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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Queen(ing) of Halloween

If you haven't already put up your Halloween had better get carving! You have about one week left! Just take Hester's cue and find yourself a nice queening seat and devoted slave and you'll be the happiest pumpkin carver in town.....regardless of how the jack-o-lantern turns out!

Any readers out there have a queening chair? And if you do, where's the attention usually focused?  

We have one. It's a regular old dining chair with a nice oval cut out of the cushioned seat. For appearances we keep a regular seat on top of the modified one. The chair is in our bedroom and looks so innocent. 


  1. No queening chair. Honestly, I'd have to be tied down to sit for more than a few seconds.

    1. Tied down? Are you looking to switch now? ;-)

    2. No, I just have problems staying still. Nobody likes a moving target!