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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Diogenes today

If Diogenes were alive today, he probably would have long given up on his search for an honest man, and perhaps taken refuge in Internet porn. Poor old bugger, the mendacity that he'd find there would only further frustrate him. Yes, I speak of.....Photoshop.

I'm not much of a standard porn admirer, finding most of it to be either distasteful....or outright boring. Still, being a guy, I am stimulated by visual imagery. What I look for are images that touch upon my kinkier interests. I have already posted my essay on the Search for the Perfect Spanking Photo. In gathering photos for the piece, I encountered a world of fakery. But while disingenuous, play-acted scenes of concocted D/s scenarios played out badly by paid 'professionals' are one common pitfall, there are also a lot of images that aren't even vaguely real. They are engineered.

I even removed a picture from my essay that I had initially found so adorable and, given the skill with which it was altered, plausible.......though admittedly improbable. But a few days later I came across the photo as it existed before someone Photoshopped it. I was so disgusted I just deleted it.  

For me, and I suppose many others as well, the notion of having one's kink publicly exposed is quite exciting. Since it happens so rarely, yet is of great interest, clever image manipulators have found they can create what fate so infrequently provides. Some may not be bothered by this. One could say, "what's the difference between a provocative drawing and a Photoshopped picture?" And I suppose they'd have a point.....but it is an issue for me. I approach the drawing as a creation, but I approach the photo as something snatched from the real world with a camera, and I don't like being deceived.

If you are a fellow FLR/DD aficianado or practitioner you may likely enjoy the notion of male chastity. One of the most frequently concocted images is that of the locked male walking on some public nude beach with their partner. I will tell you now that I will bet you that ANY image you find along these lines has been Photoshopped. The only pictures with a locked male that seem genuine are the obvious professional studio offerings.

But chastity is not the only victim of this fraud. The picture I removed was of a thonged lady crossing the street with her partner and covering what appeared to be a spanked behind with her hands. Well, in the original photo, she is evidently embarrassed enough by her skimpy swimsuit to be trying to cover her cheeks with her hands, but not due to any residual post-spanking pinkness. I have encountered several images of publicly exposed pink bottoms that all turned out to be Photoshopped versions of images gleaned from naturist blogs.

In addition to chastity and spanking, I have encountered pictures of peeing ladies who were not urinating in their original photos. (Maybe the shutter was snapped in succession and these are before stream and after? LOL) And, of course, there are those celebrity heads that always seem to find their way onto bodies not their own. And did you ever hear the expression, "those jeans look so tight they must have been painted on?"  Well there is a blog catering to "micro bikinis" that seems to Photoshop a bikini pattern onto previously nude models......perhaps because no real woman could wear one of those things without their nipples popping out with ever step. 

The worst thing I've encountered is the "assembled photo". This is where the entire scenario is made more intense by adding images into a photo that did not exist in the original. Some are cleverly concocted while others are crude attempts at simulating embarrassing situations where none had existed. And some just look like a kid went at a porn magazine with scissors and paste.

So beware of Photoshop! If an image seems too cool to be true.....hit the right tab key and select : 'search Google for this image'. Scroll to the end and you will most likely find the image as it originally appeared. Of course, you could also intentionally avoid doing that and just enjoy the illusion. I would not think less of you. It's just not for me.

Here's an example of one of the more 'believable' public chastity shots. Since they are alone in the picture and the lady's pose suggests a proud calling of attention to the gentleman's privates, it did seem possible that perhaps they were the real deal and she was enjoying showing off his cage. But....alas, no. After seeing the original I also noticed that the Photoshopper did not adjust the shadow and it should have occurred to me initially that the shadow on his thigh does not match the cage......though it does suggest the organ presented in the original.There is one additional thing I've noticed in all of these concocted public chastity pictures that seems both a disappointing oversight as well as a huge clue that the situation is fake. None of the ladies are wearing keys. If you are going to "go public" to show off your control and ownership of your man's parts, wouldn't you flaunt your key as well as his lock? Flaunting the key is something even my Rosa does. So why take the time to Photoshop a CB onto a guy, but no key onto the lady? So, I challenge any reader to find a genuine 'public chastity image' not made by professional models. I'll post it right here with full credit to the person who found it! (Good luck!'ll need it.)


  1. Shilo's chastity key caused an allergic reaction on me, so I no longer wear it. It doesn't make me any less a keyholder. My metal allergies are so bad, that on his "unlock day" he has to shower and scrub well after I remove it so we can engage in sexual activity

    1. Well metal allergies are certainly a handicap to key-wearing. Rosa wears her key in a locket. Maybe you could find a locket made of something you don't react to? But it doesn't matter. To your point, it's certainly not necessary that the key be worn. It's just that I think if it's possible, most keyholders would enjoy doing so.

      But whether one wears the key or keeps it somewhere safe, the important part is not having one's genitals encased in a Photoshopped CB.(While any CB is probably escapable unless accompanied by a piercing, the Photoshopped ones are way too easy to get out of.)