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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Back to school

We are now three installments into "The Hard Way" and it should be obvious by now that besides being a bit of a sick, self-indulgent exhibitionist, willing to pervert any Halloween decor, I also have quite a collection of props. I also like skeletons, and as you will eventually see, not just human ones. But what you WON'T see are these bony, plastic offerings, currently available in most Halloween shops:

And to fully explain why, I will provide a kind of pictorial, educational rant directed at not only the manufacturers of these items, but anyone out there who buys them, so..................
"Listen up! School is now in session."

"What creature is being represented in the first slide?"
"An octopus?"
"Yes, an octopus!"

"And what class of animals are octopi?"
" 'Second class', sir?"
"NO! >SMACK!< Cephalopods!"

"And do cephalopods have skeletons?"
"I.......I......I guess so...."
"NO! They DON'T! That's why they are cephalopods and not vertebrates! So....octopi DON'T HAVE SKELETONS!"

"Now let's talk about the second creature being shown. In which of the nine major phyla would spiders fall under?"
"Um, phyla? Isn't that pastry dough?"

"That answer was so stupid, I had no choice but to prevent you from saying anything potentially dumber. Now, pay attention! Spiders are arthropods, which means their external bodies, the ones we see, ARE their skeletons. That's why we call it an exoskeleton!"

"Now why would someone make a spider with an internal skeleton when they already have a perfectly good external one? Kind of redundant, wouldn't you say? So....why do it?"
"Ummm, ohhhhh, make money, Ma'am?"
"Correct answer, but a terrible reason, so...."

"And you three, why would you BUY such erroneous garbage?"
"OW! 'Cause it's Halloween, Ma'am?"
"There are all sorts of other skeletons out there.............. even if they did give them ears which are technically incorrect, but which do help identify the animal being represented, and therefore is somewhat forgivable......because it IS Halloween. Why not just content yourself with THOSE, and not advertise your ignorance with these ridiculous abominations?"
"OWIE-OW-OW.....We're sorry, Ma'am!" 

"Apology accepted. Now let me just make sure your remember today's lesson in the future."

End of an 'old school' lesson.

Friday, October 15, 2021

The Hard Way- Part 3 of 5

The Hard Way- Part 3 of 5- In which KDP is threatened with the unkindest cut of all.


Looking for further ways to both torture and motivate me, the first thing my tormentor saw nearby was the mantlepiece of creepy dolls and toys.

Seeing the mechanical, musical monkey, she waved her hand and the thing sprung to life chattering like the Zuni warrior doll in “Trilogy of Terror”. As it scurried beneath me, the ghoul once again gripped my genitals and dangled my most sensitive parts, like an old coin purse to a thief, to attract the monkey’s attention. 

Intrigued by the tempting offer, the monkey opened his cymbals wide and waited for the signal from its mistress. 

She then cackled fitfully, amused at the prospect of my monkey-mashed testicles, and chortled, “go ahead evil monkey, let’s see what you can do.”  She held me firm so I could not escape my impending fate but waited savoring the apprehension in my face. It reminded me of when Rosa slaps me down there and will wait with a cocked hand as I grimace in anticipation. The monkey seemed equally amused by my worried expression and seemed to savor the moment, but then did as commanded and slammed its cymbals together just as the ghoul cautiously pulled her fingers away from the monkey’s target area. 

The impact resounded not with a clang, but a ‘splitch’ and a loud cry from me far less musical than even the worst wailing from Shakira. The knee-weakening ache that followed reached deep into my stomach almost making me nauseous. The worst part was that the evil little bugger didn’t even let go but held me clamped as if in a vise, squashed between his steel saucers.

Now much more sympathetic to women and their mammograms, I tried pulling him off in a panic but the creature possessed the adhesion of a tick imbued with demonic strength. Anyone who complains about having ‘a monkey on their back’ never realized there are far worse places to have one.  

“Feeling a little desperate?” the ghoul asked sarcastically. “Fair enough. Let him go, little monkey, and back on your shelf. I see something else that I think will really let my message sink in.”  Her attention was now focused on my shelf of specimens in jars and as she walked over with me in tow, her feet clacking with each step on my wooden floor, it occurred to me that skeletons would be natural tap dancers.

“Hmmmm, oh, now here’s an idea! I wonder how your severed penis would look in one of those jars? What a conversation piece for a Halloween Party! And  we wouldn’t even need a terribly large one, would we?” Seeing a particular specimen, she continued, “ah here we are! A worm! How appropriate. This container would be just right I think. Come with me!”

The next Halloween prop she snatched up made me nostalgic for the pincers, as she lifted some rusty shears from the table of props.

 “Now,” she growled, “you have a….choice!”

I did not need her to explain further. My alternatives could not have been more clear than they were. “You don’t have much down there to begin with, my reluctant friend, so I doubt you’d like to end up even smaller than you are.” She was right. I had little to spare in this area and her method of trimming me further struck me as even less appealing than kissing those wretched toes. I pleaded for another chance, and the ghoul tossed the shears aside.

I was as true to my word as I could have been and this time imagined it was my honey, Rosa's feet…...though it took an enormous amount of concentration to do so since there was no comparison between those lovely “mushrooms” of Rosa’s and the calcified phalanges of the ghoul.. 

The ghoul sensed the change in my enthusiasm. She now moaned with pleasure at my lappings, and then chuckled evilly to herself, as if some terrible idea had just filtered into the void of her cranium. “You know,” she began, “you are definitely doing a much better job. I wonder though, since each act of convincing you to try harder only influenced you for a brief, scary, or painful moment, maybe you would be even better if you had a more constant reminder acting to motivate you?”

-------------to be continued next Friday with part 4 of 5.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

MY M/m

A rare example of an M/m photo where the recipient is potentially older than the disciplinarian.

Several posts back, a certain cartoon series had been an increasing source of thought about some rarely explored areas of my own inclinations. In it a male is spanked by another male, among other things, but in this post, I am going to limit myself to just that one thin sliver. 

That "troublesome" cartoon.

A few facts: 1: I am male (OK maybe not the most macho example, but I have the parts….even if they don’t work), 2: I am unwaveringly straight in my orientation. As I mentioned in a previous post: very GAY-friendly and open, but hopelessly straight to a point that even when my mind is open, my body runs screaming. 3: I am kinky and a good part of my interests revolve around spanking though obviously people here know not exclusively. 

All that said, one would think that perhaps other than my father back in my childhood, I have never been spanked by a man. And…...that assumption would be incorrect. In fact, I have been spanked by two, but they were very exceptional and nonsexual situations. But other than these unusual exceptions, I don’t find myself actively thinking about such things. I simply like women WAY too much!

Now along comes this cartoon, and I am drawn to it and I found myself trying to figure that out. So I imagined an ‘anything goes’ set of circumstances, situations, and people, however likely or unlikely, and asked myself: would I be interested in getting a spanking  from a guy in any set of circumstances and if so from whom?

The initial answer was pretty dismal for a seemingly adventurous kinkster like me. I simply could not initially think of anyone I knew that would lead to any such willingness. But the fact that the drawing situation touched something in me made me think harder. And then?  I thought of someone: a guy I’ll refer to as Hernan, who is a neighbor friend of ours. Now when a sub guy usually fantasizes about being spanked by another guy, often it’s in the context of cuckolding and the spanker is visualized as an Alpha Male type. (Just visit QBuzz’s blog and you’ll see countless examples.) Well Hernan is anything but a macho alpha, being instead a very flamboyant Gay male with a wicked sense of humor. His partner John, however, is a more burly type who easily passes for straight in his characteristic Giants sweats. And I like John a lot, but if I’m going to bend over for a good whacking it’s going to be for Hernan. 

Why? Well, I am not at all willing to submit to a guy who is thinking he’s somehow better or more dominant than me. It might be true, but I don’t care, that scenario is a sure-fire failure from the get-go. But put me in a situation with someone not macho at all, but mischievous as hell, with just the right touch of situational dominance, and throw in a playful rather than sexual rationale for it all, add some witnesses who would make the situation funnier, and you finally have a M/m situation that I would go along with.

I even went so far as to picture how such an unlikely thing could possibly happen with Hernan. Rosa and I have been to their house several times, and Hernan loves to tease me with Gay sexual innuendo, and likes that rather than freak out or be upset, I’ll play right back. So, imagine if you will, a little dinner party. The four of us are chatting and our lifestyle comes up. Those familiar here know this is not something far-fetched. LOL. So say  Rosa, who will unashamedly admit to anyone interested that she spanks me, confirms this fact to Hernan and John, and let’s say Hernan has a bit of interest. I doubt he does because I think I would have picked up on it by now, but let’s just say he responds in his characteristic and dramatic teasing way, and with his raised eyebrows says some Spanish expletive and then warns that if that’s the case maybe he should see how I’d handle a spanking from him. That’s all it would take. And in that scenario, I would most certainly submit to whatever he had in mind. There would be no sex, no secrecy, just possibly me either bent over  or if he preferred, OTK, getting my butt paddled with whatever implement could be rustled up. Hell if everyone was serious and wanted this to happen I could see Rosa sending me home (½ block away) to get her paddle)  And.....double-hell..... I'd even be willing to get it from him on a bare butt! And? I’d find it fun………….. even if I ended up unable to sit the rest of the evening. And Rosa?................. would tease me mercilessly. 

This is the best I can do to illustrate my Hernan-scenario, but thinking of Hernan in a Harley-Davidson shirt is ludicrous. Also you'd need to adorn that exposed wrist with a lot more jewelry! Otherwise? Passable. The thing I like about this shot is that it takes place in a kitchen and seems very casual...........even while the color in those beaten cheeks clearly indicate that the spanking itself is no mere game of party-dare patty-cakes.

And that’s another bit of irony. Given this scenario, I would actually find it funnier if instead of handling it like a joke, he took the opportunity to really let me have it in front of our respective spouses. Instead of resenting it, I’d be impressed if he could have me all kicking and desperate rather than it being some token pit-a-pat thing.

Now this is a VERY narrow scenario! And that’s kind of my point in how limited my “OK Zone” is with this idea. In researching images for this post, I pored over tons of Gay spanking images and found NONE that fit my preferences. The closest I could get were pictures with enough ambiguity so as to allow me or a viewer to pretend the circumstances were closer to my quirky conditions. The typical Gay spanking scene is not unlike straight ones, with Tops of whatever gender fitting the stereotype of the older, wiser, tougher, Dominant, and the sub being either younger, or smaller, or at least more profoundly submissive in personality. 

Legal-but-youthful.............and clearly in charge........if not in focus.

OK, so now with Hernan’s scenario behind us, who else?  With no one else I know as a candidate, I  asked myself, “OK, so what set of circumstances would I need to accept a spanking from a male I perhaps don’t know or know only casually?” Well once imagination comes into play, even the narrowest of conditions suddenly become possible. And while still pretty limited, here are a few brief scenarios I came up with:

Scenario 1: I am talking with Rosa, and she tells me that in sharing one of our adventures with some male co-worker, he expressed an interest in seeing her in action. She asks me if I’d be ok with it and after finding out some stuff about the guy, agree. Ideally he too would be Gay, though it’s not mandatory. (Though the problem with this “straight” speculation is that I can’t imagine too many straight guys wanting to spank another guy anyway.) Anyway, he witnesses our interaction, is intrigued, and asks Rosa if he can have a turn? Depending on the situation and his personality, I would go along with it. The key here is I trust Rosa, and if she felt this would be a good idea, well…...I’d do it. If she refused, the question would be moot. 

Scenario 2: Somehow at some get-together, it comes out that I am pretty liberal and prone to taking crazy risks in games and stuff, and someone much younger than me, but curious, suggests some spank-oriented dare. (Again, I can’t picture a straight guy wanting to do this, and my key factor is that for this to work the desire to spank me has to be present in the potential candidate. Whoever it is, he’s got to want to do this more than me.) So…..the game is chosen, the stakes set, we play and I lose, and the result is I am now obligated to be spanked by this guy. What works for me here is that: it’s a game and therefore playful, the guy in question wants to spank me for whatever reason, the dynamic is a bit of a reversal because in this scenario the instigator is maybe mid-20’s or so, and there are witnesses to watch the whole thing play out.

Not a perfect illustration for my scenario, but close enough to get the point across. Imagine the other players being of mixed genders, and all adults rather than what appear to be teens.

 ( A variation on this is that it’s a birthday party, someone wants to do birthday whacks, the person with the birthday is unwilling, and someone who knows me well, like Ana or Rosa, offers me as their proxy, and again there’s a male guest there who wants to take advantage of this turn of events.)

Scenario 3: Here’s the last very narrow and strange scenario, and the ONLY one that involves a burly straight male: My Nickki tells a male friend of hers about our adventures, and he being straight and suspicious, tells her that I couldn’t possibly be doing this stuff with her for anything other than a deeply sexual reason. She assures him this is not the case, saying it’s playful and adult-sexy, but not sexual. He persists and says “if that’s true then ask him if I can be present for one of his punishments from you and that I do it for you myself?”  Confident of her position, she agrees and asks me if I’d oblige. Now in this scenario my motive is entirely different from the others. Here I don’t want this guy to spank me  but am willing to endure it to show my obedience to my “boss”.  Ideally  the resulting spanking would be tough to take, but I submit to it to prove my sincerity, especially since this would ostensibly be a punishment for something I actually DID to upset Nikki.

Here we need to imagine the victim being as old as I am, and Nickki looking on with a smirk.

In looking back on all of these scenarios, there are a few consistent, rigid conditions:

The guy in question is trusted by Rosa or Nickki, or perhaps even Ana or Marta. He is usually not very Alpha, but could be in the last scenario, and is more likely to be younger or flamboyantly Gay. There is no sexual aspect like him being nude or shirtless, or asking for some submissive sexual act as proof of my defeat. There is no implication of cuckolding or sexual service. Instead, the atmosphere is playful....a game of sorts. And in each and every situation there are witnesses present. Not one of my imagined scenarios occurs in private between just me and the guy in question. 

Now I don’t know what this means or says about me, my proclivities, my views on the diverse world of spanking, or whatever. But these are honest revelations. And believe me I had to really ponder them to even realize they were in me. 


Remember.................tomorrow is Friday! Another installment of "The Hard Way" will be posted in the morning!

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Halloween stories

When I started this blog, it was meant to act as a 'conversation companion' to my website where my stories, cartoons, and illustrations are housed. Over time I think that despite being linked at the very top of this blog's margin, the growing use of cell phones to visit has resulted in many people never seeing that margin and consequently never knowing there is such a place. 

With Halloween soon to be upon us, I'd like to invite new readers, and remind old ones, that there are some goodies to be enjoyed reeking of creepy, Halloween flavor:

Intrepid adventurers might wish to just find their own way around, and so, here is the link to "Collected Submissions----the website" (Old school, but user-friendly and loaded with stuff) LINK

Those just interested in some Halloween stuff can try:

The Story of Sunnydale- A tale told in words and pictures revolving around my Halloween Village made of customized, altered, and repainted Lemax figures. The story is merely an explanation of what my kinky/creepy/Halloween village is about and why the figures displayed there are there. LINK

C 5 - A creepy/kinky short story, intentionally written in the style of an old, Victorian Gothic piece, (think Poe with a spanking fetish). And while I often include humor in my stuff, there is nothing funny about C 5.  LINK

A Halloween wish illustration LINK

I will warn visitors that I have been finding glitches strewn through some stories where the accompanying illustration is inexplicably overlapping the text. If you find this problematic, please visit the LSF (Library of Spanking Fiction) and go to my author page and read the story there. (Most are there , but not all) Unfortunately there are no illustrations at the LSF. 

Also, in about two hours Rosa and I will be heading out for a brief camping trip, so there won't be any updates here at least until Wednesday. So, if you're bored, use the time to visit the website. There is certainly more there than can be seen in one or two visits.

Saturday, October 9, 2021


Recently the topic of "Orgasm Entitlement" has been kicked around, first here, then at Mrs. Fever's thought-provoking blog, and now here again. 'Tennis anyone?' But what of it? The plain truth is that if we are going to associate orgasm with every other natural aspect of human life, then isn’t everyone just as entitled to them as anything else?  We feel entitled to wanting the essentials like eating, sleeping, and having a reasonable living space, and since sex is a biological imperative, does it not qualify to be listed among these others?

And why wouldn’t anyone today feel entitled to an orgasm? Health professionals not only endorse them but recommend they be frequent. Media sensationalizes them, portraying them as the “Holy Grail” of sex…...only with far less ordeal needed to achieve them.. We have things like “International Masturbation Day” each May 28th. We live in a freedom-driven society to the point that people felt being required to wear a mask during a pandemic was an infringement of their rights. Who in a society like that is going to say, “nah, I’m not entitled to an orgasm.”? Even otherwise restrictive religions sanction sex (with orgasm implied)  as such an important gift from a god that it shouldn’t be wasted, squandered promiscuously, or thwarted with any artificial contrivances. And even without these external advocates, don’t our own bodies simply crave them, making us crazy when we are denied?'s like someone squeezed the toothpaste tube too hard.

So while a sort of universal consensus has made orgasming into something natural, desired, and downright positive across the board, the term “orgasm entitlement” seems to have been narrowed to something more socio-political. (You don't believe me? Google it!) The term now seems to define a specific gender issue within a relationship as it plays out in the sphere of the bedroom activity between two people in a heterosexual encounter where the man will feel as though at some point, for any of his sexual effort to mean anything at all, he should be able to finish off with a bang, whereas his partner may or may not, and because she is a woman….and women somehow .... inexplicably.....and inaccurately....don’t imbue orgasms with the same importance…’s not concerning that he has one while she doesn’t. Does this happen? Certainly. This is not really about orgasm entitlement though. It's just being an asshole. 

And not even a cute one like this.

Others will counter that (ostensibly 'good') men, being the solicitors of sexual favors from fickle women who grant and deny access to their girlie parts based on a myriad of whims, are the ones who strive to be the one who can get his woman to orgasm every time, even at his own expense.  This happens as well. I've known plenty of women who feel entitled to an orgasm. Hell, I'm married to one. The idea of the man being an orgasmic gentleman magician, is even a kind of 'point of pride' thing in certain circles.

The little-known real inspiration for Respighi's "Fountains of Rome". ciao, bella!

So, where do I stand on all this? Well for a complicated topic, my view is pretty simple. BUT it does turn on some very crucial criteria.

Situation 1: Orgasms as a natural part of life and  desired personal treats in the general, vanilla world. If you want an O, are able to achieve one, and have either a willing partner or are flying solo, why not? Are you entitled to one? I suppose. If you are a free citizen and wanted a nice Italian sub because you were hungry and had the means to procure one, would I not think you have the right, and were therefore entitled, to walk into a deli to order one without being refused? How is this any different? Go have your O.

Situation 2: Orgasms as the expected reward for merely being a certain gender. Do I think a guy who believes that because he is the husband, works hard, paid for dinner, or just has to have one because he’s a guy and that’s how men are, etc. etc. that at the end of the day, his partner is obligated to get him off? Nope. However, he IS still entitled to one as defined in situation 1, and needs only go about meeting his own needs if it’s so imperative. I would say in an egalitarian relationship this would apply equally to a woman of the same mind. 

Situation 3: Orgasm denial as a religious, personal, or kinky choice. This comes down to a person having made some commitment to denying this treat to themselves as part of some other goal. Are THEY then entitled to one? Actually, yes they are. Choosing to not have one does not mean a person isn’t entitled to one, no different than a vow of silence doesn’t mean that free speech is no longer a right, or a DD contract of rules and punishment doesn’t mean the submissive isn’t still entitled to giving consent, or a person who gives up a certain food in honor of their god isn’t entitled to eat it if they want to. The fact that they ARE entitled and have chosen to relinquish that right, is the basis of their sacrifice. It would not BE a sacrifice to deny one’s self something they aren’t entitled to in the first place. 

Situation 4: My situation. Am I entitled to one? Sure, if I choose to live differently, who is to tell me I’m not? But, if I mutually agree to live in a denied state where my partner has the sole right to decide what I get or what I don’t, then within that arrangement I am not entitled to anything I’ve willingly surrendered. What I get or don’t get is not about deserving, earning, fairness, or anything other than what my partner decides. And yet, even while knowing this, the ingrained knowledge that such a release is my right as a human being, means that even though I have chosen to relinquish this right, I still retain a sense of entitlement to one if I feel I’ve done everything I should. 

It was far easier for me to accept that my orgasms would require someone else's permission. But even then I always felt that it was the extra step of seeking permission that demonstrated my obedience and trust. Once I deferred to this condition, being granted permission was kind of a given so long as all other conditions were met. What we are endeavoring to achieve now is a mutual unlearning of orgasms as something people are entitled to whether conditionally or unconditionally. Instead we are viewing them as a kind of nonessential, something pleasurable that can serve a purpose but can be replaced with other things that could easily serve the same purpose. I can honestly say that I’m not quite there yet...............but I'm working on it.

Friday, October 8, 2021

The Hard Way (Part 2 of 5)

The Hard Way- Part 2 of 5.............. in which KDP learns that 'wax' is also a verb meaning 'to make something stronger' this case, his submissive devotion. 

Having now been tasked with further foot worship by my ghoulish visitor and still tasting the rot from the first foot, I simply refused. But my tormentor was not one to be denied. With one swift sweep of her hand, she caught my scrotum viselike in her grip. “Oooooh, pookums, are you sure you won’t change your mind?” she asked politely as she squeezed. I had to concede her methods were quite persuasive.

Once released, I dropped to the floor and kissed the bony offering. I would have thought that a dead foot, long since devoid of flesh, would not be as foul as the still decomposing one, but I was wrong, though the aromas were very different. While the other reeked of decomposition, the ghoul’s toes smelled like a blend of death and junk food…….kind of like the entrance to a Walmart. But I prevailed and continued to timidly lay pecks on the foot before me regardless. 

“Oh you have no enthusiasm,” the ghoul wailed! “I thought you were a kinky foot-boy? Where’s your passion? Where’s your joie de mort?” I replied that I was doing my best, but the ghoul just grinned evilly. “Are you, really?” she drawled sarcastically. “Let me see if I can motivate you to do an even better job,” she mused as her empty eye sockets scanned my table of decorations. She arose, and again gripping me in a way that left me no pleasant choice but to follow, pulled me along, this time much more forcefully than before, as she perused the items I had so carefully laid out.

“You have quite the collection,” she complimented with an evil undertone of mischief. “Let’s see what we have to work with.” Her first stop was a set of framed photos. “Oh, I like the one with the carpet beater. She reminds me of me in my younger days, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” 

She then espied a skull candle holder swarming with snakes, and pulled me right over to it. “Hmmmm, now this makes me wonder what would happen if I just brought this beauty to life with a touch of my finger? If those mice thought you were one of them, I’m sure this hungry serpent might think the same. And imagine how famished she must be after all these years without food?”

With that she offered my member to the still creature, its sharp fangs bared and ready, and let her finger hover menacingly above its head as if to animate it at her whim. 

But the ghoul then changed her mind. “No, while a nice hard bite would be quite amusing, this particular specimen, being  quite venomous, would defeat my ambition of having you around to play with. But…...that candle looks interesting. And…..” she looked to her left and saw the little serial murderer/dismemberment scene I had made and continued, “.....those pincers could work out very nicely as well. Yes, let’s start with these instead!” 

Snatching up the antique pincers, the ghoul soon had me in a most precarious situation. 

She clamped the pincers onto my penis and twisted and pulled me to her chair teasing, “as fun as these are, they are a bit of overkill for this particular task. But then again I didn’t see any antique tweezers laid out on the table, so these will have to do.”

Once she had me where she wanted me, she then held the unlit candle above my trapped little self.

Then, without a lighter or match, the candle lit itself under her gaze and almost immediately began to drip hot wax on my trapped penis head, which she held forcibly upturned so the wax could fall right onto the sensitive tip. “Ouch!” I yelped. 

“Sting a bit?” She pouted in mock sympathy. 

“Oh yes, Ma’am! I’ve done wax play before, but this is much worse than anything I’ve ever experienced!”

Nodding, she explained. “You’ve probably never had wax heated by hellfire dripped on you before. It’s almost as hot as Dunkin Donuts coffee.” 

As the candle dripped its superheated wax on me, I yelped in surrender. “OK, OK, I’ll do better!” I promised. But the ghoul shrugged off my pledge of amends.

“I’m sure you will, but I’m not stopping this little torment until the mushroomy head of this thing of yours is completely covered. Don’t worry though. Given its size it shouldn’t take long.” 

Then after doing exactly what she had intended, her fleshless fingertip stingingly flicked the wax from me and once clean, I was released from the pincers. As much as my glans hurt, I marveled that the wax, though hot enough to sting mightily, produced not a single blister. 

Grateful for this, I again dropped to the floor and  kissed the ghoul’s foul feet with much more fervor than before. But even after the torture, I found it difficult to maintain my level of devotion for more than a couple of minutes. 

The ghoul’s toes truly repulsed all of my senses and soon my attention faltered once again. This time however, the ghoul grew vexed. “I have been NICE up until now….”, she snarled, “ but you are too easily distracted. I think you need to learn just how bad things could get for you! UP! Let’s take another look around.”

-------------to be continued next Friday with Part 3 of 5--------------