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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Added privacy

My other neighbors  (not Marta & Wally) have just finished putting up a privacy fence which nearly totally blocks any view into our yard. Living in a populated, suburban area has sometimes limited some of the backyard 'adventures' that Rosa and I would have liked to engage in........but never fully prevented all of them! 

Now, however, one huge hindrance seems to have been removed. Granted, we would still have to be careful. There are other angles of limited visibility here and there.......but these could be worked around with some effort and planning. As such, Rosa and I have already joked and speculated about what this new privacy might lead to on the non-vanilla spectrum. 

1: skinny-dipping will be much easier than it's been previously.....though we have engaged in it prior to this fence.

2: next year's "Naked Gardening Day" may take on a whole new dimension, and perhaps not be strictly limited to just one Saturday in May!

3: Keeping my "post-punishment chaps" on even when venturing outside is a new and strong possibility.

If any of you have any other ideas you'd like to suggest.......we are all ears!

Saturday, May 20, 2017


I saw this meme on Ronnie's blog and liked the 'one word answer' aspect that its creator, Terps, instilled in it. I tend towards elaboration, so a single word response that I feel is still accurate is very challenging for me. Some of these were very difficult to limit. Here are my one word answers, and feel free to cut and paste this and provide your own responses as a 'comment':

  1. Where is your phone? nearby
  2. Your hair? diminishing
  3. Your Dad? remembered
  4. Your other half? loved
  5. Your favourite food? delicious
  6. Your dream last night? forgotten 
  7. Your favourite drink? wet
  8. Fear? death
  9. Favourite shoes? sandals
10. Favourite way to relax? pond-gazing (are hyphenated responses cheating?)
11. Your mood? content
12. I love? laughing 
13. Where were you last night? porch
14. Something that you aren't? dead
15. Muffins? sure 
16. Wish list item? money
17. Where you grew up? Jersey
18. Last thing you did? type
19. What are you wearing right now? clothes
20. Something you hate? hypocrisy
21. Your pets? scaled 
22. Friends? plenty 
23. Life? preferred
24. Regrets? admitted
25. Missing someone? unfortunately


Friday, May 19, 2017

Ana's back!

And commenting!

Ana is a huge Snoopy/Peanuts fan.....and collector, so I LOVE finding images like this one with which to tease her. 

Yes, my Little Monster has finished her Spring Semester and is home. Though soon she will be off on an academic adventure for the Amazon! (I told her to be wary of the little monster is tough, but petite, and there are some pretty big critters lurking in the Amazon who could see my honey as a potential snack.

But while she's still home I asked (more like pestered) her to catch up on her commenting and she has already begun. So, if you are an "Ana Fan", be sure to look for her wit, wisdom, and snarky observations in some of the older posts. She has told me she will be doing more commenting tonight, but so far she has hit "333", "Caption Hell" and the most recent, "Pool time?".

I just LOVE this one!!!!!!

I love having Ana home. She is the best 'handyman-helper' for any project, outperforming almost anyone I know....male or female. And while her 'domestic authority' is technically limited to me and my behavior, she has this uncanny ability to keep both of her brothers, younger and older, in line! As such, assigned household duties are executed much more efficiently when she's home.....which makes everything better. But besides the practical, she is just plain fun to have around. 

I recently took her for her Rita's treat (as part of my "333" apology) and we just hung out and talked about all sorts of things. 

Ana and I also also caught up on some long overdue foot care to get her pretty toes ready for Summer ( check out April's post: Apples, Trees, & Mushrooms for a peek at Ana's groomed monkey feet here!)  Ana is a mischief-maker, and loves to tease her mother, Rosa, with texts and even photos whenever I am giving her a pedicure or other treat. Rosa always feigns jealousy and claims neglect.....but it's all a mother/daughter bonding thing they do that is quite cute and amusing. 

We also discussed suspending our weekly behavior review in favor of merely addressing any issues that arise in the moment. Now that she's home, she will be able to see things firsthand right as they happen......and issue slips as she sees appropriate. As I've said before, Ana is amazingly fair with her authority, tending to exercise restraint when issuing slips.............but when she does.............look out!

Ana may resort to issuing Discipline Slips infrequently......but she is notorious for suggesting pretty large numbers of spanks when she does. Go back and read "666" if you want to see an example.

Anyway, "welcome back, Little Monster!" 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pool time?

Well the temperature is in the 90's here in NJ and it's only May 18th! Normally I follow the tradition of opening our pool just prior to Memorial Day..........but this year I'm wondering if I should open it sooner?

Perhaps I can invite this young lady over for a pool party?

Anyone up for a game of "ring toss"?!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Science project

I would like to present this interpretive model of the Galapagos Islands (click name for link) as my contribution to the 2017 Collected Submissions' Science Fair:

As you can see the Galapagos Islands are  a string of volcanic islands at various stages of their geologic life.

 I know they don't show up in the photo, but if you look very closely you will see I placed tiny, toy Giant Tortoises on some of them:

I have always wanted to visit the Galapagos............... and now you can see why.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Caption Hell

I added some new posts to my Tumblr  "Caption Hell" (click name to visit) today. I have to admit having a Tumblr like this one helps me channel a lot of the annoyance that builds up in me after a morning of scouting blogs for images and ideas for posts. The thing that surprises me a bit is that the thing doesn't seem to resonate with anyone else. I would think someone somewhere would chuckle at one of the quips or comments and tap the like button? Oh, well, at least having it is free.......................and therapeutic for me.

I was also wondering in this day of cell phone surfing, how many of my daily visitors do so through a phone rather than a laptop? The reason I ask is that unless a visitor clicks "view web version" things like the links in my right margin, poll questions, or even the rules for posting comments............. don't appear. A visitor can only see those things in the web version. Maybe that explains some things ...............but who knows?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Spanking Sunday

Following the fun of Naked Gardening Day, Sunday took on a different personality: that of the perennially chastised 'husband'. In total, I was spanked 3 times with the prospect of a fourth that did not happen due to Rosa falling asleep.....but who knows? There's no 'statute of limitations' on spankings here!

A familiar position.

The day started with a morning spanking that was crisp and decisive, though not harsh. It was given because I had reacted in my typical OCD way on Saturday when Rosa was hungry and wanted lunch right in the middle of some errands we were running. I did feed her, but not after making her feel bad for having asked. Anyway, she took care of that pretty emphatically and I ended up feeling contrite and compliant.  I then made her breakfast and the day started well enough.. but not before another spanking with more of a "set the tone" intention. This one was a little more playful and resulted in some fooling around and an O for Rosa.

Unfortunately that lovely 'tone' disappeared not too long after we started our day and began to clean up a boat we are donating. It was a messy, unpleasant job made worse by things going wrong and chilly, intermittent drizzle. We both ended up cranky and snapping at each other......unfortunately I snapped more frequently and have more substantial consequences for doing so. Hence, spanking #3!

So today I'm a bit tender again,  but really can't complain since everything I got made sense. And on another note, there was a big part of me that appreciated getting spanked for things ROSA HERSELF wanted to spank me for. Every major punishment I've received recently has come at the recommendation of Ana or from Marta & Nickki. It had actually been a while since Rosa decreed her own punishment.....and maybe that backlog is why I ended up getting three in one day? Or maybe I'm just a naughty boy?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Today is..................

World Naked Gardening Day! for REAL!   (click here). And Rosa snapped me in her 'Peruvian Garden' celebrating the day in the proper spirit.....and lack of attire. 

I've always found marigolds to be  very versatile and useful flowers. They are certainly doing an admirable job of modesty-protection here......though it was a little chilly and as such, instead of a flat, one plant may have been sufficient to keep me hidden. 

Up until recently I hadn't even heard of Naked Gardening Day, but Rosa had. Naturally she teased me about finding any excuse to be naughty. And speaking of which..... in this 'flip side' you can now see the residual discoloration from the spanking described in the post entitled "333"....days later and still showing:

I don't mind being naked......just don't force my bulbs!

So if you haven't gotten your petunia out in the breeze yet, there's still time before the sun sets on May 6th!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Say anything

Everybody's pal.

So, the House passed a healthcare bill they all hate, (click here for story) yet Mr. Trump in one breath says it's a great bill and then in another breath praises the universal healthcare system of Australia (which would be anathema to most in the Republican Party): (click here for story)

Now rather than get into a detailed debate on healthcare, I want to just briefly focus on the appeal of a man who can say anything, up then down, pro then con.....well maybe always "con"......and still have the support of his base. Trump backers are like the ever-hopeful and loving wife of the repeatedly abusive spouse who professes their undying love after every beating. 

They call him a "populist" and yet nothing he's done is in the interest of the "ordinary person," which defines true populist governing. It's populism in 'claim' only.  I grew up thinking populism was a good thing: government for the average person....such an American concept! But that was before the average person was stupid. Now I'm not so sure. 

Middle America used to pride itself on it's disdain for "hucksters", spotting them right off and running them out of town 'on a rail'. What the hell happened? Is there a shortage of tar and feathers? or of common sense? Did something get into the water out there?

Mr. Trump is an easy target to lampoon. ( click here for 'Trump's People') But I have a bigger problem with those who support him no matter what he does or does not do.

But then again, maybe I'm letting it bother me too much. After all, shouldn't everyone love the person who's fucking them?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Handing it over

It's been a couple of days since the 'Hard 333'............and my behind is still  noticeably discolored. (Sorry, no pictures this'll have to take my word for it). The actual spank-pain has subsided but there is this residual tenderness at times that definitely acts as a reminder of what transpired. Anyway, today's post is not about my marked bottom but about the act of being the one to 'fetch' and hand over the implement that will be used for a spanking.

An expression of consent and worry.............I know THAT feeling!

Strangely, while this topic is often discussed among practitioners of DD, it is a VERY under-represented scene in spanking imagery......whether photographed or drawn. I managed to find a few......even though a couple are depictions of impending juvenile correction (Sorry to those who don't like those.....but it is what it is.) I have a old drawing of an older boy handing a hairbrush to an older woman who could be an aunt or mother......but I never finished it. Perhaps this will be my incentive to revisit it and clean it up for presentation here?

An odd 'juvenile scene' strangely drawn.....but still capturing that moment of reluctant acceptance.

I'm not sure about you and your situation, but personally I can only recall one set of circumstances where Rosa does not have me bring her the implement of correction......or at least put it out in a handy spot........and that is when she has decided to punish me before she leaves for work. Other than that, I routinely ask which implement she wants and then retrieve it and either hand it to her directly or place it next to her within reach, before crawling across her lap.

The only difference between me and her (besides age & gender, LOL) is that I am usually naked at the moment of 'handing it over'.

While one could easily dismiss this practice as merely polite or utilitarian, it is far more nuanced than that! Bringing the instrument of one's own correction and handing it to the person who is about to use it, implies a acceptance of the upcoming chastisement and signals consent in a way that merely bending over cannot. And then there is the embarrassment:

Despite the youthfulness of the subjects (and the odd 'composite-photo-re-touch' aesthetic), there is something oddly charming about this image for me that would be lost if not for the girl fetching the paddle herself.

Just like the young lady above, there is an undeniable  embarrassment about PROVIDING one's disciplinarian with the precise tool they want to redden one's bottom! As you pick the thing up, you KNOW what the implement is capable it will it has felt in the past. You can appreciate a paddle's sturdiness, a switch's whippiness, or the flexible avoirdupois of a strap or tawse, just by holding it.

In the case of the 'switch', it is not uncommon for the miscreant to have to find, cut, clean, and present their own arsenal of switch branches:

I've been in this situation as well...........though not recently. Maybe this is something to suggest to Rosa??????

I have had to do this in the past, and it takes all of those nuances of 'handing it over' and amplifies them. Not only are you providing the instrument(s) of correction, but selecting and preparing them for use. When selecting, you KNOW you can't just pick some wispy twig and think that will suffice. A confident disciplinarian who sends their victim out to the woods, is NOT expecting them to return with inadequate branches! find yourself hunting for the ones that will be the best for the task at hand, knowing that task is to inflict a corrective dose of sting to one's own rear. You search out trees (often birch) with young, straight 'suckers' shooting out from their base, knowing they will hurt and not easily break.  It is a humbling process.

(If anyone here has access to better examples of "handing it over'.....especially if the images are FLR/Femdom in nature, please send them to me! I will save them and use them for a follow-up at some point, if I get enough. Thanks!)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


In my last post I explained the mishap on Ana's "666" Punishment Slip for me having yelled at her when I thought she was being snippy with me and she was merely asking me for clarification.

This is Ana's actual slip........(with our real names taken out and pen names added in.) which has been sitting in the open on our dresser for ages!

She was pretty was I...........except she didn't do anything wrong while I did. At the time, Rosa, who heard the whole thing, elected to stay out of it, but when I sought her input, she had to admit that she thought Ana was yelled at unfairly. When Ana delivered the slip, neither Rosa nor I had any objection to honoring it despite the hefty number of spanks.

Anyway, readers here know what happened, and didn't happen, next.....until Sunday. And now I will continue with "Part 2".

After I received the first installment, I followed the set of rules I share with Ana and texted her to formally apologize again. She accepted the apology saying all was forgiven. However, there were still 333 smacks to go. Ana and I then talked a bit about this particular punishment. Ana is a a woman of few words and very playful.....but she feels things deeply and that means getting hurt more easily than her tough exterior lets on. She is very like her mother in that regard. Anyway, I sort of confessed to Ana that the first half of the punishment had a humbling effect on me and made me think that perhaps she would like if the second half was a full-out punishment.....with nothing held back? She immediately agreed that she would.

It was agreed that I would inform Rosa via a group text that it was Ana's wish that Rosa deliver the second half of the punishment "good and hard with the heavy paddle". I later asked Ana what she thought the outcome of the text would be. Ana is quite aware that Rosa's mindset at any given moment determines a lot of what happens next. Ana's reply was characteristically accurate and funny, "If she's in a good mood then your butt won't be"

Rosa fully appreciated the request and did exactly what was suggested. She was far less playful than she usually is when about to spank, and after I was across her lap, she asked me if I had anything to say. I admitted that I was a little nervous about getting a serious and hard spanking....but that I fully understood why this one needed to be significant so as to set everything right between me and Ana and was willing to accept it. 

Once I had my say, Rosa started in and spanked me so that I was wriggling, ouching, and struggling almost the entire time. It was probably only the last 1/3 of the punishment where I just surrendered and laid across her lap taking each spank without too much fuss. Rosa FULLY appreciates the distinctions between fun and serious, and understands that some issues require stricter consequences. Even if it is not her own issue, she can place herself in a sympathetic mindset with a wronged party and punish accordingly. Consequently..... she did not go easy on me. The entire spanking hurt plenty from start to finish and could in no way be interpreted as 'fun'.

I was then let up, whereupon I thanked Rosa and went off to take a shower. Once in the bathroom I took a few shots on my phone since I wanted to illustrate today's post with proof of what transpired..........even if they are not of the greatest quality:

Hot, swollen, and sore!

A closer view.....though a little dark......but I didn't want to wash out the red with a flash.

I noticed afterwards that my butt matched my sunburned neck......from working in the garden! My butt felt a LOT worse though and is naturally still plenty tender today.

After I got dressed, Rosa had some things to do, so I just relaxed and decided to text Ana about what had happened and how her Mom had taken her request VERY SERIOUSLY. She sounded pleased and teased me a lot. She even insisted that the perfect apology would be taking her to Rita's for a treat. Naturally I quipped that if all she had wanted was Rita's Ice, she could have just written that on her Discipline Slip and left off the 666 spanks. Her exact reply was: "Nahhhh it's no fun like that!"

And when I joked that maybe Rita's was a great idea so we could both get I could sit on mine, she replied, "It wouldn't be cold enough for your hot bottom"

So as you can see, my Little Monster is a real joker. When Rosa found out Ana was getting a treat, she insisted on one for herself as well. And, given my delicate position with these you think I'm going to deny either of them ANYTHING?!?!

(Also be sure to check out the new photo and related poll question in the right margin! )

Monday, May 1, 2017


So have any of you wondered what became of Ana's "666" Discipline Slip? Well, it turns out that Rosa never took action on it. The slip sat conspicuously on our bedroom dresser all this time too......making me really wonder why she never got around to calling me across her lap, since she obviously saw it every single day. Rosa has ALWAYS followed through on a deserved punishment eventually, especially if the request came from one her offended kids!

Well, this weekend I just felt compelled to ask Rosa about it......wondering if there was some hidden reason why she seemed content to ignore the thing. What was my surprise when Rosa looked at me and said, "I thought we already took care of that. I was even going to ask you to put the slip away since it was finished."

I assured my Honey that no such thing ever happened and that was why it was still out in the open as a reminder. Rosa said that she had probably confused that slip with the long 2016/2017 marathon from Ana...........and on some level that sort of makes sense.

Suffice it to say, Rosa was quite willing to finally deal with the punishment, especially since it was an issue she had been privy to and understood from her daughter's perspective even better than I did at the time. Rosa therefore told me to be prepared for the first half in the evening after dinner.

As I waited for her to be ready for me, I texted Ana and told her what was going to happen. She was more than a little amused and wished me luck!

Since this was the first punishment I've gotten since the beginning of February, Rosa elected to use the lighter paddle and started much more compassionately than usual. It still stung plenty though! And by the end she was spanking with enthusiasm so that I was plenty sore and sorry by the end. I was still tender and pink even this morning. And there's still another 333 to go! 

But more on that in another post!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Embarrassed now?

So yesterday Rosa, Marta, and I all went to one of our favorite thrift stores to look for some retro clothes for a 70's party we are going to. Wally (Marta's husband) was at an adult class and was not in attendance........(though we found him a shirt anyway.)

As we pulled into the lot, knowing how much I love 'treasure hunting' in that particular store, Rosa said to me, "now don't go crazy buying stuff in there."

The remark sort of hit me the wrong way even though it wasn't said nastily, since even though I love to hunt for cool stuff, I am also pretty frugal on my own, and I responded by saying, "Honey, come on. Do you really have to embarrass me like that in front of Marta?"

Rosa just laughed at my objection and said, "really, Honey? How about if I put it this way in front of Marta instead: 'if you start buying too much, I'm going to spank your ass when we get home' ? Is that less embarrassing for you?"

Marta just laughed out loud and observed, "there you go, (KDP). You sort of asked for that!"
Well, even though we did get more than the retro clothes, Rosa had no problem with the stuff I found, so the above little scene DID NOT HAPPEN! would have definitely been interesting if it did!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


As much as I love the taste of a good beer or cocktail, I must admit that the presentation of the drink is almost as important to me. I tend to shun plastic cups for drinks......unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. Even as a guest, I will request a glass and promise that if I should break it, I'll buy the hosts an entire new set. (I hardly ever break glasses.)

Look at this beautiful drink:

A pre-Prohibition classic, "The Last Word" served in a nice, weighty, hand-blown glass and garnished with sour cherries.

Would this 1920's favorite really be the same in a red plastic cup? Or consider this James Bond classic:

The Vesper Martini from "Casino Royale"  (also made here and served in an entirely different glass with lemon twist garnish,)

Can anyone imagine 007 sipping this from a Mason jar? No, presentation may not be everything but it is important. We have a wide array of glasses in our collection.....stemmed and unstemmed, from wide-mouthed to narrow, and from heavy glass to paper-thin crystal................and each has its purpose.  

The glass can define a drink. From a recent past post, you saw the little surprise 'treat' Rosa had left me one morning.  Considering the contents, you have to admit the oversized brandy snifter elevates the beverage to a new level.

A lot classier and more appealing than a specimen cup!

However, as extreme as this example might seem, sometimes 'presentation' can be taken even in this fantastic photo I stumbled across recently:

I am not a huge champagne fan......unless it's in a French 75........but this lovely lady has me rethinking that!  

I've sidled up to a lot of bar-tops in my day.......but this one has an appeal unlike any other! The others have usually been glass or brass............but this one is ass! No matter how fastidious the bar keep and no matter how delicious the drink......I have NEVER considered lapping up any spilled drops from a bar surface before.......but I'd make an exception here. 

It's all in the presentation

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kali How-to

A few posts back I discussed a little torture session and painful semi-O I was treated to while wearing a spiked tube better known as a Kali's Teeth Bracelet or "KTB". After posting that little blurb a reader responded to me via e-mail rather than in the comment section asking about how I made my KTB. Since I am always willing to share "how-to's" I figured that maybe it would be helpful to do a post on it for you all, rather than just telling it to one person in private. So...............without further ado:

"How I made my own PVC KTB"

I started with a section of basic 1 1/4" O.D.  basic white PVC pipe obtainable at any decent hardware store. I bought enough to do two complete sections since making the hinge would require making two separate halves rather than trying to cut one section with a precise hinge. To get a better idea, here's a picture of my KTB open:

Here you can see what the design involves. Two exact halves with a simple hinge pivoting on a heavy gauge pin. The other pin shown is what holds the tube closed. 

I then cut a tab mimicking the hinge to act as the clasp. I simply glued the pieces to the outer edges of each half so that a tab would fit neatly in the waiting groove. The pin then slides through a drilled channel to secure it closed.

The spikes are made from the same white PVC stems you see marking lawns with those little flags after a commercial treatment. They are about a 9/64ths diameter. I drilled out holes in each half, cut and sharpened the rod into the 33 points seen here, and then just glued them in place. 

Once complete, I sanded everything and assembled it all, and finished it off with a coat of black paint to the exterior.......just to give it "a look".

To use it, I simply pull out the clasp pin, open the hinged tube, and close it around my soon-to-be tortured member. In order to do this however, I have to be at my absolute most relaxed and flaccid state.......or the tube will not close. Once shut, the pin is inserted either from one end or the other ......depending on what I will be doing and the rest is a matter of teasing followed by pain. (To see a few shots of what I am describing, the more curious among you can click here: KTB in action.)

All-in-all, the project requires patience and a minimum level of competence using tools. The design is very durable as evidenced by the number of years this KTB has been in use. The most it has required is an occasional paint touch-up as scratches appear.

So, if you feel like a rainy day project.......give this one a go. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Women of Few (and many) Words

My first experience with bodywriting was seeing the weekly gyrations of the bikini-clad Goldie Hawn on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in. Even at that early age I remember thinking the concept seemed contrived..........but that she had a cute belly-button.

Recently I came across this photo and recalled those early days, and then began thinking about the practice of bodywriting in general.

(Talk about the polar opposite of the Goldie Hawn image! ) 

The two most frequent uses of bodywriting seem to be: political statement and sexual humiliation. It is also seen sometimes as artistic expression, but a lot (though not all) of these 'art' attempts also seem somewhat political. Here are a couple of purely political examples:

(Pretty straightforward. No need to be witty when your message is scrawled across a naked body. The most clever protest messages are usually found on placards carried by clothed protesters.)

(Cute. now turn around so I can see the "Got Milk" section.)

And here a couple of "performance art" examples:

(I like the way the words convey directly what their body language and gestures also hint at.)

( Art? Or just some corny-assed shit? You decide.)

And here's one that is just sort of artsy all around:

(This works on many levels for me and as such is probably the best example of bodywriting as art.)

Using a nude or barely dressed female body to draw attention to one's message is not a new idea, but it strikes me as odd that women...........who usually complain about this when used in advertising, seem to have no problem shedding their clothes when it's their own idea. It's like, "hey I can exploit my own body if I want to....but don't YOU go doing it." One photo I found makes no attempt to say otherwise......and is also pretty amusing:

(I'm a mathematical moron......but I'd willingly spend some time trying to figure this one out.)

I am also not entirely convinced that these naked protests are purely political. My guess is that there is an underlying urge towards exhibitionism that is inwardly justified when the person adds a few choice phrases to their naked body. "Yes I'm naked in public.....but I am making a statement, dammit!"

I'm also not a huge fan of the sexually humiliating examples of bodywriting and find most of them to be vulgar and offensive. I'm not against sexual humiliation, but there's something garish and coarse about it when it's done with marker.

(I guess some people find this sexy..................but not me.)

Oh, Goldie............just look what you started!

Friday, April 21, 2017

So, WTF?

Remember the old Bugs & Daffy cartoon where every time Daffy came onstage the audience went silent and crickets began chirping? Well, it might be a little too cold and early for crickets, but I could swear I can sort of hear them.

So what's up, gang? Other than Merry, it doesn't seem like anything posted has prompted much interest......and there's been a good variety of humor and personal anecdote. Granted there hasn't been much specifically on spanking......but doesn't a 100% focus on spanking alone get boring after a while?

And while there are serious elements to "Collected Submissions" my goal from the start has always been to deliver things wrapped in some humor and sarcasm so as to entertain while sharing information. But you know how  local stand-up comedians  always seem to perform in front of that perennial 'brick wall' backdrop? Well I feel like I'm performing from BEHIND the wall and I can't tell whether the audience is laughing, booing, or have all gone home. My daily 'hits' look decent when I track them through Blogger, so it seems like people are coming here. But 'sheesh' how about a little noise to let me know there's life out there?

Not only has the blog been desolate, but the new Tumblr "Caption Hell" (which only requires a click of a 'like' button to the short quips) has only attracted Merry and Ana! 

I know not everyone is going to find EVERYTHING funny......but something somewhere should prompt SOMEONE to snicker. So what's the deal? 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bali Hai/Kali O

A few days ago Rosa and I indulged in a bit of torturous "fun" featuring a little piece of BDSM equipment called a "Kali's Teeth Bracelet".

(This is a typical commercially-available model made of steel. Ours looks almost exactly the same but is a homemade version constructed of PVC and as such the 'spikes' are a bit  pointier.)

For those unfamiliar, this is how it is worn:

(Not me, but you get the idea. The  larger idea being that the KTB is barely noticeable when flaccid......but increasingly uncomfortable should any growth towards erection occur. The pain usually causes the erection to either hurt mightily or retreat.)

The game we played was simplicity itself. Since I had not had a release in weeks, I asked Rosa if I could be allowed a nice session focused on her delicious bottom and offered two possible ways to conduct it:

1: Be locked in my CB with no ability to get any stimulation to my privates and NOT be allowed an O. Or......

2: Be confined in our KTB ( which Rosa calls our 'Spiked Tube' ) and be technically allowed an O.....if I felt brave enough or even able enough to achieve one while wearing the spikes. This option also would allow her to tease me with her feet.

She chose #2. Initially the session was a see-saw of pleasure and sting as I got excited with my 'treat' only to feel the sharp reminder of what I was wearing. Rosa who was now enjoying my plight, began to further my frustration by fondling the exposed end of my penis with her dexterous toes! OUCH!

Rosa doesn't smoke......but this Namio Harukawa illustration is freakishly accurate otherwise!

This went on for a bit as Rosa just relaxed.......but eventually the 'game' got her excited enough that she was approaching an orgasm of her own! I naturally sensed her desire for one and did my best to help her achieve it......which she did. But now this O-giving activity got me even crazier than I was before and I began to feel like my encased organ was getting a bit used to the cycle of sharp pokes. Had Rosa not had her "O" I probably would have just gone to bed O-less after satisfying myself with her bottom................but now I wanted one! Even if it meant feeling the bite of those points!

I re-focused and concentrated on both my oral servitude and the mounting build-up in my groin, until I reached a point of no return and achieved a release. However, the spikes .....while somehow not as bad as I remember them from the very few times I had an O like this......still 'ruined' the O. So there was a bit of release......and an ejaculation accompanied by the spikes.....but not a truly satisfying one. And yet......I was glad to have had the semi-release after the long time without anything.

The thing is, I am now probably even hornier than I was before the ruined O! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Dyngus Day!

First of all, a late Happy Easter to everyone. I'm sorry for the tardy greeting, but I was very busy for the last couple of days. Anyway, Easter here was great and I hope yours was too!

Today is Easter Monday, and young ladies across the Slavic portion of Eastern Europe are being doused with water and struck across their behinds in celebration of an odd combination of Easter and Dyngus Day.

I am of Polish descent and without any sisters, never really saw any manifestation of this 'fertility ritual' being performed when growing up, but I know of people who did carry on the practice here.

"Wesolych Velku Noc" is one way to say "Happy Easter" but to truly mean "Easter" the way most people do, one would say: "Wesolego Aleluja" instead. "Velku Noc" is still Easter......but it's the wet and stingy-bottomed Easter Monday-Easter.

A while back I came across the following cartoon and as a sub male, LOVED it:

( The confident young lady has obviously turned the traditional tables and is saying: "I'll give you 'Happy Dyngus Day'!!!" You can even see her wielding the traditional decorated braided whip that vendors sell or people make on their own and decorate with colorful ribbons. .........I wonder if when she's done, she'll cool off that striped bottom with a splash of cold water? )

For more on Dyngus Day check (here). Then go whack a few bottoms before the day runs out!