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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Paying the price

I've been in the midst of a week-long punishment that in addition to a daily serious spanking, also includes a limit....though thankfully not a full ban.....on my computer time. (among other things) Hence, I don't have a lot of time for a lengthy update. However, just because I'm in trouble, doesn't mean you all should suffer, so here's a cartoon for the week and an accompanying thought:
As a person who does have a 24/7 disciplinary dynamic in place, I have always wondered just how separate real issues can truly be kept if a couple ostensibly only plays with spanking scenes? Like the cartoon above, if a session followed an upsetting event, can a Top truly not let something real color their thoughts ......even a little.......while swinging a paddle?


  1. I truly enjoy my 24/7 CNC M/s relationship with Shilo. True, there are no days off, but we make adjustments when necessary due to illness/injury etc. I'm sure you'll agree that discipline isn't always spanking.

    1. That's true. It can take many forms ......but the overall dynamic is always there.

  2. Well, I just received a fun/playful paddywhacking this afternoon from my darling (albeit basically 'vanilla') wife, and she was at the time feeling annoyed by [1] her mother (phone conversation); [2] our dogs barking outside (to be let in); and [3] herself for failing to accomplish her day's planned objective (outside holiday decorating) and watching Christmas movies instead.

    None of those issues we really my fault, although she does often tend to blame me when the dogs irritate her, yet I'm still strongly suspicious that, with a paddle in her hand and my unprotected posterior bent over in front of her, she definitely released some of her frustration via numerous harder-than-typical swats.

    Afterward, Honey was skeptical of the idea that she'd made my seat-smacking extra vigorous as stress relief for herself, even though she'd stated while walloping me that "This is for those barking dogs!", but I'm figuring that she did exactly that. (I'd requested the paddling and appreciated its seemingly heightened intensity even while squealing and squirming through it, so I was hardly being critical.)

    Spanking, even for fun/play, is supposed to be an emotional experience after all, I'd venture... --C.K.

  3. Thanks for the post, CK. Your story is more evidence for my "spill-over" suspicion. Artists derive their inspiration from real experience.....only makes sense a spanker would too....playful or not.