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Tuesday, July 14, 2020


There are just some days where the urge to smash someone/something is strong.

Today is one of those days!

I really feel like bludgeoning. It doesn't matter what or who since it would be more generally therapeutic than specifically vengeful. And I feel like if I did, I would not be content to stop once the target object was broken or the person unconscious. I'd only want to stop when I felt too exhausted to continue.

(I wonder if I'd be a good candidate for anger management therapy? LOL)

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Abundance of material

After posting about the beauty of women of color, I realized that I had many more images that were worthy of sharing that didn't make it into the original. In fact I have quite a large personal collection of dark-skinned cuties, many also indulging in interracial kink. For today though, I'm just going to post more solo images. Enjoy!

There is a surreal quality to this image, enhanced by a bit of soft-focus sheen coupled with mesmerizing beauty.

I can't comprehend why, even among people of color, there is a sort of propensity towards lighter skin. This young lady's deep rich brown is exotically alluring.

Just a butt....but.....WHAT a butt!!!!

Another artsy example of how beauty need not be tinted in lighter tones.

Sorry to be vulgar.....but I can't imagine a square inch on this magnificent woman that I wouldn't ardently kiss or tongue!

Words fail me.


I'm always fascinated by extremes.

While most of the previous images seem to be professional shots of studio quality, sometimes beauty transcends its humble surroundings.

As a guy with limited access to self-touch and even fewer orgasms, this particular image.....with her delicious body coupled with that coy over-the-shoulder look, just makes me groan in frustration.

Though just a simple public flash, her smile is enough to compete with those perfect breasts.

There's a lot to like about this shot beyond the young lady herself.

No matter how many times I've looked at this shot, I can't see her smile and not smile myself.

Too pretty to even be fair!

Well, you know one of MY favorite activities, so it's not difficult to predict what this makes me feel like doing!


And ditto yet again! And what an expression! I can't help thinking that given what I'd like to do, once I felt sated, she'd say, "nuh-uh, keep going."

I don't know why I like this picture......but I do.

Another kink of mine.......but what a waste!

THE END......(for now)
(and what an end!)

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Black (Human) Beauty

Before I get too far into this post, I want to state emphatically that despite the playful nature of the images and observations to follow, I am NOT trivializing racial issues currently at the forefront of our current events. I have always said to people of various ethnicities that if everyone just focused on the food and drink of diverse origins instead of imagined stereotypes, we would all be more enriched, united, and ultimately better off. Today's post is an expression of a similar sentiment: People of color are different in certain ways.....but not in any way that separates them from the human family. Why do we focus so much on the word "color" in "people of color" rather than "people"?

As people, Black women have a special beauty. Why should anyone ignore that fact in favor of more divisive criteria? Maybe if everyone just appreciated the differences as a wonderful addition to the vast possibilities of human beauty, people of color would be a welcome addition to the diversity of humanity rather than have their skin tone and features act as some glaring demarcation for separation. And now, with that said, let's dive in and admire the beauty and sexiness of our fellow humans! Black beauty can be.....


.......or personal and everyday.

It comes in different shades:

From Seattle Roast coffee...... dark chocolate..... cute caramel..... cafe au lait with a LOT of cream......

.....all the way us.

It comes in different shapes.

From petite pixies..... classic perfection.....

........and on to a bounty of curves.

Athletically fit.......

.......and downright Amazonian!

To different ages.

From young..... a bit older..... fully matured.

But beauty is not merely a matter of features. Attitudes and personalities are just as important to making someone appealing since all tastes and desires are part of being human. What do you find sexy?

A playful exhibitionist?

A flagrant flasher?

Someone a bit more coy?

Mischievously naughty?

A temptress?

Oiled up for some slick action?

Or freshly showered?

Mildly kinky?

Demanding of worship?

Confidently raunchy?

Do you find yourself willingly subservient to an unknown, exotic Ebony Domme?

Or maybe there's already somebody in your life who is more than willing to expand your appreciation of the strength of women of color?

Whatever your situation, whatever preferences you harbor, ethnic women are not aliens. Certainly not enemies. They are our sisters.......not much different from us.....just with a bit more melanin and just as prone to moments of glory or banality as we are. 

But if you do venture out into this darker world, remember.......just as Forrest Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates.........."

" never know what you're gonna get."