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Friday, February 24, 2017

The old "tease and lock"

I get the 'tease' text often enough from my Rosa, and occasionally the 'tease' command is followed by a 'lock up after' command...............and that is what I got this morning. So as I head off into the garden to do some yardwork, I will be a locked and frustrated little puppy.......and my Honey will be very amused. 

(Unlike this young lady, Rosa wears her key in a locket of a Celtic design. And despite being hidden, a co-worker once teasingly asked her if her locket was for a chastity key, probably hoping to shock her, only to be shocked themselves when she said that was EXACTLY what it was!)

Teasing is a mixed bag for me. Since I am not allowed to touch myself at all, having permission to do so is a kind of relief..............BUT when I realize I have to stop without release...........OR if the tease is directed to be particularly drawn out, it can be more of a torture than nice. (Or maybe even a "heart-breaker"?) It's particularly powerful to go right from tease to cage...............and Rosa knows it. If you would like to see what I mean, you can click here: (Tease/lock cycle) but do so only if you don't mind things being explicit, otherwise content yourself with these instead:

( Though probably a posed/pro shot, you still have to love her look of total glee.)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Another odd CFNF

(As odd CFNFs go, this is in my "Top 5"!)

Take your time and soak in all the details. The most logical explanation I have for this one is that it is another one of those "Nude Bicycle Events" but there's not a bike to be seen and those usually have crowds in the frame. Short of that? This is well into 'WTF-land'.

Key observations:
-obvious age discrepancy but they don't seem related (but could be, I suppose)
-it's  definitely public and not a private backyard
-there's a clothed person walking by in the background
-the clothed woman is wearing a dress as opposed to comfy jeans and a tee which for me suggests this is some kind of 'event' (again one of those bicycle events seems most likely)
-their pose is comfortably loving and friendly, so this doesn't seem to be a photo-op for a curious clothed onlooker. More likely they know each other well or ARE related
-the naked girl seems to be barely 18 and therefore unusually young for this to be a 'proud mom' photo...........but the clothed woman appears to be very proud
-the naked girl is just adorable!......and cute as a button...........but that doesn't really offer a clue. It's just a personal observation.

So, what do you really think this is all about? (And if the word "spank" appears in your comment, I swear I am sending you to Merry hoping she has some thorned switches leftover from Valentine's Day! There is NOTHING in this shot to suggest anything to do with spanking.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Try again

So despite getting ready for my Honey, things just didn't materialize as planned. Somehow the night just kept going off in different directions until both of us just didn't feel the mood anymore. But that does not mean the intended adventure is lost. We're simply going to try again today. So that means another round of this for me:

And then perhaps if nothing deters us later..............

At the very least, after two days, I will certainly have had a good flush of the old system!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I've been given adamant instructions today to self-administer a good cleaning.

(while the thought of being a victim of the ministrations of others, the fact is both Rosa and I BOTH prefer that I do my own 'cleaning out'.)

All in preparation for Rosa's plans to do this later:

Needless to say that at the very least, my day should be interesting.

Monday, February 20, 2017


As cute as the idea of "cum filled balls" might be, and as popular as the phrase and notion seem to just ain't so!
Seminal fluid is stored in the seminal vesicle, closer to your butt than your balls. And even sperm, which are produced in the testicles, only stay there until mature, whereupon they then travel north through the vas deferens awaiting their chance to either combine with seminal fluid and be ejactulated, or as they age, be expelled through the urethra during urination.
The idea that a man's balls are twin round reservoirs for 'cum' is as accurate as believing that 'love' is stored in your heart.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Public spectacle

I found this image on a blog and traced it back to the creator's blog, who is a French artist who goes by "J.P." and who has quite a volume of work. This piece in general caught my eye due to the theme. I wondered what the "story" behind this image was and searched to see if there was one. As it turned out, the image was drawn by the artist as their interpretation of a true life account from someone who witnessed such a spectacle in their youth. The person said the incident occurred at a public pool where a young lady was standing facing the wall exhibiting coloration from an obvious correction. (I had to Google-translate the story, so a bit was lost since those Internet translators are what lead to things like the captioned spanking picture with the mother and daughter that I posted a short while back.) The person went on to say that the identity and circumstances surrounding the 'victim' were never made known, but the incident made a huge impression regardless.............resulting in ever-expanding fantasies prompted by the scene.

The artist found the episode to be something that resonated with her and decided to "illustrate" the described scene. The expression of the girl in the yellow suit and the two curious kids she's addressing accentuate the victims embarrassment exponentially. Peer or adult witnesses are bad enough, but when younger kids are teasing you, wow!

Here is the (poorly) translated post itself:

"It was after discovering my drawings a few years ago that a young lady of Italian descent began to send me messages and to tell me the fantasy that haunted her for years and her genesis, A fantasy she had never spoken to anyone before:

When she was 17 years old, Antonella went to the municipal swimming pool with the other girls in her class for the swimming lesson. 
From what I understood the pool area during the day was open to women or men following the hours.

There were girls and ladies of all ages as usual but on that day she was more than intrigued by a scene taking place outside: A sobbing teenager was facing one of the walls of the pool, punished, The jersey lowered at the ankles and there was no doubt that had the color of the naked behind she displayed in the sight of all, she had received a memorable spanking.

Without knowing what had happened before and without daring to ask for it, Antonella felt a great deal of compassion for this unfortunate girl.

But very soon, she realized that she was totally fascinated by this spectacle, although she tried to concentrate on her lengths, to listen to what her friends told her, her look and her mind was magnetised to this girl punished Which offered the sight of her bare buttocks.

To see a naked child, or in tears is nevertheless banal she said to herself but there, it felt in the bottom of herself that it was totally different.

She never knew who she was, nor the why and how it happened to this girl but immediately afterwards, this scene began to delightfully haunt these nights.

And very quickly in her thoughts, she began to imagine herself in the place of punishment, thus exhibited. 
At first, there was just me, facing the wall, she said. And behind, the cacophony of this kind of places.

"But the nights passing by, I more and more distinct voices, what is said of me, there are dirty little girls who amuse themselves by pulling on my jersey already lowered to make it fall even lower. Has hands that come to wander just for fun and others who come to slam me to make me morality.

The pool has even become mixed!
I would never dare turn round! Because I know that in the pool, there are eyes only for me! "

The little drawing I made for Antonella (with colored pencils because I had nothing else on hand at that time)" 

As a fan of reversals, this does not quite 'qualify' but yet retains some of the key emotional aspects that make 'reversal themes' so powerful for me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day, or at least has plans to celebrate it fully in the days to come. Before the 14th I touched on the topic of Internet folk messing with images and either intentionally altering them without permission, or just attributing things (like quotes) to the wrong people. I promised a more detailed follow-up and here it is:

( And very possibly not even Hannum! )

They say we are ‘free society’ but we all know that nothing is free. Everything has a cost and I think that while it should be OK to promote and create just about anything, there should be a cost to intentionally creating something false at the expense of someone who is unaware their image or their work is being used to promote something they have not consented to. Whether it’s the “fake news” we hear about, or knowingly attributing quotes to the wrong person, these things should be permissible…………but come, like everything else, at a reasonable cost. My suggested price-tag is simple:

After all, the average person has ten fingers, so losing one is not the end of the world. And if something is really important to you, what’s one finger? Losing a finger to something you really believe is important demonstrates your commitment. Below is my proposed list of things that should definitely be permitted……..but only at the cost of a finger:

-fake news. If you create fake news just to screw with people and manipulate sentiment, the next time you manipulate anything, it should be with one less finger.

-assigning someone's clever quip to someone more famous ( the Freudian "assholes" quote that was actually created by Debihope on Twitter was what started this finger idea.) Misquoting someone accidentally, or out of ignorance should not cost a finger, however..............just ridicule.

-deleting someone’s name from their work and posting it as an anonymous piece
(I've had this happen to me)

-altering someone’s art or writing without their permission and having it appear that it is their original work (removing the original dialog from a cartoon and replacing it with words the cartoonist never penned.)
(I've had this happen to me, as well.)

-altering someone else’s work and having it appear as your own work…..(this should probably cost two fingers, but I’ll settle for one to keep the law simple)
(And yes, this too has happened to me.)

-Photo-shopping relatively innocent images to add prurient aspects that in no way are connected to the individuals being manipulated.  As a spanking enthusiast, my best example would be the adding of pink patches to the behinds of people who may not be in any way connected to, or interested in spanking, like so:

(This adorable bit of exposure can be found on blogs all over the 'spankosphere'. It resonates with people because it is an acutely embarrassing public display of a usually private kink....should such a thing happen as shown. Unfortunately a quick "Search Google for this image" eventually reveals:

Ta-da! Where did the pink go? Wow, this lady heals quickly, eh? Nah, this was somebody's prurient little project and should cost a finger.

-Captioning an innocent photo to make it appear that the subject is saying things they might never say in real life. (Again, the best example is the captioned spanking image whose  subject is just a plain attractive female smiling into the camera…..without any implement or background suggesting she is in any way into spanking.)

( Just LOOK at this! This poor girl (somebody's daughter) had a nice picture taken of her that made it onto the Internet and someone cheesily inserted a crapily Photoshopped switch into her hand and added dialog that is in no way connected to her gesture, pose, or expression, and is probably NOT something this little lady was thinking when this shot was taken. There are plenty of pictures of women holding spanking implements all over the Internet, so why do this?. This is the sleazy defiling of an 'innocent' and at the very least should cost a finger.)

And though it has nothing to do with the Internet, I always felt rubbernecking an accident as a driver should cost a finger as well. It's a ghoulish indulgence that delays all of the people behind you who just want to get on with their day. As such a finger seems the perfect price of admission for ogling someone else's misfortune. Perhaps when the Police and EMT arrive on the scene, this young lady should show up as well? 

(Despite her car-halting good looks and outfit, I'll bet after a few digital dismemberments, traffic would be moving along at an impressive clip!)