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Friday, November 13, 2015

A different take on...

I have noticed this is the time when some blogs take a moment to recognize their 'lurkers' and express their appreciation for them. I'm not sure I can honestly do the same. So, instead, let me offer a different perspective, not to berate, but to show why 'lurking' is not such a nice or admirable thing.

First off, those who run blogs or websites invest a lot in them. Blogs like this one are free, but my website costs me money each year. There is also the work that goes into writing, drawing, creating, etc. Sure it's a labor of love, but so is making a movie or putting out an album of music......and you don't get to enjoy those for free unless you pirate them. So while I don't run a 'pay site', I sort of think of interaction as the reasonable price of admission from visitors.

I'm pretty sure that unless a blogger is using their blog as a sort of open, public journal, odds are they are also looking for interaction. I know I am. And I guess that's why I feel let down if only one or two people (out of the 100 to 400 visitors I get per day) leave a comment. In my mind, I'm thinking: how would a person feel if they threw a party and took the time to try to make the food, drink, and atmosphere as entertaining and enjoyable as possible and a bunch of guests showed up, ate the food, drank the booze, and never spoke to anyone or even said 'hello', or 'nice party', or even 'thanks for having us'? 

I love to hear what people have to say about things. I love when someone points out something I hadn't considered. And of course, who doesn't love when someone relates to what you are doing as a writer or artist....and says so? Most people who do blogs or sites like this aren't looking to get rich. (we leave that to the professional porn sites, LOL) But a little feedback recharges us. It keeps us going.......and providing a free experience for others to enjoy.

I have seen blogs close down because the bloggers 'gave up'. (One I saw actually said they doubted anyone saw their blog or even cared.) So, from the perspective of valuing a lurker as a potential participant, YES, I can relate to that. Nothing would please me more than having a reluctant visitor take the step towards participation. But if a lurker just keeps lurking, who is to say whether the places they visit will be there in the future?

If you're a lurker..............something to think about, not just here, but wherever you lurk. 


  1. Thanks for pointing out the blog/site KD :)

    1. Hi, CJ! Welcome! Enjoy the sights and jump in anytime with a comment.

  2. Irarely lurk, but I only spout off if I feel Ican say something relevant. M

    1. You are no lurker, my dear! YOU are a valued contributor.....for which I am sincerely grateful.