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Monday, August 31, 2015


Welcome to Collected Submissions (the blog). Here we will delve into many aspects of living an alternate lifestyle. While I identify myself as a submissive male living in a Female Led Relationship (FLR) which incorporates aspects of Domestic Discipline (DD), I also acknowledge diverse inclinations to fetishes and practices rooted within the umbrella of BDSM. There simply is a lot of 'kinky stuff' out there that appeals to me.

Additionally, even though I am a heterosexual man in a monogamous, committed relationship, I appreciate those out there who explore their own realities through other expressions I may not be personally familiar with. So, over time, you will find we will explore many aspects of "kinky living" in an open, honest, and non-judgmental fashion. However, that is not to say this scrutiny won't include some good-natured teasing.

Primarily, however, I intend to discuss my own stories, cartoons, and illustrations which can be viewed at my website of the same name as this blog. (The links are on the Home Page and in my Profile.) These offerings will provide the fodder for the discussions and observations that are posted here.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and leave with something to think about.

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