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Friday, February 15, 2019

Expectations & reality

Well I suppose it's time to finally write about some DD. As you may recall I had a nasty 2000-spank punishment coming for upsetting Ana on Christmas. And while things didn't exactly move along swiftly, the full punishment has been given. In fact, it happened a fair while ago and I just didn't feel like writing about it. 

Recently Dan has been having a good discussion going about consistency and striving for whatever we all want our DD arrangement to be. And while I am only human and have these same goals, I have found they never quite work out like we would wish them to...or more accurately....expect them to.

Take the Christmas Slip punishment as a real life example. If you scroll back you can read how everyone was totally on board with this. Ana pronounced a devastating number, I sent Rosa a personal note (approved by Ana) and Rosa was in total agreement with her daughter about my culpability. So naturally things just sped right off after that and I got multiple installments on sequential days making my punishment almost unendurable just as everyone seemed to want, right? Nope.

It took a long time for Rosa to be in the right frame of mind to begin and several days passed with the slip sitting on our dresser, but when she did, she did so with a nasty 400 in one round! 
A terrible shot of the aftermath!

I tried again to capture the color....which if seen in person or in a mirror was spectacular.....but to no avail. I will be discussing this photo issue  in another post.

I was so sore the next day, I dreaded round 2. But I had nothing to fear. One thing after another delayed the second installment until I was pretty much recovered.....which while beneficial for me personally....was not the intention behind a 2000 spank punishment. 

A couple of days later, Rosa made up for the delay with two separate installments of 300 each! Still nasty, but not as bad as if I had gotten them the next day. I related the developments to Ana, since this was her punishment, and she said that she was actually okay with the delay as long as the spankings themselves were appropriately punitive....which they were.

After the 600 spank session, Rosa did order another installment the next day, and as expected, it was unbearable! So much so that I could not help wriggling like an eel on a ship deck and no amount of reprimand or personal effort could stop my reactions. Rosa even asked me outright about the excessive flailing and I just told her how it felt to get spanked on top of a pretty sore bottom. She understood and continued for a bit, but I think she was unhappy about having a nearly 200 pound tuna flopping on her lap and consequently ended the spanking after 150.......which is rare for us.

Then several days passed again before I got another 400. And oddly enough, when I got the last 450 the following day, for some reason I was able to handle it without the fuss I had made previously. 

I really think taking a hard punishment spanking is partly physical but also very psychological. If I am in a certain frame of mind, I find I can take a hard punishment better than a moderate one if I am in the wrong frame of mind. Anyway, that ended the Christmas punishment.

We also began the long overdue year-end slips, but have a ways to go on that.....and as described above, life is just firmly dedicated to interfering.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there with "stinging tails"....and those who provide the "sting"!

------------------part 2--------------------

"Two-word Offensive"

Betcha can't guess the two words that fuck us all of the time.

On a day best known for the "three most important words in the English language: 'I LOVE YOU' ", my other thought for today is a bit of discussion about a common two-word phrase we hear more and more often that is completely offensive. I've noticed that the older  I get, the less I mind "fuck you" and the more I loathe: "please wait".

It seems that the more of a hurry I am in, the less of a hurry is everyone...and everything else in! I've never been a patient person and age has not imparted any additional patience, because as I get older the less time I feel I have left to get everything done that I want to accomplish.....and I have no tolerance for indolence.

The dangerous aspect of this issue for me is that impatience is a punishable offense around here and my fidgety, crotchety annoyance with waiting has, and does, often put me in a position where the only thing I have to worry about waiting for is the next stinging smack. ;-) So, I do try to be careful.......BUT.....ARGH! Why can't everyone just move along at a reasonable clip?

But besides lethargic people, the WORST is when some electronic device tells you to "please wait"! You can't even yell at the fucking thing! ( Well I suppose you can......but it's not going to hear me. Unless it's Alexa....and so far she hasn't learned how to recommend a spanking.) 

Anyway, that's my position. If any of you out there wish to recommend that I strive for personal change and just learn to accept life at a slower pace, fair enough. I'll eventually try................please wait.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Hiking in winter

Yesterday Rosa and I went for a hike in Hacklebarney State Park. It was admittedly a chilly day to be walking about but it was a good workout. And while winter strips nature of its leafy green clothing, it also eliminates annoying insects, while providing an entirely different sort of natural beauty.

Trees don't need leaves to be interesting.

While the trek was enjoyable in and of itself, the best part might have been the great mood it put Rosa in! I teased her that while we always joke about her being a "Piggy-Girl" that her demeanor after a long hike is more akin to a house-bound puppy who has just been taken for a walk. It resulted in us enjoying the entire day together, even after we got home. (There was even a bit of spanking tossed in!)


Friday, February 8, 2019

Albert Finney

I saw the news today that Albert Finney passed away at 82. Finney managed to make his way into some of my all-time favorite movies, like Murder on the Orient Express, Big Fish, and one of my annual St. Patrick's Day "must see"s......Miller's Crossing. He even did the  voice for the father in Corpse Bride. 

Others might remember him for Annie or Scrooge, and who could ever forget him as Tom Jones? As adept on stage as in front of a camera, he was a powerful presence in whatever he did.

I can pretty much guarantee a toast to his memory tonight.....and definitely before our viewing of Miller's Crossing this St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Missed opportunity

No, I don't mean her not appearing in the Super Bowl Halftime Show, I'm talking about her name. If you are going to call yourself "Cardi", how disappointing is it to then make your last name "B" instead of "O"? Would that have been so hard? Just think if she decided to make an exercise video: The Cardi O Workout!

Actually, I personally think "Yak" would be even better. I mean just imagine the headlines if she ever got apprehended for drug use? "ILLEGAL DRUGS RESULT IN CARDI YAK ARREST". 

I realize that merely having a clown in the White House should be a great source of comic entertainment, but it has turned out to be just the opposite: nauseating tragedy or infuriating mendacity on a daily basis. And as such I believe we need to exploit every opportunity for humor to compensate. If Ms. B would now just kindly consider a name change.....or in her case, even a single letter change.....we would have at least one more thing to snicker at.

Personally I had no idea who this person was before her name started popping up in headlines and I am certain none of her songs have ever been played on my radio station. But as long as someone deems her newsworthy, I expect to see her continue to be mentioned.......and each time I will sigh with disappointment at the missed opportunity for a bit of nomenclature levity. Not to mention a place of honor among those whose entertaining names have gone before: Rip Torn, Slim Pickens, Armand Hammer, & Red Buttons to name a few. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


As you've probably surmised from my last post and time since my last post.....I've been busy. In fact, I probably have more "irons in the fire"  than usual.....but for me that's a good thing.

Rosa and I have also finally moved past some "life interruptions" to get to Ana's 'Punishment Slip' and I've already received the first installment with many more to come. And Rosa seems particularly motivated to see this through....enthusiastically.

I have been making weekly treks to the Philly area to work on my daughter's new home with many more trips to come and in between I have been working on some 1:12 scale dioramas for my son's main hobby: photographing action figures in a storytelling setting.(and 'yes', this IS a thing! I was amazed to see how many people are out there doing this.)

To give an idea, here are some shots of a warehouse I have been diligently working on. When finished it will allow for shots to be taken from various angles and afford photographic storylines with multiple scenes all within a warehouse setting. (the warehouse proper, a catwalk, an office, and the receiving dock from both indoor and outdoor perspectives.)

An unfinished view of the main space, showing some structure before all of the painting was complete.

The catwalk after some additional painting. (the office to the left still needs to be painted.)

Rather than go crazy with stacked boxes, I made this facade......

....just like those Hollywood western towns with nothing behind them. LOL

The beginnings of the receiving dock platform.

This is the earliest development of the outside of the receiving dock.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


LIFE: n. 1: all the things we do when we're not dead

2: the things that get in the way of definition 1.

A LOT has happened since my last post, and a lot hasn't happened as well. It seems like just when I think everything is coming together, some unforeseen crap swipes in from the side and takes you out. Don't believe me? Just ask 'the man in the street':

While I'm pretty open here, I also don't feel the need to cover every particular that goes on with our lives outside of DD, but suffice it to say that the "slip issue" while presented and talked about briefly, has stalled due to other competing concerns. As a result I have been spending time working on some projects for my kids and am hoping that the mood shifts back to where it was just one short week ago.