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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Authority at any age

The punchline may be a bit extreme, but the concept is valid. Does age really have anything to do with who is on which end of a spanking? It seems to me that if you've made peace with being the one in need of that form of discipline, the authority figure you submit to can come in any shape, size, or age range. In the cartoon, the young lady with the brush has been the victim of Kyle's forgetfulness. He is clearly guilty and she seems very casually secure and confident in her right to deal with the issue. Does a disciplinarian really need anything more than that?


  1. I think age is mostly irrelevant, but this can be viewed from so many standpoints.

  2. That is true. For some people age is a determining factor. I've talked with subs (mostly female) who need their Tops to be older. But because the 'default' inclination on age is that the Top be older, having a reversed situation makes the relationship all the more powerful.

  3. For me the age question is not really relevant , but the point at issue is the relationships within a vertical family structure, one that is still needed against an amorphous society

  4. Thank you, Anonymous. I see your point and agree that within a family someone needs to be clearly in charge, and traditionally it has been one or both parents. In the case of the situation represented by the cartoon, it is implied that the girl's biological mother is still HOH. The only non-traditional element is that the mother's partner, Kyle, is not in charge. The humor of the cartoon is based on the girl's reasoning that if Kyle is not her real father, not the HOH, guilty of being irresponsible in not picking her up when he was supposed to, and willing to accept punishments for misbehavior even from a younger person, then why not her? Personally, I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing with this rationale. That would be for "Mom" to decide. [Role-reversal spankings have been a source of humor for decades. I still remember Spanky (ironically) spanking his Dad for having punished him unfairly....all with Mom's approval.]

  5. Since I have a preference for older men, the majority of the ones I spank, whether play (in a dungeon) or disciplinary (such as Shilo) are older. I occasionally hear from "Cougar chasers" but they do nothing for me.

  6. Hi, Merry. As you may know, I am considerably younger than my Rosa. While it is not a preference for me, I do think having a younger Top adds an edge to things. It's all about twisting traditional roles. Submitting to an older person tends to be the expectation, just like having the 'man' in charge. With us it's neither.She's a younger female.....and the boss!

  7. I could envision this as something like a continuation of the "Schoolgirl Spanking" story, once the teenage female protagonist reached perhaps the age of eighteen and had been granted disciplinary authority over her mother's boyfriend.

    The 'reversal' of a mature (in age anyway) male being spanked by a younger female has always held considerable appeal for me... --C.K.

    1. Yes, CK, the vibe is very much in line with that story's dynamic. (very astute observation!) Reversals are also very big with me.