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Monday, October 12, 2015

Play nicely...or else!

Since I have somewhat promised to keep you folks informed not just of site additions, but also when Rosa takes me to task for some slip-up, I do have another brief update. Yesterday morning I woke to Rosa instructing me to bring her a particular paddle. It seems she took exception to the tone of my teasing the night before. On one hand she admitted that she knew I probably wasn't being truly serious about some of the things I was tossing at her, but she also said that (perhaps due to the three glasses of barleywine ale I had) my tone was a bit too sharp and sarcastic. In all honesty, she was right, because for whatever reason, I just felt a bit cantankerous even though I wasn't being serious. I do have the tendency to be a bit acidic even when playing.

Well, whether too serious, or just too pushy with my teasing, I got a brief but sharp reminder to be a bit more respectful in the future. (We have no rule forbidding teasing, because we both enjoy it. But everything still needs to be 'friendly'. She found my teasing sharp and hurtful.) It was not the worst spanking I've ever gotten, but she wasn't playing either, and she scolded me very emphatically to never say the kinds of things I had said to her.....joking or not...........again.

Misbehaving age-old problem.


  1. Maybe Rosa needs to find more creative punishments. Spanking is just the traditional way. If you can't control your tongue you should have a day of not speaking until spoken to. Unless something extreme happens you would not be allowed to speak first, only answer when spoken to. Some misbehaving men need a little humbling.

    1. Thank you for your input, Darla. We are all very different even though we share this lifestyle. I can honestly say I would have no problem at all with your suggestion. It would not be difficult at all, so I'm not sure if it would even register with me as a punishment. But, to your point, Rosa has employed alternative punishments in the past and continues to do so when appropriate.

      Thank you for joining in. I hope to have more and more participation as this blog continues.