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Monday, November 30, 2015

It's coming...... you had better be a good and productive little elf!

Maybe if this was the consequence for Hermie missing "Elf Practice" a lot of trouble could have been avoided.

Anyway, there will certainly be a lot to do between now and the 25th, so we subby elves out there need to get moving. I've got a bunch of things on my 'to-do' list. How about you?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Death of Thanksgiving

As a former retail manager, I am glad I retired when I did. Thanksgiving was bad enough with having to get up ridiculously early for Black Friday.....but now? Now people work ON Thanksgiving, and Black Friday....and the weekend. Greed and the public's lack of any interest besides shopping have killed an American holiday.

The irony is that this particular holiday was not celebrated to commemorate some religious event, or even some defining historical milestone. It was geared to celebrating what we have, recognizing whatever good fortune we received, and sharing those feelings with those around us. It was a feast of family and bounty. So what did we do? We killed it. 

Over the preceding years we sent a message to the retailers that we were willing to come in anytime they opened. "You open......and I'll be there! You are far more important than anything else." And they obliged. Now families are quite likely to have kids (because let's face of the main jobs for kids in school, is retail) absent from their table during a time we were supposed to be together.

"Buying and selling" used to be a practical exchange of goods: trade. Now that simple business has resulted in the disease of consumerism. I wish people would finally stop. Stay home both days and really send a message. But they won't. They never have and never will. And may take a while.....but not a long while.....and Christmas will be next. That's not 'slippery slope''s the nature of consumerism.

Something to think about. (rant over)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Rim-shot (literally)

This week's cartoon needs no explanation. Domestic activities this weekend prompted my use of this particular thought for the week. Comment as you will!

Friday, November 13, 2015

A different take on...

I have noticed this is the time when some blogs take a moment to recognize their 'lurkers' and express their appreciation for them. I'm not sure I can honestly do the same. So, instead, let me offer a different perspective, not to berate, but to show why 'lurking' is not such a nice or admirable thing.

First off, those who run blogs or websites invest a lot in them. Blogs like this one are free, but my website costs me money each year. There is also the work that goes into writing, drawing, creating, etc. Sure it's a labor of love, but so is making a movie or putting out an album of music......and you don't get to enjoy those for free unless you pirate them. So while I don't run a 'pay site', I sort of think of interaction as the reasonable price of admission from visitors.

I'm pretty sure that unless a blogger is using their blog as a sort of open, public journal, odds are they are also looking for interaction. I know I am. And I guess that's why I feel let down if only one or two people (out of the 100 to 400 visitors I get per day) leave a comment. In my mind, I'm thinking: how would a person feel if they threw a party and took the time to try to make the food, drink, and atmosphere as entertaining and enjoyable as possible and a bunch of guests showed up, ate the food, drank the booze, and never spoke to anyone or even said 'hello', or 'nice party', or even 'thanks for having us'? 

I love to hear what people have to say about things. I love when someone points out something I hadn't considered. And of course, who doesn't love when someone relates to what you are doing as a writer or artist....and says so? Most people who do blogs or sites like this aren't looking to get rich. (we leave that to the professional porn sites, LOL) But a little feedback recharges us. It keeps us going.......and providing a free experience for others to enjoy.

I have seen blogs close down because the bloggers 'gave up'. (One I saw actually said they doubted anyone saw their blog or even cared.) So, from the perspective of valuing a lurker as a potential participant, YES, I can relate to that. Nothing would please me more than having a reluctant visitor take the step towards participation. But if a lurker just keeps lurking, who is to say whether the places they visit will be there in the future?

If you're a lurker..............something to think about, not just here, but wherever you lurk. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Paying the price

I've been in the midst of a week-long punishment that in addition to a daily serious spanking, also includes a limit....though thankfully not a full ban.....on my computer time. (among other things) Hence, I don't have a lot of time for a lengthy update. However, just because I'm in trouble, doesn't mean you all should suffer, so here's a cartoon for the week and an accompanying thought:
As a person who does have a 24/7 disciplinary dynamic in place, I have always wondered just how separate real issues can truly be kept if a couple ostensibly only plays with spanking scenes? Like the cartoon above, if a session followed an upsetting event, can a Top truly not let something real color their thoughts ......even a little.......while swinging a paddle?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Now, Spanky.......

......let's be reasonable."

Punishment is supposed to hurt, but when a reflexive clench from a good swat causes you to strain a muscle and sends crazy spasms all through your side......well, that's just not part of the plan. But that's what happened a few days ago when Rosa was giving me some of those follow-up punishment swats owed me that I discussed in another post.

So, what did she do? What any reasonable person would do.....she stopped. She was very concerned and said we would wait until I was better to finish things up. A couple of days of rest and some stretching and the old back felt fine. So she asked me tonight how I was and I admitted I was much better. She said, "good, because we have some old business to take care of."

And about an hour ago, that's exactly what she did. Only this time the pain I felt was strictly limited to the kind she intended......with no weird cramp-spasms to complicate things.

And the irony is she finished off the past issues tonight because she wanted a clean slate for a new issue that she will be handling very soon.....maybe as soon as tomorrow or Saturday morning. (It looks like a lot of uncomfortable sitting for me for the next week at least!)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Spirits Having Flown

Saturday we had our Halloween party which was intentionally scaled down from last year. We have a small home, but many friends, and last year our house filled to a point of overwhelming claustrophobia. This year we vowed to "keep it small" and while it made the day more manageable, we wished we could have invited more people. But.....there will be other get-togethers. Sunday morning Rosa and I just relaxed with our coffee after breakfast and evaluated the 'hits & misses' of the party to make next year's even better.

We also discussed what the next things on our agenda would be now that the craziness of party preparation and clean-up was over. A bit of re-connection topped the list, but, being in an FLR/DD relationship, there's also the inevitable clearing of the air after all the instances of hyperactivity and impatience are tallied. Therefore, very soon I've been informed, there will be a reckoning at hand:

In addition, after all that running about, Rosa will no doubt be wanting a bit of this as well:

So, while October 31st itself is over, remnants of Halloween will be lingering for a bit.