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Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Cartoon for Labor Day Week

The 50 shades phenomenon is dying down, but has certainly left a legacy. My question is: "How does a person with little to no knowledge of BDSM, and with even less talent in writing, end up rich and famous when there are so many writers out there with so much good and relevant material?"

The 'hit you six times' scene would be even funnier than it is if the book was a flop due to such cluelessness. But no, the vanilla world swallowed it all and got all hot and bothered in the process. I wonder if we will ever see a 24/7 D/s relationship played out onscreen depicting reasonable and sane, everyday people? Even more astounding would be if the D/s relationship portrayed was F/M! Imagine if the vanilla world got to actually see 3D characters doing something kinky and have it represented in a way so as to reveal the motives and benefits of such a lifestyle.

I can't tell you how many times, well-meaning reporters "investigate" some kinky trend and inevitably seek out the 'top names' in some professional aspect of said activity, and then present that to the public as the inside scoop. Nonsense. How can a professional keyholder explain the intricacies of chastity play between a real couple? How can a Pro-Domme explain the simplicity of DD, where the dominant female uses real spankings to maintain order and proper behavior in her husband.......without ever donning a leather skirt? Why ask BDSM scene folks about DD?  It  would be like asking friends in an FLR-DD relationship all about the local BDSM public dungeon scene.......when that's not what they do.

BDSM is like gardening. If you go to a party to meet people for the first time and someone says, "I'm into gardening." And you think, "great! Me too!" And then, just when you think think you're going to have hours of mutual gardening commiseration, you find out they they grow cactus, while you grow vegetables. Meanwhile the other person who happily joins in, reveals they have an extensive flower garden. All  gardening..........but all very different ways to do it.

But unless the public really wants to know about something, which they never seem to, we will have to be content with someone else, with a higher profile, misrepresenting us. And we will have to endure more book and movie representations of our lifestyle that are as pervasively insipid as those "funny" birthday greeting cards with the fart joke in them.

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