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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kinky Jackass

This post is going to be very different from anything my readers have seen before on Collected Submissions and it is quite probable it is not going to be of interest to everyone …..or even most who visit here. But given the nature of this blog, I would be surprised to learn that NO ONE out there would find this intriguing. And I am looking for something fresh and exciting to revitalize my kinky nature.

Lately I have posted a lot of self-revelation, from personal reminiscences to revealing images. None were meant to sound self-aggrandizing, rather the opposite, they were all meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek, and even a little humbling. None were intended to be brazen, boastful flashes of me in any state of glorious pride. Most recently they were me spanked hard, me in a post-tease state of frustration, and splayed with a glass butt plug…..hardly fodder for braggadocio. 

People who know me have come to be amused by my propensity for imperiling myself for the amusement of others……(maybe I should sue “Jackass” for stealing my schtick, LOL) I have been like this since college…...always the first to do the craziest dares. The thing is though, after a while the line has to keep moving further and further for the dare aspect to work.

In my life I have know a handful of people who have successfully managed on a handful of occasions, to challenge me with something that, while doable, turned out to be much more embarrassing in the moment than when I boldly and confidently agreed to it.  I remember each of those times vividly and fondly.

So what I am going to do is offer a broad challenge of sorts. I am going to take suggestions from those who feel like they might have something to suggest that they’d find amusing to see that would be personally embarrassing for me. And to sort of give an idea of what my range might be I am going to put two pretty embarrassing ideas on the table that I WILL do if anyone leaves a comment, “yeah, KD, DO that! I’ll laugh my ass off.” And even though I’m suggesting them, these are things that I would not just do without some sort of public push. Regular commenting rules apply: you have to let us know who you are even if it's a pseudonym.

One offer is that I would be willing, though predictably mortified, to post a set of two selfies, one from the front and one from the rear, showing myself impaled by our largest plug (that we call the “Squid”) and the other publicly showing what I once wrote about in a story called “The Mushroom Effect” which is the utter shriveled defeat of my manhood that occurs when I am anally impaled by a large intruder.  If anyone wants to see this admittedly comical miniaturization of the modest amount I have to begin with, now’s your chance to say so.

The second is sort of along those same lines but focuses more on the rear. I will also offer to post a series of at least three “butt shots” as a blatant public display of anal defeat by showing a “before”, “during”, and “after” image of my most private of places when impaled by the Squid.  

So those are two of my own ideas. They are open to your approval to start things off, but they are mainly meant to serve as a guide for the type of things that are possible for your own ideas. And it is these outside ideas…..these “things” that I personally would not have come up with on my own…..that  I am most interested in. So surprise me. Shock me. Challenge me with you most devilish dares. And if it is not illegal, absurdly dangerous, have some stupid long term consequence (i.e. write on body with permanent marker) or physically impossible for me to do, I will give them all an honest try. The main idea is that they be somehow very humbling, and while there can certainly be an element of discomfort as well…….pain is not the primary goal. I can think of plenty of things that are frighteningly painful on my own. Also, please make your dare specific to me. While my Rosa is a good sport and might indulge some ideas, I cannot speak for her unequivocal cooperation. If you do have an idea that requires her involvement, you can ask, but as I said I cannot guarantee those will happen to the degree that I am willing to honor solo requests. I do reserve the right to refuse any dare that does not fulfill the parameters stated but to keep myself honest I will let Ana weigh in on any suggestion I don’t wish to do. If she feels I am dismissing a legitimate dare simply because it’s too embarrassing, she can comment to that effect and I agree to abide by her ruling. (you can’t get any more fair than that!)

Now this is not going to be a regular feature or new direction for this blog. The usual types of posts will continue to appear even as the occasional challenge is met and posted. This is more of a public experiment. We could just say that if March is the official month for readers to ask blog hosts “questions”, let’s let the upcoming month of July be for issuing and taking on dares and challenges. If this resonates with people and generates some cool ideas, maybe next time I’ll run a similar challenge with different parameters?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Portals for Mortals

Back in December of 2017 I did a post called “Moocho Glassy-ass” wherein I discussed butt plugs in general with a particular emphasis on my fond feelings regarding those made of glass. At the time I used models to tell my POV, like this one:

I can't see how anyone can NOT find this adorable.....especially with the flipped-up tag!

….and while she IS adorable, maybe with all of the soul-baring and personal exposures lately, I felt: ‘maybe it’s time to really put myself out there too?' 

I explained in my December post how I felt that glass plugs were the ultimate in exposure…..a window into the most modestly hidden area of a person, where everything is on view. It is in that spirit of submissive exhibitionism…...exhibitionism that is less an act of aggression (like the proverbial ‘flasher’ in a raincoat) and intended more as a act of self-deprecation that I post little little memento…..or even ‘trophy’ if you will. And while I know there are readers who will be like “yuck, a butt", there might be some who will bemusedly snicker at my flagrant exposure…...and it is for those people that I blushingly post this ‘selfie’:

Maybe those who have come to know me might find it cool to remember that if I am ever an ‘asshole’ to them…...THEY know they can always scroll back to this post and smirk at  just what a gaping asshole I can be. It would be very hard for me to remain arrogant to anyone who felt the need to take me down a peg and remind me of just how much they know of me, without me having that same advantage over them. So enjoy (to those who do)....and my apologies to those who want to now bleach their eyes. For those folks, I hereby include a couple more glass-wearing cuties to make up for my ‘old man ass’. Hopefully these girls will restore your vision. LOL

What impressed me about this one is the apparent indication by scale that the lady on display is a petite little thing who must have had an interesting time getting this in.

And just look at this solidly built honey!  I can't say that when wearing a glass plug I have that look of smug pride that she's beaming. I feel much more humbled by the experience. (I just wish these models would ditch those dumbass shoes!)

Thursday, June 21, 2018

"Elaiiinnne!!!! Elaiinnnne!!!!"

While I was hunting for images for the piece on my mother, I came across the occasional  rendering of two mixed gender kids, presumably brother and sister, being punished together. While such a thing has never happened to me, the images unlocked an old memory that I thought I would share.

This Sassy Bottoms image is one that helped get me thinking.

When I was in 6th grade I had a heart-rending crush on a girl named Elaine. (no blog-altered name change, it was really ‘Elaine’). But even at that age, my thoughts of Elaine ran towards the ……...alternate. Sure, I imagined kissing her, but how specific that kiss was! At night in bed I would fantasize about having Elaine’s naked body beside me…...but not in some tangled embrace of passion. Oh no. Not me! My fantasy was VERY specific:

Elaine and I would be naked together, BUT we’d be naked side-by-side with only our hips and shoulders touching. Our arms would be straight up over our heads, wrists tied and secured to some rusty rings on a punishment table as prisoners of some nameless group bent on torturing us, not for information, but their own sadistic pleasure whaled away on our young and tender bottoms.

Elaine would be very scared and I would console her. I would tell her we would eventually escape and I’d take care of her, and that we just had to get through this for now. She’d look at me like I was her hero, as old, worn paddles struck us over and over. I’d imagine her face when it was her turn to be smacked and then imagine her looking at me when it was my turn. And then…...when we were sweaty and nearly exhausted, our bottoms worn raw and ablaze, she’d lean towards me with tears on her face and we’d kiss. And later, once we were released from being bound, I’d imagine gently rubbing her welted bottom to soothe it as she sniffled with waning tears.

The reason I remember this so vividly is because it was a fantasy I replayed endlessly. Sometimes I would even position myself as if it was happening with my pillows beside me in lieu of my beloved and semi-act along with my thoughts. I was a weird kid, what can I say?

What strikes me as interesting about this little scenario is how different it was from anything I began to desire later. Any fantasies of such a kinky nature involving a pretty girl were usually more FemDom in nature. There was no need to drag in some group of anonymous torturers, the girl would BE my torturer. And she would never suffer one bit. Even in this early fantasy, there’d be no reason why Elaine had to suffer alongside me. I could have just as easily imagined sacrificing myself for her and then having her show her appreciation once I was let go. But that’s not how I scripted it. A few times I imagined saying something to that effect to our captors, but  they would never agree to the offer and Elaine would end up spanked hard just like me.

Now, in looking at images and reading the occasional account of the “submissive couple” who is put through their paces by a dominant third party, I even find it difficult to relate…….most of the time. For example, I cannot imagine ever wanting to jointly submit WITH Rosa beside me, but if I think about other people I’ve known, I can….though rarely…...find someone from my past that I could envision being punished with. But it’s never as a couple, but rather as a friend sharing the same fate…..a fellow submissive/partner in crime. My sympathy would be with her, but my love would be for my captor. I am sure there is a reason for this and if  had to speculate it would probably be that now, only a dominant party would seem attractive to me to have as my love interest. Perhaps as a kid, I didn’t quite get that? Perhaps. Or maybe I just never saw Elaine as a Dominant? Either way, I suppose that’s why I do enjoy the images of two friends or a brother & sister getting roasted together. It even works with two culprits of the same gender when there’s humor involved.

Co-culprits at school.

At home taking turns OTK.

A mom's "Final Solution".

School troubles again!

Looking back to where it all happened.

A knee for each of them.

In French too!

Popular cartoon characters aren't immune.

Sassy seemed to really like this theme.

On a side note, one person from my past that I pondered jointly suffering with was the woman you’ve heard me refer to as “Wolverine”.  She would never switch and so our relationship was one where I was the full-time dominant. She could take so much without outcry and heal so quickly afterwards that I sometimes imagined the embarrassment of being punished together by a third party only to have her handle it more stoically than me. LOL

If that was 'crush' would be on the Top!

Unfortunately, or of the 'double-spanking' images out there feature two female victims. I love the look on the spanker's face.

Something very cute about this.

I wonder if these are the same two kids who kept getting in trouble together at school?

I would LOVE to know the story behind this......if it's not a posed studio shot that is.

I think the spanker made better works of art with these butts than the painter of that painting!

(Just in case anyone is curious, nothing ever came of my crush with Elaine. I tried…..awkwardly…..but without success and eventually gave up as Elaine found someone else she preferred. Odds are it was for the best. What are the chances she’d want to reach romantic nirvana by having her butt roasted while tied to a splintery table?! LOL)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

'Sole' of a Monster

Last Wednesday I gave you all a sneak peak to a recent photo session primarily geared towards a holiday 'foot theme' featuring our resident Monster, Ana. In it I mentioned that we did take some other non-themed shots, one involving some handcuffs and a handcuff key chain, and a few featuring the often neglected sole. 

Since I've already posted the handcuff ones, today I am sharing a look at Ana's cute feet......from the underside. I only took three shots, and they all came out great, but because they were all very similar, what I did was play with some photo settings and filters to take the images in slightly different directions. 

Here's what I came up with:

Image 1, first version......a fairly straightforward handling of what i find to be a nice composition.

Here's a second version of that same shot using a cameo filter.

Image 2 is a tighter positioning with less visible leg.

Here is that same image softened and rendered without color.

Image 3 is sort of a blend of the first two poses. Even with minimal tweaking, this is a nice shot.

And here it is with a cameo filter and another filter effect giving a kind of  grittier feel.

So there you have it. Fans of Ana's feet need only wait a bit longer for a rather fun and colorful feature with a definite patriotic flavor.

Many thanks again to my lovely model. Without her these shots would never have been possible......or look nearly as pretty!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Odd Maternal Musings

A few years ago I wrote a story about an adult son who, after going through a bit of  a rough patch, asks his mother to spank him. It was called: “Still a Mom” (click for link to story) and ended up being one of my more popular pieces. There was even a sequel I did that followed the son’s transition after his mother’s passing called “A New Old Mom”. But that was about a separate issue than what was being dealt with in the first story. To be totally honest, the first story was a kind of artistic way for me to explore some thoughts I had about my own mother, and while the whole thing was fictional, the personalities and some of the issues were taken directly from our relationship.

I also wrote a non-fiction account of my actual experience with coming out as a disciplined spouse to my mother. That piece was called: “Unexpected Support”.(click for link to story) Regulars here are probably familiar with all three pieces since I have referenced them before.

Now I am not sure what brought this on, but I think it could have something to do with some recent (positive) developments in my own relationship with Rosa…..which I will get into another time. But whatever the impetus, I have recently become a bit wistful at not having my mother around anymore and even giving considerable speculation as to how her relationship with me might have evolved had she lived longer after learning of my lifestyle with Rosa.

There’s a part of me that has seriously considered the possibility of some set of circumstances that could have led to her spanking me similarly to the theme of the “Still a Mom” story. I can say without hesitation that Rosa would have had no objection to such a thing happening if my mother had agreed. Rosa herself had punished me more than a few times based on how she saw me behave with my mother. I feel pretty confident that if my Mom  was still alive and healthy, and after knowing how we live, there was some exchange where my tone was inappropriate, I could see a cooperative effort by the two to straighten me out.But whatever the reason, moot point though it now is, I have found myself trying to figure out if such a thing could have become a reality under other circumstances and have tried to picture how it might have played out..

When it comes to the theme of a Mom spanking her kid, no one captures it better than H-Bum.

For me to even be thinking about this suggests some deeper issue than mere curiosity. I think it could be a personal feeling of unfinished business or unresolved guilt. I do know that when I imagine it,  there are a few key elements that seem crucial to me. One is that the situation be as mutually important and desired by my mother as for me and not be some indulgence of a whim of mine. In other words, I feel like it should be something that having become aware of how I live and with Rosa’s consent and even encouragement …(which she would get)….it be something my mother feels I fully deserve. So there probably would have to be some issue where I did something to bring this on.

This piece gets it so right in my opinion: there's no wild anger in the Mom or desperate terror in the boy. To me this seems like a measured comeuppance for something both parties feel is appropriate and deserved.

The other thing that I find myself sort of needing is the knowledge that once Rosa gave her approval that she would leave the rest to my mother…..meaning that the actual spanking would be just between my mother and me in private. This is not to say that I would be spared a more public cornertime afterwards. My mother used that a lot and it would seem almost odd to escape it as an adult. I could see my mother finishing with me and then sending me to some spot in the house to stand nose to the wall while she discussed things with Rosa. I can’t help smirking thinking about the likelihood of this given how my Mother thought.

I love that the boy in this Sassy Bottoms illustration is dressed like the boy in the previous H-Bum pieces.

But perhaps the most intense piece of my imagined scenario is the deep hope on my part that  the spanking end up being …...well…..bad. Like really bad. The thing is I sort of feel that if it did happen, that THAT probably would not be something I’d have to worry about. Though my mom was never abusive, she was not one to get herself all the way to the point where she felt I had a spanking coming and then just dole out some half-hearted series of pats. No, the one aspect I could probably count on would be her spanking me good and hard. And that would be just fine with me.

Like I said, there’s no way for this to happen now but I truly believe, given my current thoughts, that were she alive, I would try to give her the opportunity. Whether she would do it is anybody’s guess, but I do know that from my perspective, I would not only do my best to persuade her but would agree to any of her conditions to convince her to try. Most definitely I would assure her that I wasn’t playing some game at her expense, but rather felt she was definitely as entitled to have this one last chance to roast my bottom like she used to…...  as I was deserving of her most enthusiastic attention. Like I said, if she did get to the point where she agreed, I probably wouldn’t have to encourage her to take the situation seriously…….but I know I still would. If nothing else I’d just love to see her face when I was standing beside her, just prior to going over her lap and while handing her our sturdiest paddle, and sincerely saying, “Ma, I probably don’t need to give you any encouragement to spank me good and hard since I never had to before…….but believe me when I tell you, we both know this is for my own good and that there’s no way I don’t deserve it…. so just because I’m an adult now, please don’t hold anything back. I can’t think of any better or more appropriate outcome than for you to blister my bottom but good .” Then I’d give her a nice bare target and wait for the paddle to fall.

My feeling is I’d soon be regretting my words…...and I would take that as her way of proving to me that she understood completely……..and didn’t disagree.

A little more struggle here.......but the boy is older and looks like he'd be a wriggler. The Mom again is admirably calm.......yet determined. She seems to know just what her son needs to learn a lesson.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Who we are

In past posts and comments on other blogs, I have recently admitted that my willingness to be punished for misdeeds had waned dramatically. I also confessed that my overall libido had sort of taken a vacation as well. Because I don't post as often as I used to, I didn't update you all on the welcome return of sexy thinking (and doing) a short while back. (probably about a week ago). Hurray! It's nice to know that oneself is not completely dead inside. LOL

Once I sort of returned to the land of the 'feeling', I also became more conscious of how.....despite my stubborn resistance to being punished for real.......that if I am honest with myself, I can't escape the inexorable need for discipline. My resistance also affected Rosa, since she is very determined and serious about living her life as the benevolent authority figure to an obedient partner.  Put simply: we are a DD couple, and while circumstances, influences, and moods can cut into that, nothing can change it for very long.

In the middle of last week Rosa and I had an unfortunate exchange that left us both pretty upset. In all honesty blame can be laid on circumstances that short-circuited our patience with each other. However, I was the one who sort of went on a tirade as a result, though at the time I felt completely justified. This past Friday, with the help of a few drinks, I sort of let my inhibitions and resistance down enough to realize that despite the circumstances, by definition of our roles and my pledge to always talk to Rosa respectfully, I had definitely crossed a line. And so, now feeling less defensive, I confessed this to Rosa.......who immediately agreed and seemed happy to see me own up to my actions.

On Saturday we talked for a very long time and I asked my Honey for one concession: for me to feel right about things I just needed for her to admit to her own, albeit lesser, contribution to things going sour. And Rosa did, explaining at length the hitherto unknown circumstances that were affecting her at the time. I had no idea that she had just gone through a pretty upsetting experience prior to my outburst. It put everything in a much clearer perspective.

What followed was a discussion about our roles and promises, followed by what you'd expect from a DD couple: I ended up over her lap with a bar of soap in my mouth as she taught me a lesson about the unacceptability of cruel outbursts with our hardest punishment paddle. The spanking was not terribly long but very forceful. It was very obvious that Rosa wasn't playing around and that she was determined to roast my butt honestly.

While over her lap, I couldn't even yelp due the bar of soap, but ended up whimpering a bit. Still, at one point a strange feeling (that I later described to her) came over me making me feel like I was finally 'where I belonged'. Instead of the resistance to physical punishment I had felt previously, now I felt that some missing and crucial puzzle piece had been found and put back into place to complete the total picture properly.

After the spanking, I rinsed out my mouth and returned to nuzzle at my Honey's feet as we talked some more. I told her about my feelings and desire to genuinely BE an obedient husband and partner. She seemed pleased. I also asked her if we were back to a clean slate and she admitted that we were not quite there yet. I wasn't completely surprised to hear this and so I felt no internal resistance to returning to her lap after a few more minutes of discussion.

The second spanking went longer and was just as hard as the first. This time she lectured me about my tendency to become very hyper and almost "OCD" about little unimportant details and how this made her crazy. It was not a new topic. In fact this issue is laid out in the first few of our printed and signed copy of House Rules dating back to the beginning of our DD arrangement. I couldn't honestly refute her assessment. It IS a personal fault I have struggled with all of my life. And it's probably something I will never be able to permanently fix......but a good spanking can help me keep it in check and also give Rosa an outlet for her emotions when it does happen.

I was thinking about how such an outcome might look unfair to some.....given that there was some degree of culpability resting with each party, and I asked Ana what she thought about that...........especially since she and I share a similar disparity (only in her case involving Discipline Slips instead of her directly punishing me). She replied that it really comes down to what each party agrees to.  Because we freely made such an agreement it follows that the actual consequences might change drastically for each person. But she added that just because the consequences are 'different' or not equal, there is still a line of not taking advantage of abusing the disparity. The end result may look uneven but it isn't because each concession for amends are consistent with whatever factors were agreed to. So for Ana, as well Rosa, and I'm sure every responsible 'authority figure'  in every DD couple (unless they're on the Spencer Plan), there doesn't seem to be a lot of angst over believing a sincere apology to be sufficient for themselves while expecting that for their subordinate partners the conflict resolution is going to require not just an apology but the additional aspect of a good, air-clearing spanking to go along with it.

Anyway, after the second spanking, I donned my pouch panties and chaps and wore them for most of the day. I did sort of get off a bit easy though, because by the time we were done, we were the only ones home. Usually the idea of the chaps is a sort of 'added punishment' akin to 'corner time'........but without the corner. LOL. The idea being that whoever's around can easily see that I am in a state of 'disgrace'. Saturday, I was really only on display for Rosa, but even that has an effect since the chaps ....along with the residual sting......are a constant reminder of what transpired earlier.

After my spanking Rosa asked me to fetch her another cup of coffee and I hastily snapped this little "selfie" in the kitchen in anticipation of using some photo back-up for today's post. Admittedly not of the best quality, but once again, you can see how the post-spanking swelling produces extremely pronounced folds to my gluteal creases between cheek and thigh. You can also see the central 'white patches' that indicate the severity of the punishment. This was a butt that stung for a good long time.

There was one more thing that I am still processing and pondering. While we are pretty out to most in our circle, we are still not 'out' to everyone or anyone indiscriminately, though Rosa is far less concerned about some things than I am. On Saturday, I was so engrossed in our discussion and naturally my punishment afterwards that I did not think about something that I noticed only hours later when I went to our bedroom to stretch out my back for a bit on our bed. As I was laying there I looked over and saw that the right bedroom window was open. Our house is a ground level ranch and our bedroom is in the front of the property. In all honesty, anyone walking by that morning would have had no problem hearing that heavy lucite paddle in action.....though it would be quite possible that they would not have known what the sound actually was. I don't think anyone was out there, but the thought has made me blush a bit.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Full frontal

And NOT with Samantha Bee!

Suffice it to say there is much more to this post than I will EVER reveal, especially since the photo is revealing enough on its own…….. but regardless of any of that, let me just say:

(And thank goodness for some of that graininess you get with dimly lit selfies.)