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Monday, December 28, 2015

It's over.

Did anyone get anything they might regret?

Things are still a little 'non-DD' here. I'm hoping for some good news soon that might eliminate the stressful cloud we've been trying hard to ignore. It would be nice to go into 2016 with a renewed commitment to it all. (I have my fingers crossed!) 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

It's getting closer..... a considerate elf and go rub a tired, post-shopping foot...(or two).

Friday, December 4, 2015


Even those who seem to have no limits......have limits. 

I love to think theoretically about things. After all how far would we have come as a species if we could only think and discuss the things familiar to us personally? You'd have to toss out quantum physics for sure. But D/s is not as complicated as quarks.

One thing I feel is an interesting topic is that of TPE and "prior consent". My personal feeling is that what most of us call "prior consent" really is an agreement to minimize conflicts at the time a punishment is declared when the sub doesn't fully like or understand it. If there is anything of trust, or honor in the sub's mind, they will most likely use their 'prior consent' as a helpful tool in allowing them to submit in that moment. But, they ARE submitting in that moment.

The exception would be the sub who literally is running away from their Top and is caught, physically restrained, and punished. (risky business) Now, certainly a sub who runs the way a scared child might run, knowing they are wrong, and knowing their Top is right, but just not having the courage to submit on their own, maybe an understanding of self and trust in the authority figure makes the described scenario seem more appropriate and less like abuse. But where's the line in such a situation?

If a sub has truly agreed to let themselves be caught and punished and the Top knows this and does it. What happens when the running away is genuine and not merely the result of cowardice in the face of justice? What if the Top is not right? Or not in control of their anger?

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Thought for the day:

Submissive or not, a spine is more than just something your Top should avoid striking during a punishment.

Monday, November 30, 2015

It's coming...... you had better be a good and productive little elf!

Maybe if this was the consequence for Hermie missing "Elf Practice" a lot of trouble could have been avoided.

Anyway, there will certainly be a lot to do between now and the 25th, so we subby elves out there need to get moving. I've got a bunch of things on my 'to-do' list. How about you?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Death of Thanksgiving

As a former retail manager, I am glad I retired when I did. Thanksgiving was bad enough with having to get up ridiculously early for Black Friday.....but now? Now people work ON Thanksgiving, and Black Friday....and the weekend. Greed and the public's lack of any interest besides shopping have killed an American holiday.

The irony is that this particular holiday was not celebrated to commemorate some religious event, or even some defining historical milestone. It was geared to celebrating what we have, recognizing whatever good fortune we received, and sharing those feelings with those around us. It was a feast of family and bounty. So what did we do? We killed it. 

Over the preceding years we sent a message to the retailers that we were willing to come in anytime they opened. "You open......and I'll be there! You are far more important than anything else." And they obliged. Now families are quite likely to have kids (because let's face of the main jobs for kids in school, is retail) absent from their table during a time we were supposed to be together.

"Buying and selling" used to be a practical exchange of goods: trade. Now that simple business has resulted in the disease of consumerism. I wish people would finally stop. Stay home both days and really send a message. But they won't. They never have and never will. And may take a while.....but not a long while.....and Christmas will be next. That's not 'slippery slope''s the nature of consumerism.

Something to think about. (rant over)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Rim-shot (literally)

This week's cartoon needs no explanation. Domestic activities this weekend prompted my use of this particular thought for the week. Comment as you will!

Friday, November 13, 2015

A different take on...

I have noticed this is the time when some blogs take a moment to recognize their 'lurkers' and express their appreciation for them. I'm not sure I can honestly do the same. So, instead, let me offer a different perspective, not to berate, but to show why 'lurking' is not such a nice or admirable thing.

First off, those who run blogs or websites invest a lot in them. Blogs like this one are free, but my website costs me money each year. There is also the work that goes into writing, drawing, creating, etc. Sure it's a labor of love, but so is making a movie or putting out an album of music......and you don't get to enjoy those for free unless you pirate them. So while I don't run a 'pay site', I sort of think of interaction as the reasonable price of admission from visitors.

I'm pretty sure that unless a blogger is using their blog as a sort of open, public journal, odds are they are also looking for interaction. I know I am. And I guess that's why I feel let down if only one or two people (out of the 100 to 400 visitors I get per day) leave a comment. In my mind, I'm thinking: how would a person feel if they threw a party and took the time to try to make the food, drink, and atmosphere as entertaining and enjoyable as possible and a bunch of guests showed up, ate the food, drank the booze, and never spoke to anyone or even said 'hello', or 'nice party', or even 'thanks for having us'? 

I love to hear what people have to say about things. I love when someone points out something I hadn't considered. And of course, who doesn't love when someone relates to what you are doing as a writer or artist....and says so? Most people who do blogs or sites like this aren't looking to get rich. (we leave that to the professional porn sites, LOL) But a little feedback recharges us. It keeps us going.......and providing a free experience for others to enjoy.

I have seen blogs close down because the bloggers 'gave up'. (One I saw actually said they doubted anyone saw their blog or even cared.) So, from the perspective of valuing a lurker as a potential participant, YES, I can relate to that. Nothing would please me more than having a reluctant visitor take the step towards participation. But if a lurker just keeps lurking, who is to say whether the places they visit will be there in the future?

If you're a lurker..............something to think about, not just here, but wherever you lurk. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Paying the price

I've been in the midst of a week-long punishment that in addition to a daily serious spanking, also includes a limit....though thankfully not a full ban.....on my computer time. (among other things) Hence, I don't have a lot of time for a lengthy update. However, just because I'm in trouble, doesn't mean you all should suffer, so here's a cartoon for the week and an accompanying thought:
As a person who does have a 24/7 disciplinary dynamic in place, I have always wondered just how separate real issues can truly be kept if a couple ostensibly only plays with spanking scenes? Like the cartoon above, if a session followed an upsetting event, can a Top truly not let something real color their thoughts ......even a little.......while swinging a paddle?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Now, Spanky.......

......let's be reasonable."

Punishment is supposed to hurt, but when a reflexive clench from a good swat causes you to strain a muscle and sends crazy spasms all through your side......well, that's just not part of the plan. But that's what happened a few days ago when Rosa was giving me some of those follow-up punishment swats owed me that I discussed in another post.

So, what did she do? What any reasonable person would do.....she stopped. She was very concerned and said we would wait until I was better to finish things up. A couple of days of rest and some stretching and the old back felt fine. So she asked me tonight how I was and I admitted I was much better. She said, "good, because we have some old business to take care of."

And about an hour ago, that's exactly what she did. Only this time the pain I felt was strictly limited to the kind she intended......with no weird cramp-spasms to complicate things.

And the irony is she finished off the past issues tonight because she wanted a clean slate for a new issue that she will be handling very soon.....maybe as soon as tomorrow or Saturday morning. (It looks like a lot of uncomfortable sitting for me for the next week at least!)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Spirits Having Flown

Saturday we had our Halloween party which was intentionally scaled down from last year. We have a small home, but many friends, and last year our house filled to a point of overwhelming claustrophobia. This year we vowed to "keep it small" and while it made the day more manageable, we wished we could have invited more people. But.....there will be other get-togethers. Sunday morning Rosa and I just relaxed with our coffee after breakfast and evaluated the 'hits & misses' of the party to make next year's even better.

We also discussed what the next things on our agenda would be now that the craziness of party preparation and clean-up was over. A bit of re-connection topped the list, but, being in an FLR/DD relationship, there's also the inevitable clearing of the air after all the instances of hyperactivity and impatience are tallied. Therefore, very soon I've been informed, there will be a reckoning at hand:

In addition, after all that running about, Rosa will no doubt be wanting a bit of this as well:

So, while October 31st itself is over, remnants of Halloween will be lingering for a bit.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Halloween

Best wishes to all for a creepy, kinky, dark, and fun Halloween. You don't even need to dress up! Just look at those two above. Not a stitch on and still enjoying the spirit of the day..........with a little candle wax.

Anyone here ever play around with wax? It's an easy and very creative way to cause sting, feel dominant or submissive......and even be a bit artistic. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Queen(ing) of Halloween

If you haven't already put up your Halloween had better get carving! You have about one week left! Just take Hester's cue and find yourself a nice queening seat and devoted slave and you'll be the happiest pumpkin carver in town.....regardless of how the jack-o-lantern turns out!

Any readers out there have a queening chair? And if you do, where's the attention usually focused?  

We have one. It's a regular old dining chair with a nice oval cut out of the cushioned seat. For appearances we keep a regular seat on top of the modified one. The chair is in our bedroom and looks so innocent. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hierarchy versus Equality

Once you embark on a DD FLR, is 'equality' an obsolete notion? Granted a BDSM M/s or TPE, and even D/s relationships are based on intentional inequality. Is DD different? Many would say it is, but I'm not so sure. Granted there might be more sharing and negotiating in a DD arrangement than a more extreme relationship, but doesn't the mere fact that one party has disciplinary authority over the other substantially tip the scales?

The thing about equality is that it is a quantitative  absolute. If you have two equal things in balance, you need only add one grain of sand to one side to tip the scales. I suppose once one embraces the inequality, then everyone can argue or evaluate the degree of the inequality. That I can understand better than maintaining the notion of egalitarianism by virtue of qualifying the balance by saying, "well we just have different roles, but they balance each other out." That just seems like a rationalization for someone reluctant to accept inequality as a valid option.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Diogenes today

If Diogenes were alive today, he probably would have long given up on his search for an honest man, and perhaps taken refuge in Internet porn. Poor old bugger, the mendacity that he'd find there would only further frustrate him. Yes, I speak of.....Photoshop.

I'm not much of a standard porn admirer, finding most of it to be either distasteful....or outright boring. Still, being a guy, I am stimulated by visual imagery. What I look for are images that touch upon my kinkier interests. I have already posted my essay on the Search for the Perfect Spanking Photo. In gathering photos for the piece, I encountered a world of fakery. But while disingenuous, play-acted scenes of concocted D/s scenarios played out badly by paid 'professionals' are one common pitfall, there are also a lot of images that aren't even vaguely real. They are engineered.

I even removed a picture from my essay that I had initially found so adorable and, given the skill with which it was altered, plausible.......though admittedly improbable. But a few days later I came across the photo as it existed before someone Photoshopped it. I was so disgusted I just deleted it.  

For me, and I suppose many others as well, the notion of having one's kink publicly exposed is quite exciting. Since it happens so rarely, yet is of great interest, clever image manipulators have found they can create what fate so infrequently provides. Some may not be bothered by this. One could say, "what's the difference between a provocative drawing and a Photoshopped picture?" And I suppose they'd have a point.....but it is an issue for me. I approach the drawing as a creation, but I approach the photo as something snatched from the real world with a camera, and I don't like being deceived.

If you are a fellow FLR/DD aficianado or practitioner you may likely enjoy the notion of male chastity. One of the most frequently concocted images is that of the locked male walking on some public nude beach with their partner. I will tell you now that I will bet you that ANY image you find along these lines has been Photoshopped. The only pictures with a locked male that seem genuine are the obvious professional studio offerings.

But chastity is not the only victim of this fraud. The picture I removed was of a thonged lady crossing the street with her partner and covering what appeared to be a spanked behind with her hands. Well, in the original photo, she is evidently embarrassed enough by her skimpy swimsuit to be trying to cover her cheeks with her hands, but not due to any residual post-spanking pinkness. I have encountered several images of publicly exposed pink bottoms that all turned out to be Photoshopped versions of images gleaned from naturist blogs.

In addition to chastity and spanking, I have encountered pictures of peeing ladies who were not urinating in their original photos. (Maybe the shutter was snapped in succession and these are before stream and after? LOL) And, of course, there are those celebrity heads that always seem to find their way onto bodies not their own. And did you ever hear the expression, "those jeans look so tight they must have been painted on?"  Well there is a blog catering to "micro bikinis" that seems to Photoshop a bikini pattern onto previously nude models......perhaps because no real woman could wear one of those things without their nipples popping out with ever step. 

The worst thing I've encountered is the "assembled photo". This is where the entire scenario is made more intense by adding images into a photo that did not exist in the original. Some are cleverly concocted while others are crude attempts at simulating embarrassing situations where none had existed. And some just look like a kid went at a porn magazine with scissors and paste.

So beware of Photoshop! If an image seems too cool to be true.....hit the right tab key and select : 'search Google for this image'. Scroll to the end and you will most likely find the image as it originally appeared. Of course, you could also intentionally avoid doing that and just enjoy the illusion. I would not think less of you. It's just not for me.

Here's an example of one of the more 'believable' public chastity shots. Since they are alone in the picture and the lady's pose suggests a proud calling of attention to the gentleman's privates, it did seem possible that perhaps they were the real deal and she was enjoying showing off his cage. But....alas, no. After seeing the original I also noticed that the Photoshopper did not adjust the shadow and it should have occurred to me initially that the shadow on his thigh does not match the cage......though it does suggest the organ presented in the original.There is one additional thing I've noticed in all of these concocted public chastity pictures that seems both a disappointing oversight as well as a huge clue that the situation is fake. None of the ladies are wearing keys. If you are going to "go public" to show off your control and ownership of your man's parts, wouldn't you flaunt your key as well as his lock? Flaunting the key is something even my Rosa does. So why take the time to Photoshop a CB onto a guy, but no key onto the lady? So, I challenge any reader to find a genuine 'public chastity image' not made by professional models. I'll post it right here with full credit to the person who found it! (Good luck!'ll need it.)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Play nicely...or else!

Since I have somewhat promised to keep you folks informed not just of site additions, but also when Rosa takes me to task for some slip-up, I do have another brief update. Yesterday morning I woke to Rosa instructing me to bring her a particular paddle. It seems she took exception to the tone of my teasing the night before. On one hand she admitted that she knew I probably wasn't being truly serious about some of the things I was tossing at her, but she also said that (perhaps due to the three glasses of barleywine ale I had) my tone was a bit too sharp and sarcastic. In all honesty, she was right, because for whatever reason, I just felt a bit cantankerous even though I wasn't being serious. I do have the tendency to be a bit acidic even when playing.

Well, whether too serious, or just too pushy with my teasing, I got a brief but sharp reminder to be a bit more respectful in the future. (We have no rule forbidding teasing, because we both enjoy it. But everything still needs to be 'friendly'. She found my teasing sharp and hurtful.) It was not the worst spanking I've ever gotten, but she wasn't playing either, and she scolded me very emphatically to never say the kinds of things I had said to her.....joking or not...........again.

Misbehaving age-old problem.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

New additions.

I've added two new pieces to a new "non-fiction" category on the main website's story section.  One is a serious 'memoir' of sorts, recounting my recollection of the time I came out to my mother about the lifestyle that Rosa and I live. What had started as a 'now or never' confession in the hopes of at least some level of understanding and acceptance, ended with an unexpected level of support that could only be described as "endorsement". (A very surprising thing coming from one's own mother.)

Artwork by Jay-Em

The second piece is a bit of a lighthearted poke at the world of the Internet F/f Spanking Photo. It's a combination of revelation of what I personally look for, mixed with a bit of teasing at what's actually out there. The piece has several examples of the the Good, the Bad, and the just plain Hysterical. Even though it's presented as a finished piece, I may very well be adding to it as I encounter new photos that trigger a strong reaction. Here's one example from the piece of one pic I can't look at without snickering:

So convincing, eh? And remember.....these are 'pros'. People actually got paid for this.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Well, even with a few days left in the poll, it appears the clear unanimous choice is that I let my readers in on when I'm punished. Not one person voted otherwise thus far. (You little thrill seekers.)

Well as your luck would have it, (because my butt doesn't feel very lucky at all ) there's already an episode to share. Yesterday, in an effort to deal with multiple past infractions of mostly attitude that went unchecked.....but accumulating, Rosa and I discussed how to set me back on course.

Now, normally when a serious punishment is in the offing, we tend to discuss things beforehand. Things like issues from the past and expectations for the future. Last night we did exactly that. I won't bore you all with the entire discussion but the gist was that we both agree we need to tighten things up. Essentially we both feel the leniency that Rosa extended during a particularly stressful period recently, while very understandable and considerate, also created issues of its own. Therefore, while not intending to be a martinet, Rosa is going to take a firmer grip on the reins.

Last night was a 'preliminary'. It wasn't even directed at the past issues which Rosa says she will definitely address in the near future, but rather meant to set the tone. This was what she called a 'warm up'...........but not a spanking warm up in the usual sense, but rather a demonstration of what was going to eventually follow.

Now sometimes we take our lifestyle with a dollop of humor....other times we get to the gritty core. Last night was pretty serious. I received two separate and very hard spankings. Our spankings are done mostly in our bedroom with Rosa laying against the pillows on the headboard and me, fully naked, over her lap. The punishment weapon of choice is a hefty lucite paddle that really hurts.

Rosa does not do warm-ups even for play....and certainly not for punishment, so I was wriggling and yelping from the first swat. I can always tell when she is serious....and let me tell you......she was serious! She also knows I can eventually numb-out during a really long spanking, so to keep me focused, she separated the spanking into two parts. The first was bad enough and left me really sore, but then after an hour or so had passed, it was time for part 2. That one was horrible. She spanked just as hard but now all on top of a sore bottom. Now Rosa likes to spank, and I'm sure even though she was serious, she probably enjoyed spanking me and even had some fun doing it. But from my end, dear reader, be assured......there was nothing fun about it.

[I offer RedRump's illustration to show the flavor of what transpired last night, even though the details vary a bit. What I liked about this illustration is the obvious emotion being shown by both Top and bottom. She isn't playing and he isn't having any fun. This is no "50 Shades" role-play.]

So here I am the morning after, sitting on a still burning bottom, and sharing this all with you. Rosa has already texted me with my "to do" list for today, and feeling as I do......both mentally and physically......I have no desire to do anything other than please her utterly. And, as I said earlier..... yesterday was just a warm-up introduction to the actual specific punishments to follow. (I just hope my butt can recover a bit before that happens.)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New poll question

I've added a poll question because I wish to know what you, my readers, want. I am not shy about revealing occasional personal events (even if they do involve punishments for misbehavior). I love my Honey and do try to obey her......but I am far from perfect.

But while some blogs are purely personal, this one did not start out with that intent. Still, in my profile I clearly state that I live in a mutually-desired FLR with DD consequences. I am not ashamed of that......and Rosa definitely isn't. (She fully believes, like the young lady in the anime-style cartoon [not one of mine] above, that life would be so much better if I just always did what she said.) So if you would like to hear about when I get spanked and for what, just answer accordingly. But if you'd like to see the blog stay just as an "issue & site update" source, choose that option.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Authority at any age

The punchline may be a bit extreme, but the concept is valid. Does age really have anything to do with who is on which end of a spanking? It seems to me that if you've made peace with being the one in need of that form of discipline, the authority figure you submit to can come in any shape, size, or age range. In the cartoon, the young lady with the brush has been the victim of Kyle's forgetfulness. He is clearly guilty and she seems very casually secure and confident in her right to deal with the issue. Does a disciplinarian really need anything more than that?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Becket Revisited is now complete

For those of you who have been following the adventures of Fiona, Glynnis, Glenda, & Jane......their story is now complete.

Also here is our cartoon and thought for the week:

Since body modification probably originated in early man, who knows what was hidden under the clothes of our seemingly conservative ancestors? Personally, I have no tattoos, but I like certain kinds on other people. My extent of body modification is a double piercing of one ear. I toyed with a genital piercing, but after discussing 'migration' with the person at the parlor, I decided against it. 

The only body modification I would be interested in now is reducing my beer belly.......but that would require commitment to exercise. I'd rather have someone push a piercing needle through a sensitive part.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Renaissance Spanking

This plate is from 1480 and hails from the Netherlands:

As you can see, it is a scene of domestic discipline very clearly depicted. My research into this gem reveals it was a satirical commentary on 'marital bliss'. Why post this? Because this weekend I will be hosting my annual backyard Ren-Faire! (Huzzah!) There will be live music and recorded music dating from the Renaissance all the way back to the the 1100's.

Most friends attend in costume and there are games and activities throughout. (Shoot the apple off the dummy's head, or challenge a friend to a padded cudgel or stuffed sack battle atop a one foot wide balance beam. Don't be the one to get knocked off! ) There's a working miniature mangonel that launches tennis balls and two miniature .......but very effective trebuchets that can shoot a marble 25 yards, for those into siege weapons.

One staple of the event is a working stock for head and hands. Typically it is used for photo-ops.......and also as the penalty for losers in the many challenge/duels declared through the day. No one has ever been spanked while in the stocks.......but it's not prohibited. Maybe I should hang a paddle from a hook on it to allow for the opportunity? From the plate above, the idea would be "period accurate". Given the openness and humor with which spanking is currently received, I may just do it, though the odds are if anyone ends up spanked in the will probably be me.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

FLR on the FLY!

How many of us in an FLR can relate to this little slice of life?

Yeah, life does just get in the way sometimes. But with a little thought, even a doomed evening can be salvaged. But how many of us have a clever alternative ready in our heads? Or always have the energy to make the effort? 

Anyone have a good success story to share about how an interrupted plan was salvaged through some creative thinking?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ghoulish Spanking & more....

[Edited to add that I reformatted the page so that any overlapping should be corrected. Thank you for your patience. Now go check out the page as it should be! ]

Well, it's been a busy day, but I had some help from my very photographically-talented honey and managed to finish the project mentioned in the previous post. So, if you go to the main website, the Sunnydale project is up!

The main attraction is the collection of altered figures, but to make it fun, I've included a story explaining Sunnydale and its inhabitants and also added some captions and notes to the pages showing the "before and after" figures. Here's one example of a customized figure set:

I'm not sure what it is about Halloween that just seems to marry up beautifully to all things kinky, but I've always felt that connection. However, it is a bit early for a full-blown post on Halloween, so for now let's just enjoy the new figure images.

Also, the dead link to the story "The Right Cousin" has been fixed and that story (which is available in a collection through Amazon, and also on the LSF) can now be read on the main website.

Like I said...... "busy day"!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Kinky Halloween

It's early for Halloween..................unless you love it as much as I do, and you are an extensive decorator who makes or tweaks a lot of the decorations that will be going up on October first. I have a project underway, and this post is a bit of a teaser for what's to come. Lemax is a company that makes porcelain houses and resin figurines for Halloween and Christmas. But even their "Spookytown" Halloween figurines tend to lean towards the comic and cutesy.  Here's an example of one of their Christmas figurines they call "Chow time":

Now, with a bit of carving and sculpting, all with an eye towards the kinkier aspects of a ghoulish world, this sweet, innocent Granny becomes.............................                                                        


...Nurse Klismania! (just in case whatever you had for "chow time" didn't agree with you). 

There are a lot of figurines that I have changed in some way, making them either more scary....or downright kinky. Some are merely repainted in a more somber palette, but others have been quite extensively altered. In a few days I should have the finished project ready for unveiling at the main website. Until then, be patient.......or pretend you are Nurse Klismania's patient.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

That Nether Orifice

Shunned, despised, denigrated, equated with boorish people, the poor butthole has been maligned long enough. It's time for the butthole to get the recognition it deserves. At their prettiest, they can look like a swirly rosette of pink icing. Some may even be as tasty......or more so. At their worst? Well, let's not think about that.

But even at their worst, they still offer another bodily playground, another hole to fill. One more possibility in the sexual arsenal of tricks and treats. And if having one stuffed is too intrusive, there are always tender alternatives: perhaps a kiss? a lick? (Does your passion drive you (or your tongue).........deeper?)

Well, however you wish to enjoy your little asterisk........or that of someone you love, don't shy away. Be proud of your anus! Love your partner's anus! Tonight at bedtime, stick your bottom in your partner's face and smile. And tomorrow, when you go to work, jump up on your desk, and drop your pants. Then, bend and spread those cheeks and shout, "I have a cute anus and I'm proud of it!" (Unless you have a very strict HR Dept., in which case, don't do that.) But deep down, BE PROUD ANYWAY!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Becket Revisited Part 3 is up!

The saga of Fiona and her friends continues with a punishment that incorporates "figging". The insertion of fresh ginger root into the rectum will result in a rather unique sensation. While the root initially produces a burning sensation that feels worse when the anus is clenched, it also results in this odd 'widening' feeling. It is like the orifice is being induced to open even though it does not actually do so.

The purpose of 'figging' is to discourage the recipient of a caning from clenching their bottom cheeks. Since the root burns more when clenching occurs, the victim typically relaxes their muscles and subsequently presents a less tense pair of buttocks to their disciplinarian.

Without going into great anecdotal detail, I can verify that the use of ginger will achieve this result. And wet, fresh, juicy ginger works more insistently than dried out ginger.

                                     This shows what to shape your root into.

                                     And this, of course, shows where it goes.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Cartoon for Labor Day Week

The 50 shades phenomenon is dying down, but has certainly left a legacy. My question is: "How does a person with little to no knowledge of BDSM, and with even less talent in writing, end up rich and famous when there are so many writers out there with so much good and relevant material?"

The 'hit you six times' scene would be even funnier than it is if the book was a flop due to such cluelessness. But no, the vanilla world swallowed it all and got all hot and bothered in the process. I wonder if we will ever see a 24/7 D/s relationship played out onscreen depicting reasonable and sane, everyday people? Even more astounding would be if the D/s relationship portrayed was F/M! Imagine if the vanilla world got to actually see 3D characters doing something kinky and have it represented in a way so as to reveal the motives and benefits of such a lifestyle.

I can't tell you how many times, well-meaning reporters "investigate" some kinky trend and inevitably seek out the 'top names' in some professional aspect of said activity, and then present that to the public as the inside scoop. Nonsense. How can a professional keyholder explain the intricacies of chastity play between a real couple? How can a Pro-Domme explain the simplicity of DD, where the dominant female uses real spankings to maintain order and proper behavior in her husband.......without ever donning a leather skirt? Why ask BDSM scene folks about DD?  It  would be like asking friends in an FLR-DD relationship all about the local BDSM public dungeon scene.......when that's not what they do.

BDSM is like gardening. If you go to a party to meet people for the first time and someone says, "I'm into gardening." And you think, "great! Me too!" And then, just when you think think you're going to have hours of mutual gardening commiseration, you find out they they grow cactus, while you grow vegetables. Meanwhile the other person who happily joins in, reveals they have an extensive flower garden. All  gardening..........but all very different ways to do it.

But unless the public really wants to know about something, which they never seem to, we will have to be content with someone else, with a higher profile, misrepresenting us. And we will have to endure more book and movie representations of our lifestyle that are as pervasively insipid as those "funny" birthday greeting cards with the fart joke in them.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Becket Revisited

A new story, or I should say, the start of a story in serial form has been put up on both the LSF (linked in the margin) and at my main site. It's called "Becket Revisited". It deals with four English schoolgirls and how their friendships change when one of them is reluctantly appointed 'prefect'. Anyone familiar with the story of Thomas Becket might guess what sorts of issues may arise.

Normally, I tend to attempt more in a piece than sequential punishments. This one may seem a bit uncharacteristic of a "KDPierre" piece, is a serial, and you never know. But I've given you all enough for now. As the remaining parts are published, I will reveal more.

Monday, August 31, 2015


Welcome to Collected Submissions (the blog). Here we will delve into many aspects of living an alternate lifestyle. While I identify myself as a submissive male living in a Female Led Relationship (FLR) which incorporates aspects of Domestic Discipline (DD), I also acknowledge diverse inclinations to fetishes and practices rooted within the umbrella of BDSM. There simply is a lot of 'kinky stuff' out there that appeals to me.

Additionally, even though I am a heterosexual man in a monogamous, committed relationship, I appreciate those out there who explore their own realities through other expressions I may not be personally familiar with. So, over time, you will find we will explore many aspects of "kinky living" in an open, honest, and non-judgmental fashion. However, that is not to say this scrutiny won't include some good-natured teasing.

Primarily, however, I intend to discuss my own stories, cartoons, and illustrations which can be viewed at my website of the same name as this blog. (The links are on the Home Page and in my Profile.) These offerings will provide the fodder for the discussions and observations that are posted here.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and leave with something to think about.

Starting things off....

Oh, "safe-words"......the cornerstone of "sane, safe, & consensual".....but what do they really mean? If you're a submissive on the receiving end of whatever.....just how safe are you? And if you are a die-hard submissive, just how safe do you really want to be? Granted, no one longs to be hospitalized by their partner, but how many trusted partners are looking to send us to the emergency room?

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all in favor of safety and safe-words. And when it comes to new folks playing together early on, safe-words are a very good idea. But there's an inherent irony to the notion of 'safety' when you are willingly engaging in activities that most would not consider 'safe' even under the most agreeable of terms.

That's what this blog will explore. The humor and irony in the real-world manifestations of living a kinky lifestyle. Each week....or maybe even more frequently, I will take a look, and subsequently a poke.....(or perhaps an outright jab) at those topics that arise for those of us living beyond the confines of a vanilla existence.

So come along and snicker as you ponder these things. Sometimes the world is only tolerable when viewed with a sense of humor.