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Sunday, September 13, 2015

That Nether Orifice

Shunned, despised, denigrated, equated with boorish people, the poor butthole has been maligned long enough. It's time for the butthole to get the recognition it deserves. At their prettiest, they can look like a swirly rosette of pink icing. Some may even be as tasty......or more so. At their worst? Well, let's not think about that.

But even at their worst, they still offer another bodily playground, another hole to fill. One more possibility in the sexual arsenal of tricks and treats. And if having one stuffed is too intrusive, there are always tender alternatives: perhaps a kiss? a lick? (Does your passion drive you (or your tongue).........deeper?)

Well, however you wish to enjoy your little asterisk........or that of someone you love, don't shy away. Be proud of your anus! Love your partner's anus! Tonight at bedtime, stick your bottom in your partner's face and smile. And tomorrow, when you go to work, jump up on your desk, and drop your pants. Then, bend and spread those cheeks and shout, "I have a cute anus and I'm proud of it!" (Unless you have a very strict HR Dept., in which case, don't do that.) But deep down, BE PROUD ANYWAY!

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