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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Becket Revisited Part 3 is up!

The saga of Fiona and her friends continues with a punishment that incorporates "figging". The insertion of fresh ginger root into the rectum will result in a rather unique sensation. While the root initially produces a burning sensation that feels worse when the anus is clenched, it also results in this odd 'widening' feeling. It is like the orifice is being induced to open even though it does not actually do so.

The purpose of 'figging' is to discourage the recipient of a caning from clenching their bottom cheeks. Since the root burns more when clenching occurs, the victim typically relaxes their muscles and subsequently presents a less tense pair of buttocks to their disciplinarian.

Without going into great anecdotal detail, I can verify that the use of ginger will achieve this result. And wet, fresh, juicy ginger works more insistently than dried out ginger.

                                     This shows what to shape your root into.

                                     And this, of course, shows where it goes.


  1. I LOVE figging! Like I always tell my students, "Figging is FUN!"

    1. Hi, Merry. Figging for you, personally? Or are you a fan from on the giving end? I always think of you as dominant.-----KDP

    2. Figging for EVERYONE! I mean, yes, definitely on Shilo or any other bottom/sub/slave, but also for sexual stimulation. Male urethra, clitoral hood, between the inner and outer labia. I could tell stories!

    3. Are you on Fet? I have some pictures from my first "date" with Shilo.

    4. Sorry, I'm not. If you're willing, contact me through my website. I have a contact feature on the main page. After that we can e-mail if you'd like.