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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Halloween

Best wishes to all for a creepy, kinky, dark, and fun Halloween. You don't even need to dress up! Just look at those two above. Not a stitch on and still enjoying the spirit of the day..........with a little candle wax.

Anyone here ever play around with wax? It's an easy and very creative way to cause sting, feel dominant or submissive......and even be a bit artistic. 


  1. Wax play can be fun with a little prep, Plastic sheets (or cheap table covers) "Conditioning" the skin with a little oil (or not, depending on your level of sadism) and using white candles as compared to colored (Colored ones give off more heat, not sure why) It's been a LONG time since I've done wax play, and Shilo hasn't experienced it yet.

    1. I can handle color, but I avoid metallics. I have had a few interesting experiences in the distant past, but Rosa and I haven't done it more than a couple of times. I just think it doesn't usually pop into our heads.

      I think perhaps you and Shilo should give it a try. I had a Top once "write" their initials on my butt after they spanked it. HOLY CRAP! I never thought it would sting so much due to the spanking.

    2. ::giggles:: I once had ice spread after a hard spanking. It might have been fire for all the burn.