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Monday, September 28, 2015

Becket Revisited is now complete

For those of you who have been following the adventures of Fiona, Glynnis, Glenda, & Jane......their story is now complete.

Also here is our cartoon and thought for the week:

Since body modification probably originated in early man, who knows what was hidden under the clothes of our seemingly conservative ancestors? Personally, I have no tattoos, but I like certain kinds on other people. My extent of body modification is a double piercing of one ear. I toyed with a genital piercing, but after discussing 'migration' with the person at the parlor, I decided against it. 

The only body modification I would be interested in now is reducing my beer belly.......but that would require commitment to exercise. I'd rather have someone push a piercing needle through a sensitive part.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Renaissance Spanking

This plate is from 1480 and hails from the Netherlands:

As you can see, it is a scene of domestic discipline very clearly depicted. My research into this gem reveals it was a satirical commentary on 'marital bliss'. Why post this? Because this weekend I will be hosting my annual backyard Ren-Faire! (Huzzah!) There will be live music and recorded music dating from the Renaissance all the way back to the the 1100's.

Most friends attend in costume and there are games and activities throughout. (Shoot the apple off the dummy's head, or challenge a friend to a padded cudgel or stuffed sack battle atop a one foot wide balance beam. Don't be the one to get knocked off! ) There's a working miniature mangonel that launches tennis balls and two miniature .......but very effective trebuchets that can shoot a marble 25 yards, for those into siege weapons.

One staple of the event is a working stock for head and hands. Typically it is used for photo-ops.......and also as the penalty for losers in the many challenge/duels declared through the day. No one has ever been spanked while in the stocks.......but it's not prohibited. Maybe I should hang a paddle from a hook on it to allow for the opportunity? From the plate above, the idea would be "period accurate". Given the openness and humor with which spanking is currently received, I may just do it, though the odds are if anyone ends up spanked in the will probably be me.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

FLR on the FLY!

How many of us in an FLR can relate to this little slice of life?

Yeah, life does just get in the way sometimes. But with a little thought, even a doomed evening can be salvaged. But how many of us have a clever alternative ready in our heads? Or always have the energy to make the effort? 

Anyone have a good success story to share about how an interrupted plan was salvaged through some creative thinking?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ghoulish Spanking & more....

[Edited to add that I reformatted the page so that any overlapping should be corrected. Thank you for your patience. Now go check out the page as it should be! ]

Well, it's been a busy day, but I had some help from my very photographically-talented honey and managed to finish the project mentioned in the previous post. So, if you go to the main website, the Sunnydale project is up!

The main attraction is the collection of altered figures, but to make it fun, I've included a story explaining Sunnydale and its inhabitants and also added some captions and notes to the pages showing the "before and after" figures. Here's one example of a customized figure set:

I'm not sure what it is about Halloween that just seems to marry up beautifully to all things kinky, but I've always felt that connection. However, it is a bit early for a full-blown post on Halloween, so for now let's just enjoy the new figure images.

Also, the dead link to the story "The Right Cousin" has been fixed and that story (which is available in a collection through Amazon, and also on the LSF) can now be read on the main website.

Like I said...... "busy day"!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Kinky Halloween

It's early for Halloween..................unless you love it as much as I do, and you are an extensive decorator who makes or tweaks a lot of the decorations that will be going up on October first. I have a project underway, and this post is a bit of a teaser for what's to come. Lemax is a company that makes porcelain houses and resin figurines for Halloween and Christmas. But even their "Spookytown" Halloween figurines tend to lean towards the comic and cutesy.  Here's an example of one of their Christmas figurines they call "Chow time":

Now, with a bit of carving and sculpting, all with an eye towards the kinkier aspects of a ghoulish world, this sweet, innocent Granny becomes.............................                                                        


...Nurse Klismania! (just in case whatever you had for "chow time" didn't agree with you). 

There are a lot of figurines that I have changed in some way, making them either more scary....or downright kinky. Some are merely repainted in a more somber palette, but others have been quite extensively altered. In a few days I should have the finished project ready for unveiling at the main website. Until then, be patient.......or pretend you are Nurse Klismania's patient.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

That Nether Orifice

Shunned, despised, denigrated, equated with boorish people, the poor butthole has been maligned long enough. It's time for the butthole to get the recognition it deserves. At their prettiest, they can look like a swirly rosette of pink icing. Some may even be as tasty......or more so. At their worst? Well, let's not think about that.

But even at their worst, they still offer another bodily playground, another hole to fill. One more possibility in the sexual arsenal of tricks and treats. And if having one stuffed is too intrusive, there are always tender alternatives: perhaps a kiss? a lick? (Does your passion drive you (or your tongue).........deeper?)

Well, however you wish to enjoy your little asterisk........or that of someone you love, don't shy away. Be proud of your anus! Love your partner's anus! Tonight at bedtime, stick your bottom in your partner's face and smile. And tomorrow, when you go to work, jump up on your desk, and drop your pants. Then, bend and spread those cheeks and shout, "I have a cute anus and I'm proud of it!" (Unless you have a very strict HR Dept., in which case, don't do that.) But deep down, BE PROUD ANYWAY!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Becket Revisited Part 3 is up!

The saga of Fiona and her friends continues with a punishment that incorporates "figging". The insertion of fresh ginger root into the rectum will result in a rather unique sensation. While the root initially produces a burning sensation that feels worse when the anus is clenched, it also results in this odd 'widening' feeling. It is like the orifice is being induced to open even though it does not actually do so.

The purpose of 'figging' is to discourage the recipient of a caning from clenching their bottom cheeks. Since the root burns more when clenching occurs, the victim typically relaxes their muscles and subsequently presents a less tense pair of buttocks to their disciplinarian.

Without going into great anecdotal detail, I can verify that the use of ginger will achieve this result. And wet, fresh, juicy ginger works more insistently than dried out ginger.

                                     This shows what to shape your root into.

                                     And this, of course, shows where it goes.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Cartoon for Labor Day Week

The 50 shades phenomenon is dying down, but has certainly left a legacy. My question is: "How does a person with little to no knowledge of BDSM, and with even less talent in writing, end up rich and famous when there are so many writers out there with so much good and relevant material?"

The 'hit you six times' scene would be even funnier than it is if the book was a flop due to such cluelessness. But no, the vanilla world swallowed it all and got all hot and bothered in the process. I wonder if we will ever see a 24/7 D/s relationship played out onscreen depicting reasonable and sane, everyday people? Even more astounding would be if the D/s relationship portrayed was F/M! Imagine if the vanilla world got to actually see 3D characters doing something kinky and have it represented in a way so as to reveal the motives and benefits of such a lifestyle.

I can't tell you how many times, well-meaning reporters "investigate" some kinky trend and inevitably seek out the 'top names' in some professional aspect of said activity, and then present that to the public as the inside scoop. Nonsense. How can a professional keyholder explain the intricacies of chastity play between a real couple? How can a Pro-Domme explain the simplicity of DD, where the dominant female uses real spankings to maintain order and proper behavior in her husband.......without ever donning a leather skirt? Why ask BDSM scene folks about DD?  It  would be like asking friends in an FLR-DD relationship all about the local BDSM public dungeon scene.......when that's not what they do.

BDSM is like gardening. If you go to a party to meet people for the first time and someone says, "I'm into gardening." And you think, "great! Me too!" And then, just when you think think you're going to have hours of mutual gardening commiseration, you find out they they grow cactus, while you grow vegetables. Meanwhile the other person who happily joins in, reveals they have an extensive flower garden. All  gardening..........but all very different ways to do it.

But unless the public really wants to know about something, which they never seem to, we will have to be content with someone else, with a higher profile, misrepresenting us. And we will have to endure more book and movie representations of our lifestyle that are as pervasively insipid as those "funny" birthday greeting cards with the fart joke in them.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Becket Revisited

A new story, or I should say, the start of a story in serial form has been put up on both the LSF (linked in the margin) and at my main site. It's called "Becket Revisited". It deals with four English schoolgirls and how their friendships change when one of them is reluctantly appointed 'prefect'. Anyone familiar with the story of Thomas Becket might guess what sorts of issues may arise.

Normally, I tend to attempt more in a piece than sequential punishments. This one may seem a bit uncharacteristic of a "KDPierre" piece, is a serial, and you never know. But I've given you all enough for now. As the remaining parts are published, I will reveal more.