffing sexual act (like a horny woman sucking a penis that has five wiggling tips).

So, of the three, getting to bury myself in my Honey's soft, smooth, curvy butt is by far the best! It is not ambiguous. It is always exactly what it is: pure sexual devotion that makes me feel crazed with passion. It is always powerful. It is always indescribably sexy. And we both feel similarly. Rosa can orgasm from this activity if she is in the right mood.........and with permission, so can I........even with a minimum of direct genital stimulation and sometimes with none at all.

So when the one really satisfying thing that I am allowed to enjoy is butt mind tends to see my sexual world as one big, round butt!

(And that's not a bad thing!)

Friday, September 16, 2016

It's tomorrow!

Well the RenFaire is just a day away and today will mean doing all the pre-cooking and decorating so that tomorrow is just last-minute stuff. It will be a busy day but I really like setting up and later I will even have some help. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow and I'll be sure to update you all on how the whole "RenFaire-Disciplinarian"-thing went.

In the meantime, here's an illustration I found that I really like even though the Viking time period is a little early for what I'm doing. Still the flavor is there and I love the gesture and expressions very much! I also like that the more petite young lady is the Top..............but more about that another day.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Let's play "What's Wrong with This Picture?"

Far be it from me to tell someone how to spank. And the dangling titties are very cute. But if you were only going to remove half of a spankee's clothes.............shouldn't it be their pants?

I've always been amused at the antics depicted in spanking photos. Some are downright hysterical. Here, check out this shot for getting things backwards:

Like.........."WTF?" Is the mostly-clothed person being punished for walking in on the naked girl? And if so, wouldn't a spanker still want to dress first to re-establish their authority......and perhaps then to make a point, have their victim get naked? least this spanker had the sense to bare her victim's bottom!