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Sunday, November 11, 2018


I've written before about how Donald Trump's penchant for bestowing disparaging nicknames on the targets of his ire has always irked me. I suppose part of the reason is that I can't imagine how he has escaped 'nickname retribution' from his victims. I mean, he is a walking caricature full of so many flaws that the only real problem in nicknaming him is which one to choose? So when he's attacked others, I can't understand why he hasn't had some good comebacks hurled in retaliation. (I do believe Bill Maher once called him "the Orange Sphincter" but that was in the context of making a superhero comparison....and I bristle at comparing Trump to ANY kind of hero...even in jest.)

A while back when he was calling Warren "Pocahontas", I thought within a Disney theme he'd be the perfect "Pinocchio". But while appropriate, it seems too tame. Even Pinocchio redeemed himself at the end.......something I can never see Donald doing. So being a lover of words and expressions, I challenged myself to come up with a perfect and more accurate sobriquet. But where to begin? 

Alliteration is always fun, and so one could go with "Dodgin' Donald" (for his infamous Vietnam bone spurs) or "Deceitful Donald" (for his flagrant and frequent fabrications). 

Rhyming is another option. "Plump Rump Trump" is a good one (given his ample posterior) or given his mood lately, perhaps "Grumpy Trumpy".

Then there are the ones that relate to things he is identified with: "Swampy", "The Great Divider", "Donald the Wall-builder", "ICE-man". But while all these offerings have their appeal, none seem to fully connect with the man as a whole (or as a-hole) and so I pondered the possibilities tirelessly. I whipped out a Thesaurus, Dictionary, Bartlett's Quotations, and the Catholic Rite of Exorcism and still I came up dry. And then I decided to forgo cleverness and just go with my gut.....and as soon as I did, the answer was clear:

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you...............


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Holy Turkey

TRUE STORY (i.e. not fake news):

The other day I went food shopping and since I have a Shop Rite Plus card, over time I accumulate enough "points" to earn a free turkey for the holidays. Since I have a lot of people to feed, when I see the larger ones out, I grab one even it's a bit early.

Such was the case when I was at the checkout counter recently and told the cashier that I was looking to cash in my "points" for the frozen fowl on the conveyor. She looked at me and said, "so you want to redeem your turkey?"

(Now I'm sure she meant 'redeem my points FOR the turkey' but I couldn't resist responding to her actual words.)

I looked back at her with a smile and said, "well I'm not sure what this turkey might have done during his life that requires redemption, but I am pretty sure that at this point it's a little late for him."

When life tosses you the perfect straight line, sometimes you just have to take the cue.

Thursday, November 8, 2018


O-ctober has been over for about a week and No-O-vember is well underway. I had promised updates on this and only because of that promise I will give one today. To be honest, this is not working in the way we had least not yet. 

By the end of October I had reached a sort of 'that's enough' level of orgasm saturation, but it wasn't a hardship to induce the last few. And now, one week into a month of denial, I had expected a more immediate reaction to the sudden shift from one extreme to the other, but so far that hasn't happened. Instead, I am back to just not caring much. My stress levels are off the charts for things I can't seem to escape. 

Last night is a great example. Rosa was trying to 'get in the mood' for her own satisfaction and I canceled some plans so we would have time together. I even made a nice dinner and took care of the dishes so she wouldn't have to. Then we sort of retired to our bedroom accompanied by drinks. (I made her a special cocktail she likes as well). 

Then we sort of just tried to relax and talk. But soon the conversation drifted from some friend's issues to politics and we both ended up stressed. We didn't even argue with each other, because we sort of have similar views, but just going over everything going on.....from the election, to Sessions' ominous dismissal.....ruined us. Rosa even joked, "I swear we are the only people who care about this stuff....even though we personally would probably be hardly affected....... and the people who it would probably affect negatively the most are probably dancing and having fun while we're laying here all stressed out."

She was right. We finished our drinks and she fell asleep before we did anything sexual. And me? I was disappointed in a 'lost opportunity' sort of way.....but not in any real personally disappointed way. Like I said, sex just doesn't seem to matter to me right now. (Even intentionally NOT having it.)

I am currently reconsidering a lot of things and wondering if a new goal of pure, hedonistic selfishness is in order? It seems to work for others.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Oh, shit

While Trump spins yesterday as a victory, I can only hope inside there's a gnawing "oh, shit" churning out some ulcer-inducing tension. It's only fair since he's done it to so many of us. But as I wrote on the 5th, there is some truth backing up his smugness: yesterday was no nationwide condemnation of a divisive, lying narcissist. Like I wrote in my response to Merry, a lot of those who backed Trump, still love him. Hell, they prefer Ted Cruz over Beto O'Rourke! Cruz.....who even Trump used to hate.

To me this is astounding. I mean, OK, we can all debate policy and best routes for legislation and economic growth and I think a lot of Democrats would not like what I'd have to say about some of their ideas, but look at the man! Here is someone who leads by bullying and division, who communicates through almost compulsive falsehood, and whose character is, well, does he actually have ANY character at all?

I look at him and I see this:

But a Red Stater looks at this same individual and sees this:

I have to question that level of impairment in a person, and that is not just one person but half of the country! I mean, I don't like Pence either, but if he was the president, I doubt I'd have to worry about inane Tweets, and gaslighting on a scale never before seen. And that's sort of my point with the so-called "religious" conservatives. At least Pence fits the bill. If they said, "hey, maybe we should get this corrupt piece of garbage out of office and let someone like his VP run things." I could respect it. Pence would appoint the same judges and legislate similarly, but without all the duplicitous drama. So why isn't that what's happening?

What is this Svengali hold Trump has over these people?

One day this past Summer I was fishing and a guy I had seen around but never spoke to ended up fishing next to me.  We got to chatting and eventually got around to politics in general and Trump in particular. He supported him. But rather than argue, I asked him questions. A lot of his arguments were born of frustration with government. Some were personal suspicions of people like Hillary Clinton. Now, if I was a Democrat I think the conversation would have quickly degenerated into a local bass-fishing version of any political debate show you can see on TV, but because I was able to agree on these things, those arguments never materialized. And then it was my turn to ask him about Trump and his environmental policies and his general nature of mendacity and divisiveness.

This gentleman then did something I have had happen with every person I have had a similar discussion with.......he conceded point after point. He admitted Trump lied incessantly and that he didn't really like that. He admitted that he didn't really trust him or the things he says. He also wasn't crazy about the bullying way he spoke and antagonized people, and he flat-out stated that he wished "someone would take away his phone" so he couldn't Tweet anymore.

In essence, he was looking at the same piece of shit I was. He smelled it, and like the old Cheech & Chong routine, established that "looks like dog shit, smells like dog shit...." and yet when he bit into it, while I believe he tasted the shit too, he claimed he was being treated to the most expensive Belgian chocolate.

I am at a loss as to how to combat that level of self-deception..........UNLESS, backing Trump is really about something else? It's not about him being a successful businessman (he' not) or a moral religious man (he's not), or a great negotiator (he's not) or a reformer out to end corruption (I'm laughing too hard at this one to even type). No, more and more I am convinced that those who back him in spite of everything that is plain to see, are doing so with ONE goal in mind: to somehow re-establish a sense of White Privilege & conservative Christian theocracy. It is xenophobic racism & homophobia....but because it is not easy to come out and admit that, they have to say it's something else. They are lying just like their hero....which is probably why they don't hold lying against him.  Like I said in my last post, I am not as afraid of Trump as I am of the people who are still backing him, because this sort of thing has happened before.............and it didn't end well.

Monday, November 5, 2018

"5th of November"

"Remember, remember
the fifth of November,
the Gunpowder Treason and plot.
I can't think of a reason
the Gunpowder Treason
should ever be forgot."

It's a tradition in our home on or about November 5th to re-watch the classic movie "V for Vendetta" based on the graphic novel by the talented Alan Moore. As evidenced in the above movie poster, one underlying theme was that: "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." Within the context of the story, this sentiment is both chilling and stirring, and with Election Day being tomorrow, it almost sounds like it should be a rallying cry of sorts. And yet? This year, thinking of "V" and his message has chilled me with an alternate thought that has never plagued me as deeply as today: What if PEOPLE are of afraid of their people?

I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, but what's worse is that whatever happens, I am unsettled by whatever that outcome may mean going forward.  I wish I could say that my concerns are solely "Trumpian"..........but they're not. Trump is one person and as such is much more of a product or symbol of what we have become than the cause of it.

The only way I could feel good about tomorrow is if there were no close races and that having seen the truth of the person in office, all people would rise up as in "V" and renounce it. But that is clearly not the case. This is not an unwanted tyranny.  And to me that is the bigger problem. 

And even if the opposite was true and everyone embraced the Democrats as saviors, what then? Does any thinking moderate-minded person believe the answer to our problems lies with them?

The issue I have with American polarity now is that it is not rooted in opposing idealism. It is unapologetically based on two competing  and diametrically opposed philosophies of selfishness: the worst element supporting the left wants a continued existence of unwarranted handout while the worst element of the right wants a sort of sanctioned privilege for a certain type of person: white, male, religious conservative. It's the heroic victim versus the heroic victor-at-all-costs. And as one of the "people" THESE "people" scare ME!

Meanwhile there are so many people who are not of either extreme who could easily recognize that 'fairness' is all anyone reasonably wants. "Don't take the money I worked for and hand it to someone capable of working who just doesn't want to, but at the same time let anyone who IS hard-working and decent be able to live to the fullest standard society can offer.....regardless of their color, religion, gender, or sexual orientation." The problem with tomorrow is that because each Party only offers differing halves of that message, who does a moderate vote for? 

Still, for me there is a clear answer, but only because of the type of person Trump is. In my mind he clearly has to be kept in check, and I will vote to make that happen, but that is only because I think I am in danger with him unrestrained. The irony is that every person casting an opposing vote is probably also thinking they are in danger by doing otherwise.  In a fucked-up situation like this, I think even V would be confused as to what to do.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Spanked by Nickki

On the morning of the Halloween Party, Nickki showed up at my house very early to surprise me with a spanking! Rosa was in on the whole thing and acted as witness and adviser. 

In the past, Nickki has contributed towards occasional punishments via the "Discipline Slip" route used by Ana and Marta, so this was the first time she "took matters into her own hands". To be playfully sexy, she wore a leather jacket and boots, which admittedly gave her a much more badass look.

The event took place behind the closed doors of our bedroom with Nickki seated atop the bed, back against the pillows and headboard, exactly as Rosa does. Nickki had the option to execute her spanking in pretty much any way she preferred and it was her decision to employ one of our usual paddles on me fully naked across her lap. At first she had decided to go with just 50 smacks, but she admitted she also had a sort of 'visual goal' in mind for how my butt should look when she was done, and 50 just didn't get me where she wanted. I'm not sure how many I got, but I would guess it was about a hundred.

Considering the loaded implications of Black on White Femdom spanking, you'd think there would be loads of great photos out there of a white guy getting his butt roasted by a woman of color. But there are about 6 good pictures out there that I have found (and used) and that's about it!

The spanking itself was neither brutal nor wimpy. I was definitely pink and tender afterwards but I also was not so sore that the sting lasted for more than an hour or two. A couple of days later, we had dinner with Nickki & Jean, and Nickki sort of lamented that she didn't think she went as hard as she should have. I told her that she was probably right as far as potential severity goes, but that for a "first time" it was just perfect as it was. I assured her that it was definitely a real spanking and stung plenty. However, if she was looking to have me end up like the pictures she's seen of me after one of Rosa's executions of her slips, she would have to realize that Rosa hits harder and with quantity. But we both enjoyed the experience as it was and there was no need to regret anything. Besides, she would always have the opportunity to get me over her lap again anytime she wanted, and build on her experience from this event to get the effect she is looking for. She agreed. 

From my perspective there were a few stand out moments that morning and at dinner a couple of days later:

- I found it added to the experience that Nickki chose to have me naked. Now, to be honest, she has seen me naked before (three times I think) and so there were no surprises there, but each time prior was always associated with skinny-dipping and more of a mutual thing. THIS time it was just me without clothing.......and FOR A SPANKING! (The distinction makes a difference).

- Nickki is very good at teasing me with regard to 'my front'. Every time she has seen me, it has been under circumstances that in no way flattered my dimensions. The first being the worst in freezing cold water and chilly night air! I am also not the kind of guy who goes erect before a spanking. I am of the opposite school where I shrink humbly like the 'little boy about to get it'. And that's the 'me' she was treated to again on Saturday.....which she had no hesitation in pointing out to Rosa in front of me! The thing is I am not huge under the best of circumstances, but I am not embarrassingly tiny either. I'm OK with being average and don't identify my self worth with size. Under these circumstances, I think not being big down there adds to the submissive aspect.  LOL

- Prior to the actual spanking and a couple of times between smacks, Nickki did a sort of palping rub of my bare bottom and back.....a kind of gentle smoothing of hand over skin. It wasn't exactly sexual, but it wasn't totally devoid of being a little sexy either. In fact, it made me feel like an appreciated plaything....which again added to the submissive vibe quite profoundly.

- While the spanking was ostensibly a "Birthday Present", Nickki did use the situation to lecture me over some behavioral traits she warned me to watch in the future.....notably my propensity to answer simple questions with long, detailed answers. ;-)

-It stung! I did not know whether Nickki was going to go all stern and severe or whether she would end up giving one of those tentative, cautious pat-pat spankings that novices are prone to. Nickki gave me a real spanking.....maybe not a brutal one, but it was definitely not entirely easy to take. I yipped honestly at several of her smacks. 

- In talking to both Nickki & Jean after our dinner together, I was left with a feeling of confidence that Saturday would not be an isolated event. Jean is on board and I did let her know that her involvement is totally up to her......whether she prefers to just be a tolerant partner, or even if she decides she wants to be more involved, whether as witness along with Rosa, or even a participant (though this is highly unlikely, I felt it helped prove our point that no one was trying to exclude her) that choice will be hers

- As I mentioned in my October 19th post "Determined Nickki" my personal goal was to end up "end up" LOL with Nickki where her own personal desire to inflict a more painful than average lesson (something Nickki does seem interested in) resulted in me having a rough time taking the spanking she was intent on giving. After this first 'ice-breaker' session, and the conversations that followed, I am renewed in this desire. But, it's a tricky thing when friends spank friends......especially when they are fairly close and truly appreciate one another as Nickki and I do. There is always a worry, probably more so by the dominant party, that going too hard could ruin a relationship. I get that. But as the guy on the submissive end of this, I know that won't happen with us. 

But it's also tricky to want something that isn't going to be easy to deal with in the moment. And as I said in more detail in that 10/19 post, I truly think if Nickki  DID thoroughly roast my ass and had me in sincere leg-kicking distress, it actually could be a very POSITIVE thing for us both. I think it might be especially powerful for people in a situation like ours to reach a point where the dominant friend is utterly confident in dishing out a true bun-buster of a spanking when they want to and where the submissive friend (me) is perennially aware that such a thing could happen at any time withoutmuch honorable wiggle-room to back out. Granted, from my end, the physical discomfort in getting a truly hard spanking is a slightly scary (but in a good way) factor that Nickki or Rosa or even Jean do not have to deal with. But I think it's an essential "price to pay" for an experience that carries some weight.  And with Rosa there as moderator, it is the perfect balance of me not needing to worry about any serious issue, but also knowing I won't be able to back out if things are harder than expected. I can't imagine being Nickki and not having that be a cool aspect to an otherwise equal friendship!

And that's sort of the whole thing. My thanks to Nickki for going through with it, and also to both Rosa and Jean for allowing us our fun. It will interesting to see what happens next time.......which I hope is not too far off. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Today's the day to get your pumpkin on! 

So do something fun. Carve a pumpkin....but be careful with the knife:

Dress up.......barely and have a few drinks:

Encourage a friend to join you:

And don't let them try to get away:

Gather a crowd and go Trick or Treating:

Then come home and unwrap a special treat:

Remember the saying: "Trick or Treat, Smell my feet........."

".........give me something good to eat!"

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Halloween:

Halloween is fun for everyone. So 'why (be) so serious?'

Just smile and have fun!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Halloween is tomorrow!

A lot has happened in the last few days, and I will post on each thing as the week progresses. On Saturday TWO interesting things happened: I was surprised by an early morning visit from Nickki...........who came to deliver my "Birthday Present". (Yes, it happened, but I will post separately on that during the week. Especially since Rosa & I are heading to Nickki & Jean's for dinner tonight around 4:30, and there might be some feedback worth including in my post.)

The rest of the day was devoted to prepping for and then hosting our annual Halloween Party. It was a bit smaller this year, but that actually worked in our favor. The surprise hit of the evening, besides the food & decor......was an ongoing game of "beer pong" moderated by my son. Rules were amended for non-drinkers, but overall the table was rarely idle with a wide range of participants.

There were some great costumes again this year, but given the nature of this blog, I hesitate to post pictures of my guests. However, I will share the traditional "Rosa & KD" couple shot:

The South has indeed risen again.....from the grave!  

I did a little filter work on one shot and got this:

And here's a close-up of my makeup this year:

The scar is not a purchased prosthetic, but rather just latex & toilet paper.

There is an interesting back-story to this costume in which my brother's girlfriend, upon hearing of my idea, went on a tirade over how offensive the costume was. She was not at the party however. But I stand by decision to continue my exploration of my "ghoul family genealogy" by including this member of the family tree from the 1860's. It is in no way an endorsement of anything other than the spirit of Halloween creepiness, as anyone who knows me fully understands.

So far I have dressed as the first known ancestor, a grave-robber from the 1790's, last year. (also my current avatar photo) I have not yet done his son from the 1820's and am considering that incarnation for next year if I can manage the costume of long-tailed waist jacket This year's Confederate ghoul would be the grandson, and I have done the 1890's great-grandson with top hat and walking stick several times in the past.( he was my avatar previously ) The last in the family tree will be the great-great grandson from the 1920's who will be the last of the line (fictionally having never had any children) and I have yet to do him as well.

So this is a labor of love not a political statement. However, for those who would like to hear a pretty good rant in favor of Halloween being representative of several political and social issues, give this a view:

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


While I did not have any intention of embarking on any major Halloween projects this year, I did fully plan on finishing a few things that I sort of started last year. One of the holdover projects involved a bag of three different sized plastic baby dolls. (and nothing reeks of true, twisted Halloween more than turning a cute, peach-flesh baby into something far less adorable.)

Creepy dolls are nothing new and I have already done several, both baby and also the more Victorian-looking girl dolls in dresses. But the girl dolls really look best with only slight alteration, mainly involving repainting the face and hands. The baby dolls, however, offer far more possibility. Here are the three I just finished:

Besides repainting the entire thing, I switched the hands to a pair of sinister-looking action figure hands, cut out the eyes and stomach, filled the hollow with steel wool, and added a kind of techno-alien insect parasite.

Switching gears to something more surreal and demonic, this doll was an indulgence in how many places I could add the leftover eyes from my other doll projects. I also re-used the hands from the previous doll along with some others I had laying around. I also gave this one a pair of wings left over from one of my old action figure projects.

The last doll was quite large and its body was all soft cloth and stuffing. Initially I planned to paint the cloth, switch the soft holofill to excelsior and add protruding mechanical skeletal limbs poking out from the stuffing.........a lot of work. So I just said "fuck it. I'm making you into a candy dish."

I had the brain on my table already, and it fit perfectly. Currently the cavity is filled with Milky Way bars and the brain is resting on them like a loose lid.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Rosa's "warning"

So, yesterday Rosa bemusedly informed me that she had spent some time talking with Nickki during the day. And while much of what they discussed is confidential, Rosa did want to assure me that if I had any doubts over whether the proposed "spanking event" would actually happen, that I could lay my worries to least THOSE worries. I may need to trade them in on a different set of worries! LOL

According to Rosa:
1: She can't tell me much because Nickki wants a lot to be a surprise.....but...... 
2: It IS going to happen and that Nickki has a few "tricks up her sleeve"
3: Nickki is also VERY determined and enthusiastic about this adventure.

In fact, it seemed like my Honey was more than a little amused at just how eager Nickki seemed, and of course, Rosa told me that she gave our friend every "green light" she could! Now it's just a matter of when this will transpire. It's supposed to be for my birthday which is the beginning of December, but I'm also having my second surgery at the end of November, so I think this adventure will probably happen sometime before then.


Part two of today's post is just a nostalgic look back at an image from last year:

My little Monster has been busy at school lately and had to skip her usual weekend home last week, so I'm missing her a bit more than usual. Ana will be home this Friday though and asked if we could do a family movie night of snacks and a viewing of the Tim Burton classic, "Beetlejuice" (since Ana is going to our party as Lydia this year). It should be fun.
In the meantime, if I can't have my entire Monster, at least I have a cute shot of her pretty feet! 

Monday, October 22, 2018

A new cocktail

Our Halloween Party is this Saturday and I wanted to come up with something special for the drinkers in my ghoulish clan. I wanted something that looked creepy while still being tasty, and I had an idea. Since a lot of my group tends to enjoy gin, I decided to do a variation of an old cocktail from the Pre-Prohibition days called "The Last Word".

But I changed that recipe, substituting Blue Curacao for the Maraschino Liqueur. And by adding it slowly down the sides, I got this effect:

That's a dark sour cherry at the bottom.

I call my new drink, "The Witch's Eyeball"......mainly because the other key ingredient is Strega which has a long and famous association with witches.

Here's a standard view.

It tastes pretty good, though it is a potent brew having no non-alcoholic ingredient besides the cherry. If you want to make your own here's how:

Add equal parts of gin from the freezer and Strega into a medium martini glass. Add a dark sour cherry that has been rinsed off in water to the bottom of the glass. Now, using a teaspoon, gently drizzle Blue Curacao down 5 sides of the glass so that it leaves a trail and pools ever so slightly around the cherry. Serve promptly without agitating the contents and thus ruining your 'eye' before your guest can see it.

Friday, October 19, 2018

A Determined Nickki

Something that’s been on again/off again looks like it may be back to on. In texting with Nickki recently, I jokingly confessed that occasionally I have been fondly picturing her with ‘paddle in hand’. When I wrote it I was merely telling the truth, but without any expectation. However, my dear friend surprised me by replying that she has decided that she will indeed make this little scenario happen soon as a sort of early “birthday present” and told me to relate the news to Rosa….which I did.

As expected, Rosa was quite keen on the idea, as am I. One thing that came up in a sort of roundabout way during the texting was a mention of concern on Nickki’s part for feeling some pressure in meeting our expectations. I assured her that she should not worry about that and that Rosa felt the same way. After all, she was going to be the one “on Top” and other than maybe some basic safety tips, there really wasn’t anything she should be concerned over. She should just “have fun”.

Nickki then admitted in a follow-up text that she was fully on-board and had no internal conflict over doing this, but because it was text, it was hard for me to be clear on whether she was concerned that she might exceed my ‘fantasy expectations’ thus spoiling the fun, or not living up to them. And since she was at work and we discussing something else at the same time, I never really got to flesh that one out. That changed this Friday morning when I spent a few hours at Nickki’s house installing some ceiling fans.

While I was working, I asked her what she meant by her comment and she confirmed that it was what I had thought. She is quite comfortable with making a certain part of me appropriately UNcomfortable, but worried that I might not find her enthusiasm as ‘enjoyable’ as what I might be picturing in my head. Naturally I assured her that she need not be concerned about that and that if she was a little ‘over-enthusiastic’ in her delivery, I would not hold it against her and probably just respect her even more for displaying such disciplinary confidence.

Frankly, that has always been my interest in having Nickki deal with me directly. Nickki has a sort of dual nature, she has a wild side and a timid side. And the two fluctuate somewhat unpredictably. I also know that she personally enjoys watching somewhat intense bondage porn. So unlike Marta ( whose BDSM ‘experience’ was limited to reading “50 Shades”) she is not naive about what a body (or booty) can take. In addition she told me that the pictures of my bottom after getting the punishments she decreed, but delivered by Rosa, gave her a pretty clear idea of what I could handle. So in my mind, I always considered Nickki to be a potentially ‘serious’ (for fun) spanker.

Even Rosa has admitted that she thought Nickki was always just trying to work out some stuff in her head, but that once she did, she’d be an enthusiastic spanker. And Ana, who knows her well, admitted as much too. So the potential for this to be a real scorcher is more than just wishful thinking on my part. With ‘popular opinion’, my own hunch, and Nickki’s own words, it seems quite likely. And as you may expect, that possibility is less of a concern for Nickki, or Rosa, or Ana than it is for me. And that is the crux of the entire thing.

I am genuinely desirous of a “worse than expected” spanking at the hands of my dear friend…in fact I hope she roasts my butt as thoroughly as Rosa does when she’s upset…...BUT I am also worried that I might embarrass myself once such a session is underway. The last thing I ever want to do with a novice is scare them off by carrying on like they’re killing me, but I am also only human and I have been in that situation before. Not often, but I still vividly recall each time it happened and despite my willingness to endure such a punishment and my respect for the disciplinarian afterwards…...DURING those sessions, I am far less composed. On Friday I got to tell Nickki this directly. She not only understood but admitted that she fully expected to see me struggle with the spanking. In fact, she added that if I DID NOT show signs of sincere distress, she would hit harder until I did. So….so much for that! LOL

Given that view, I felt that perhaps this was the perfect time to confess my own “personal goal” with regard to our ‘adventure’. So I explained that I am fully prepared to end up with a butt that’s as red and hot, and swollen, and as sore to sit on as she’d like…...but that I may struggle hard with the process of getting there. However, I felt that as friends our relationship could be forever positively altered by a spanking that would ‘put me in my place’.

I explained that up until now I feel like I have been the instigator behind all this and also the “expert” or perhaps even the “know-it-all” whose experience might be intimidating or even annoying to friends or her in particular. In many ways I felt I might even come across as more dominant than submissive. Nickki agreed with most of that but assured me that she felt that my Dom/sub duality was specifically balanced and that my compliance with the punishments I’ve received demonstrated a pretty strong submissive side.
I asked her if she had any experience with giving a spanking and she assured me she did.  I joked that experience has taught me that while some spanking know-how can definitely aid a Top, none of a sub’s ‘experience’ is worth much once you’re over the lap of someone determined to make their own impression….even if they are a total novice, and she wholeheartedly agreed with a smile.

Cute photo, but Nickki definitely won't be satisfied just using her hand!

We went on to cover a few more issues, some of which I will save for another post. But I did learn that Nickki is doing this with her spouse Joann’s knowledge (even if she thinks we’re all crazy) and that makes me feel better about it all too. Nickki also said there were some ‘things’ she wanted to work into the session and we discussed the mechanics of making them happen. In order for this all to work out, Nickki said she will be conversing and collaborating with Rosa on details…...some of which she insisted were to remain a surprise. (And Rosa has told me that Nickki has already left her a voice message, so things are moving along. LOL)  She is even going to ask Rosa’s advice on which implement to use , but she did say that she definitely wants me OTK for the full ‘maternal experience’ and not just bent over something. So a lot was laid out in the open.

But the thing I really wanted to put out on the table was that I speculated that our relationship with each other would probably benefit from the readjusting of ‘roles’ that would inherently follow a good roasting. Up until now I have been the friend, handyman, and party host, and even with my submissive leanings, a bit of a dominant force in our friendship. If Nickki can spank me to a point where I am just a helpless, leg-kicking ‘sorry little white boy’, fully at her mercy, it would be very hard to erase that image or deny that new shift of power. And that is what I told her that I am looking for. I know what I am, but I also know what a darned good spanking from her could make me into. And the embarrassingly appealing footnote to that is that once done…..there would be no going back. Sure I can go on being the friend, advisor, handyman, expert, know-it-all, etc.,  but I will always be the guy who she had squirming on her lap. I admitted that I like that such an image will always be there going forward regardless of where we are, in the background perhaps but never gone. She replied that she hadn’t considered that outcome, but agreed that it was a likely, as well as an appealing and empowering, one.

Now it will just be a matter of scheduling and seeing how all of this lovely speculation plays out in real life. I want to be hopeful, but I have been disappointed too many times in the past so I am going to try to remain cautiously optimistic but not too eager.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Middle of the road

Today I'm going to briefly discuss a few positions that should highlight why we are in the state we are in as a society. The first is the position on information on food. I have a good friend who is by no means an ignorant person, but who is very far left on many things. Recently we were discussing the government's role in people's eating habits. He thinks there needs to be more money spent on educating people over food choices and he even supports things like taxes on soda. 

Now I can't even remember the last time I drank soda, so trust me when I say I am no soda advocate......BUT....a tax? To get people to stop drinking something that is probably not good for them? No. This a personal choice ....with personal responsibility attached. And I also think that nowadays, there is plenty of information out there which is easily accessible to anyone on food. I asked him if he thought spending more money on this was really the answer when the information was already everywhere, including "Health Classes" in schools, and that the people still eating unhealthily are doing so out of choice?  He said that people needed to be steered into the right choices, even by penalty taxes if necessary. 

In other words, the government should have full authority to guide us into what 'is best' for us'. AND THAT is the problem with the far left.

Now, on the other side of the coin, you have conservatives who think this way:

When I first saw this all I could think of was adding a caption of my own:
"This is the opinion of  the late Mr. & Mrs. Jones......both deceased due to lung cancer related to smoking cigarettes...prior to warning labels."

The far right is only after a buck and they disguise corporate irresponsibility in the guise of folksy "caveat emptor" common sense. But that too is nonsense. If something has a carcinogen in it, I WANT TO KNOW! Likewise for anything else that may be a concern. Granted conservatives love to point to things like the warning that coffee might be hot in order to discount warnings of any kind, but that is again why we are in the state we're in. Someone thought that "hot" label was a good way to avoid a lawsuit from a stupid person but is that really the fault of the stupid person? or the company trying to settle the issue? or the fucking JURY that found in favor of the burnt, coffee-spilling idiot?

But the answer from the conservatives is that we don't need any regulations on business and everyone just needs to make their own decisions....even if without information those decisions will be made in relative ignorance of the potential dangers. And THAT is what is wrong with the far right.

And lastly let's talk about something I have seen develop in my lifetime: the yield to pedestrian in crosswalk law. WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT THIS ONE UP? Did that person think this was a GOOD idea? Because here is my 'middle ground' take on it:

Growing up in the 60's there was a famous commercial we kids got blitzed with constantly warning us with a catchy jingle to not cross in the middle and 'wait for the green'.  So there you have the warning: follow the simple rules of street crossing and you'll be safer.

Now I have been around zones where this sign is everywhere:

And what I have seen is that it has made people dangerously callous to their own self-preservation. As a pedestrian I have no problem walking to a crosswalk and waiting for a light to change. In fact I prefer it to just going into one of these crosswalks and hoping someone will just stop. And as a driver I hate these things.....because they have so emboldened clueless pedestrians to just walk into the street that sometimes I barely see them before it's almost too late. 

Recently I was driving around the University of Pittsburgh and students were just walking out in front of me from every direction. I could barely drive a block without having to stop and wonder who was going to pop out next and from where. However, in Jersey City, where Ana goes, their students also have crosswalks, BUT they are required to let the light change before just walking out into the street. That just makes sense!

So what we have done with these new pedestrian crossings, in the name of safety, is make people more of a danger to themselves. And that's where we are at as a society. We have one group that thinks it's every man for himself and another that thinks that some benevolent guardian needs to protect everyone from everything. Doesn't it just make more sense to go to the logical middle: GIVE PEOPLE THE INFORMATION THEY NEED TO BE SAFE, AND THEN REASONABLY EXPECT THEM TO ACT SAFELY? 

But a lot of this has to do with the people themselves. They are after all the ones occupying those jury seats when some silly litigation awards money to an idiot..... thus forcing someone else to enact a ridiculous law or attach an obvious warning label. Then when people get sick of this, they swing the pendulum back to the opposite extreme and try to cap awards in cases where companies ARE at fault and eliminate labeling that could very well be life-saving. 

And as always, it's always "the other idiot". I am sure that the person who created the anti-warning label meme would be the first to litigate for millions if their kid ended up hurt or dead because of the LACK of a warning label, and perhaps even the far left activist rolls their eyes at hearing about someone who sued over hot coffee. But until we can use logic and reason instead of emotion, we are doomed to keep going from ditch to ditch. Maybe what we need is a street sign that would encourage both sides to safely meet in the middle of the road?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Disney Politics

OK, so if Trump called Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" because he didn't believe she had any Native American ancestry........

........and he used to claim Barrack Obama was born in Kenya.......

......and both claims have turned out to be utterly untrue, (link to Elizabeth Warren's DNA test) would that make Trump......

...........Pinocchio? After all he does come across as a puppet (Putin's) whose desire to be regarded as a "real boy" (i.e. taken seriously) is thwarted by his compulsive lying. Maybe if he keeps up this reckless mendacity, he should end up like the clock-boy in "Pinocchio"?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

O-ctober (2nd half)

Up until today October has been an alternating cycle of an "O" one day and a tease the next. Today marks the last day of "tease only", meaning that as of tomorrow I will be having an "O"every night and a tease each morning.

After having spent years with very limited orgasmic release, I had wondered how my body would adjust to this new regimen of relative frequency. I have been pretty surprised at how quickly my body seems to have adapted to the new routine. The only side effect has been a little bit of rawness from all of the friction......but nothing too bad.

Now going to a daily diet will really test me. I have yet to feel like "oh no, not again" and am wondering if I will experience that in the next two weeks or just welcome each release? 

It will also be interesting to see what November will feel like after having had all of these frequent releases and then going to none.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Befuddled genius

Dave Chapelle said that Kanye West is a genius and I know there are times when a genius speaks and the average people around them can’t comprehend what they are saying.................... but the same is also true for idiots and crazy people. So when someone utters something like this about the 13th Amendment:

 “Why would you keep something around that’s a trap door? If you’re building a floor, the Constitution is the base of our industry, of our country, of our company. Would you build a trap door that if you mess up and accidentally something happens, you fall and you end up next to the Unabomber? You got to remove all that trap door out of the relationship.”

….you have to wonder if it is truly a genius speaking, or someone considerably less cerebral.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Curious fate

So, yesterday......rather than watch my 401K crumble....I decided to take the advice of my wife and son and focus on more pleasant things. In my case, this is easily done through working on Halloween. Now one of the things I told myself going into this year was that I really didn't need to buy anything new or do too much in the way of additional props. Yes, there were a few things that needed to be repaired, and there were some minor projects that I wanted to do to enhance existing set-ups ( like my outdoor "Headless Horseman" ), but nothing on the scale of making the full-sized corpse I did last year! LOL

However, on a trip to Michael's with Ana, I saw this figure set of Lemax zombies that just sort of called out to me.

The strange thing is this set must have been a "made for Michael's exclusive" because any internet search of any Lemax site shows each of these folks being part of different sets. Mine however, came as a couple.

Once I saw the crawling female zombie, I had all sorts of thoughts and had difficulty settling on one. But, fate sort of stepped in by having me drop my crawling skeleton on the hard floor, breaking it into several pieces.

 Since I had to fix it, it got me thinking and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and go for something near and dear to my heart. The one thing I hate about Lemax is the crappy quality.....BUT I love how easy it is to customize them. So, with the help of some spare parts, tools, and some Milliput, I brought the zombie girl back to vibrant life.....but tore up her dress. 

I can't help but picture the young lady thinking: 
"and here I thought that zombies only wanted to eat brains!"

And here they all are in Sunnydale, mingling with the crowd.

The thing is, while I love this new addition, I'll need to amend my Sunnydale story (link)  to include this little scene. And I'm not sure what to do with that. There's a certain ambiguity to the piece now that lets any viewer sort of decide for themselves what's going on, or about to happen, and once I commit to my own interpretation, that flexibility is lost.

It's not something I have to do right away.....or I suppose even at I have time to figure out what this little scene is actually depicting. What do you all think? What's the fate of this buxom, raven-haired beauty?