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Friday, August 11, 2017

Degrees of power imbalance in CFNF

By now you all know of my obsessive weakness for CFNF photos. I was looking at a bunch lately and I loved the degrees of power that could be expressed simply by taking one clothed and one naked person and putting them in different situations.  On the low end of the spectrum is something like this:

Quite possibly a mother and daughter at a clothes-optional beach. Both seem comfortable and there is no overt power exchange at play.......and yet? For me there is still the slightest hint of the clothed woman having some sort of  advantage over the nude one. But given the age difference, it could be natural to assume a mother or elder already has more authority?

Then to take age and maternal authority out of the equation, we have something like this:

Clearly a posed shot with equally balanced expressions of attitude, so why does that blonde still seem to have the upper hand?

And how about this?

A couple equally in love, peers in most ways......but that lopsided condition of clothing somehow makes me think it was the lady on the left who made and served the coffee. 

Now, change the expression and focus of attention and the clothing imbalance becomes a statement:
"Why look at you......all naked and vulnerable.......while I, obviously, am not!"

And to ramp that up a notch............ just need to add a little control and discomfort.

Of course, sometimes there's more to the power imbalance than just clothing or lack thereof:
Even if both were clothed, the woman on the left clearly is the mentor. Factor in the nudity, and can see for yourself.

But authority can naturally be much more blatant:

Being 'walked' like a puppy is a pretty distinct display of who is in charge, regardless of clothing.

And ultimately we hit upon (literally) the best use of CFNF as a display of power imbalance:

Clearly not as subtle as two ladies strolling a shoreline with only one of them clothed! Sometimes being the only one naked also means you are the only one whose bottom is not only bare but totally unprotected!


  1. That last picture; the OTK one is too HOT !!!

    1. Yes I have to agree. If you look around you can find three different shots of this little bathroom scene. The spanker is Audrey Knight from Spanking 360.

  2. Love it! I recently found myself very CFNF. A very humbling position!

    1. That is true isn't it, LOL? But you loved it.

      Still, isn't it amazing how such a simple disparity inattire can trigger so many interesting emotions?

  3. I am nearly always the one who is least clothed, yet I am the one being served (and serviced!)

    1. That can be very true as well. I have seen some photos where the least clothed person seems very much in charge of the situation.