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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Writer's Block

Well, OK, my "writer's block" may not be as dire as Jack Torrance's but I do seem to be suffering from it to a degree. I have a new short story that has been complete for well over a month. The story is technically finished and it has its moments........but something's missing. It's .......o-kaaaaay, but merely OK, and not what I would like to think a "KDPierre" story should be. I have been reluctant to post it on the website and have delayed doing so in the hopes that in re-reading it, some idea or added twist would pop into my head to rescue the piece from its mediocrity. But so far? Nothing.

The thing is, a part of me has been growing increasingly frustrated with writing spanking and BDSM-type stories without making a greater connection with my readers. I think I put out a good product and I have a small, loyal following that I genuinely appreciate, but it is most decidedly a small following. Those that 'get' what I'm doing seem to really appreciate it, but the majority of 'spank-story readers' either don't like the usually "F/m" orientation, or they find my stories to be implausible (even though many are based on actual events from my life.  Go figure.) In fact, I believe that my stories really only resonate well with people who actually live the lifestyle, but it seems that the majority of spank-story readers do not live it and many have never been on either end of a spanking. Reading (and writing) stories is how these people seem to cope with their unfulfilled spanking interests...................but it also makes these readers unfamiliar with the thoughts and connections I try to portray in my pieces.

It seems like a M/f story with a high degree of justice/comeuppance rings most of these people's bells. But not mine. In fact, I find I don't relate to most stories I read. Oh, there are a few that I really like, but the ratio of what I like to what is out there is depressingly low. And yet those very same stories that do nothing for me seem to resonate with more people than mine. Many stories I read seem like they've been written by people who have only imagined the activities they are writing about. They claim this should not make a difference, but it does. I can almost always tell when a spank-story author is a spank-virgin.

I appreciate the ring of truth even more than great style. It is why I would rather read a simply written forum post from a real person living the lifestyle than yet another schoolgirl caning adventure from a polished author. 

Like I said, it's very hard for me to find something I like. And now, I can't even write a story I like.

Maybe if I agreed to "hotel-sit" this winter?


  1. Someplace where the sun is 'shining'?

    I have written countless short stories with F/m spanking as the primary topic, but not for anybody else to read.
    I used to get fantasies stuck in my head ... kinda like an ear worm, when you hear some song and the tune plays in your mind over and over... and it seemed like, the only way to get rid of the fantasy was to write it down in a story.
    This still happens to me, but to a much lesser extent than Way Back When ... now that I'm living many of the fantasies I used to write about.

    1. Interesting strategy. The motive fueling me was usually to "immortalize" an actual event from my life, or some actual issue or feeling that I placed within a literary context.

      The story I am struggling with now is based around actual events and dynamics with fictional elements worked in. But finding the elusive 'thing' that seems missing is like finding your way out of a hedge maze in a snowstorm!

  2. I can understand your predicament. Writing something that's true to you, but knowing it has a missing element. Another woman? Another man? A couple? More pain? Less pain? Getting interrupted by the police or something else? Lingerie? A boob job? A twist? Buttplugs? Servicing after a spanking? Have I helped you out of the maze?

  3. Oh I remember now! My axe! Where the hell did I put that damned thing anyway? I know I had it up in the bathroom to fix the door......

    (actually, a short while back I wanted to not just stick a knife in the British schoolgirl cliche but twist it around a bit and added an element that upset some people a bit!)

    1. Crimson Kid (C.K.)June 24, 2016 at 3:47 PM

      Well, cold-blooded murder isn't typically an aspect of British schoolgirls interacting (even in terms of discipline) with one another, is it...?? --C.K.

    2. Perhaps not, but maybe with Brexit there may be more frequent occurrences.

  4. Replies
    1. Ah yes, alcohol. But I prefer whiskey to red rum and to murder as well. Life can be so serious and depressing........... but I find most things are funnier after a shot or two.

      One could say I have a rye sense of humor.

  5. Alternatively, one could beat you over the head with a bottle of Dewar's.

    1. Hey, I've always said: 'you can't hurt a Pollack by hitting us in the head.'.

  6. Crimson Kid (C.K.)June 24, 2016 at 4:17 PM

    If you want popularity in terms of spanking-oriented stories, you should probably write M/F ones which are romantic and somewhat erotic in nature, with the male spanker being this wise, mature character while the female spankee is somewhat willful, spoiled and/or immature, although she is deeply in love with the father-figure type of guy.

    For that kind of story, end it very happily with a great post-punitive bout of tender sex followed by the couple snuggling in bed, him assuring his "little girl" of his great love for her and that he'll always both care for and discipline her, whereupon she sighs contentedly.

    That type of story should be quite popular, but I'm not going to read it myself--I prefer your F/M stuff with themes such as needed authority imbalances, extremely sound spankings administered simply to initiate new arrangements/understandings, plus the concept that there are naturally-occurring spanker/spankee relationships between some individuals.

    Of course, I don't practice a D/s or even an actual D/D relationship in my real-life existence, although I certainly have received numerous quite effective paddlings within my marriage.

    There are spanking-story fans who enjoy and even 'get' your writing at times, that's something to be grateful for... --C.K.

    1. True, and thank you, CK. (I do hope you realize that in that small, loyal following I mentioned, I consider you to very near the top of the list....short as it may be.)

      And actually, even though you don't practice the policy, you have practiced the actions involved and therefore, I believe, are more inclined to appreciate what I write far more than someone with no experience at all. Whenever I've said this at LSF, I've gotten criticism (mostly because I believe the LSF to be comprised of a vast majority of spank-virgins...............and just like the punchline in the old "gassy trucker joke" can ALWAYS tell a virgin.)But since this is my blog I feel free to voice this opinion more unapologetically.