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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Green light

I had a nice talk with Ana today about all sorts of things as usual, and at one point we discussed the appeal of D/s situations where the submissive is punished unfairly. I expressed that I have an affinity for fiction where the victim is somehow ensnared and can't escape their fate, while simultaneously resenting real life situations where the same thing occurs. I also brought up the issue of being a proxy (something Ana and I have a good deal of experience with) and I mentioned a short anecdote that I recalled from a now-defunct site entitled "Maman".

With a little looking I found a site that is housing some of the old Maman* stories and actually found the exact one I was telling Ana about: "Over Mrs. Johnson's Knee" (click title for link). We discussed the notion of proxy and Ana very simply said she felt that proxy situations are "win, win, win" scenarios where every party benefits. She said the guilty party escapes a punishment, the disciplinarian still has an outlet for their annoyance, and even the proxy ends up getting what they sort of want. Her opinion is that voluntary proxies have their own reasons for offering themselves up and that despite getting punished.....even genuinely....they still receive a kind of satisfaction from it. 

As a proxy myself, I have to agree with her. But I told her that for a proxy situation to work for me......whether in fiction or for myself in real practice, the punishment the proxy receives HAS to be equal to what the guilty party would have gotten. The spanking can't be milder because an 'innocent' is receiving the punishment instead of the actual perpetrator. It's what I liked about the Maman anecdote. Mrs. Johnson apparently spent several minutes TRYING to talk him out of his proxy offer! But, once the kid insisted on switching places, she did not go easier on him. 

Ultimately Ana said that while she can address real situations, even though she knows she has the authority, she still prefers situations where the submissive party (in her case, me) provides some sort of 'green light' acknowledgement of guilt or complicity. She said that once she has that assurance, she is far more likely to recommend harsher consequences than she might without it. It made sense. I felt very similarly back in the days when I was switching and doing some Topping myself. A sub's willingness fed my dominance and provoked my darker inklings.

And as 'green lights' go, one of my curious frustrations has been the reluctance of some of the other sanctioned disciplinarians in my life to use their given authority despite encouragement........even if it just meant employing "Discipline Slips" the way Ana does. But there are other factors at work in those cases, so I suppose the issue is more complex than just acting on a 'go ahead'.

And on that note, let me leave you with a link to one of my own 'proxy stories' aptly entitled: "Proxy"

*Maman ostensibly received submissions from regular adult people who recounted supposedly true and memorable disciplinary instances from their own youth. Admittedly the writing is what you'd expect and there are certainly some stories that seem to be made up, but many have a familiar air of truth about them......even if they aren't elaborate or well-crafted tales.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Life isn't fair

Not too long ago I came across this old single image cartoon/illustration drawn by an artist known for his Boy Scout and book illustrations.....and despite the apparent unfairness implied, could not help but find the image mischievously charming:

If the narrative in the boy's non-verbal word-bubble is true, this young lad is going to get it from his Mom for actually trying to do the right thing. What's worse is that one of the consequences of his heroism has ensured  that the angry matriarch will have a bare target for her little martinet.

I am not sure why I enjoy discipline stories with an air of unfairness in them, but I do. And this quirk of mine is made more odd by the fact that I detest unfairness in real life. 

The past few days have been a collection of little injustices.....though none have resulted in an unfair spanking from Rosa. Still, I am a bit worn down from the relentless persistence of these episodes. Sometimes I feel like there are actually fates who actively conspire against us!

Anyway, I just thought that the theme of today's post should reflect the issue of unfairness, and to conclude I have decided to provide a link to a past story of mine that has a bit of unfairness as its central ....though mostly lighthearted theme. It's called "No Good Deed" and it contains M/F , F/f AND f/f dynamics of disciplinary spankings within. Enjoy!  (click here for the story)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Captions & Quotes

Today I am going to celebrate the fact that my Tumblr, "Caption Hell" .......

has managed to exist for quite some time without gathering more than a tiny handful of "likes" from just two people. In this day of the easy and almost reflexive use of  "hitting the like button"  for just about anything on social media, and the sheer amount of inane things that gather "likes" like televangelists gather the gullible, it is truly a testament to "Caption Hell's" apparent unlikeability to have escaped this fate! And that deserves recognition!

Since "Caption Hell" is all about online captions, quotes, and stupidity, I have decided that it's only appropriate to render this tribute in the form of Googled tidbits from the Internet. So without further ado:

We could ALL use a bit more fun in our lives. But when I cruise the Internet looking to be entertained or titillated, I sometimes encounter things so maddening that sometimes.......

And because.....

I needed to react. I tried prayer........

.....but it didn't work. (No wonder I'm an atheist.) So I thought.....

...and as a direct result, I created "Caption Hell" as a fun, coping mechanism. Now some might argue:

....and that may be true, but......

(and by "you" I don't mean YOU ).....unless of course, you are one of the people whose captioned image has been chosen for comment on "Caption Hell". In which case.....

.....but, if......

And considering the alternative, be grateful for snarkiness:

So in conclusion, here's a toast to the Amazingly Unlikeable 'Caption Hell'..... 

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Things have been a little tense here due to Rosa having been diagnosed with a fairly large kidney stone. The intruder wreaked havoc on my poor Honey's mood and system, causing her to be all over the place mentally and physically. She was scheduled to have a uroscopic laser bombardment on Wednesday......but managed to pass the stone on her own while at work on Tuesday. 

Tuesday evening she was a different person.....all relaxed and even playful, and as a result, she had me give her a celebratory pedicure (while wearing the KTB "spiked tube") and afterwards going over her lap for a stress emancipating spanking. She teased that if she was in pain for the last few days, I should suffer a little as well.....but it was all in fun......even if the spanking itself was lengthy and stung. But she wasn't angry and went slowly, though firmly.....especially towards the end. Afterwards she mentioned she might be giving me a few more as the week progressed, but so far I have just gotten that one.

an older pencil drawing of mine depicting an aerial view of a play spanking.

In other news, I am continuing to wrestle with an uneven mix of boredom, frustration, and even anger..... with 90 degree weather, politics, general stupidity, people determined to rip me off, and cruising the Internet. As a result, I have bounced between projects erratically, getting some things done while stalling on others. I have yet to settle on how to deal with this persistent and pervasive mood.

Friday, July 7, 2017


Remember 'elite' and 'elitist' may sound the same, but they mean different things.

"ELITE". I've been hearing this word a lot lately, and interestingly, it is never used as a compliment. Why is that? When did 'elite' become a bad thing? It used to mean 'the best of the best'.....a real distinction. So how did that one time honor suddenly become derisive? 

Like a new entry in Orwellian "Newspeak", to be elite now means to be an out-of-touch snob, mired in an intellectualism that obscures common sense. But frankly, that is just manipulation. What better way to capture the hearts of the stupid than to make intelligence a liability? It reminds one of how the 'smart kid' always got mocked by the jocks back in school. Now we've retained a playground mentality into adulthood.

I would think that no matter what one's views are, there is always something to be learned from listening to others. And if you are going to listen to someone, would it not make sense to hear from the best and brightest of that group? Even opponents of a group should appreciate debating with those who bring the most to the podium. But, no. Now it is easier to denigrate talent, expertise,and  intelligence than it is to take it on in a fair fight.

And 'elite' need not refer only to intellect. Any true expert is the elite member of any group. (I personally find it amusing that some of the very same voices who use 'elite' as a dig for some, fawn over military 'elites' Navy they were minor gods.) And if you want further irony, look at the net worth of the loudest voices decrying those other 'elites'. It's a stark lesson in hypocrisy. But as our country grows dumber, what better way to get the subliterate, science-fearing masses on your side than to pretend to be just as 'plain, regular folk' as they are? (even when you clearly are not).

Thursday, July 6, 2017

It's her again

A while back I posted a different picture of this model and asked if anyone knew who she was.....with no luck. Then, out of the blue, I see this shot of her that I've never seen before and where she is dressed differently:

I tried a Google search with no luck at all. I can't even seem to find out what company or studio it came from. I also saw another picture I never saw where she is dressed just as she was in the initial shoot:

I don't know what it is about her, but I find her very intriguing. Unlike some other kinky guys I hear from, I've only ever really been a 'fan' of very, very few kinky models...... like Kailee Robinson (and of course her sister, Lily) and maybe Joelle Barros. But being a model fan is not really my thing. It takes something the qualities of the young Bettie win me over to that degree.

Nobody can out-model Bettie, but I think I still look for similar 'qualities' in other models. 

I think I am a sucker for a model who somehow conveys a triple balance of innocence, mischief, and confidence........but maybe part of the appeal of this unknown young lady is her 'mystery'?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stars & Stripes Forever

making patriotism fun!

Well the July 4th holiday came and went here with a flurry of activity. We had different guests for nearly every day from the 1st to the 4th. And in the midst of it all, I got a double spanking for two genuine misbehaviors right on the morning of the 4th itself.

In Ulysses, Joyce has Bloom punished by some women with one urging the other to "write the 'stars and stripes' on it" (meaning Bloom's posterior). It was an expression that always stuck with me.  And this 4th, I got it pretty emphatically.....even though our punishment paddle left no stripes. Still, if my situation took the form of a cartoon, one might well see stars surrounding my reddened posterior.

Anyway, I have been busy and will probably continue to be, so updates here will happen as time and inclination allows. (Right now I'm not feeling too inclined either.....but I do like having the blog available for when the mood hits.)