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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ghoulish Spanking & more....

[Edited to add that I reformatted the page so that any overlapping should be corrected. Thank you for your patience. Now go check out the page as it should be! ]

Well, it's been a busy day, but I had some help from my very photographically-talented honey and managed to finish the project mentioned in the previous post. So, if you go to the main website, the Sunnydale project is up!

The main attraction is the collection of altered figures, but to make it fun, I've included a story explaining Sunnydale and its inhabitants and also added some captions and notes to the pages showing the "before and after" figures. Here's one example of a customized figure set:

I'm not sure what it is about Halloween that just seems to marry up beautifully to all things kinky, but I've always felt that connection. However, it is a bit early for a full-blown post on Halloween, so for now let's just enjoy the new figure images.

Also, the dead link to the story "The Right Cousin" has been fixed and that story (which is available in a collection through Amazon, and also on the LSF) can now be read on the main website.

Like I said...... "busy day"!


  1. T was disappointed that the pictures blocked the story. Other than that, great work! Your ideas are far more scary!

  2. Thanks, Merry. I have had the overlap issue happen before so I took a look. However, when I went to check the page I didn't see any overlap at all. Maybe it's a settings issue? Sometimes websites aren't compatible with how we view them.

  3. Another simple trick that sometimes works is to just hit the 'refresh' button while you are on the misbehaving page. (Are there any other pages that are overlapping for you?)

  4. I was able to read it now! So sweet!