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Monday, November 2, 2015

Spirits Having Flown

Saturday we had our Halloween party which was intentionally scaled down from last year. We have a small home, but many friends, and last year our house filled to a point of overwhelming claustrophobia. This year we vowed to "keep it small" and while it made the day more manageable, we wished we could have invited more people. But.....there will be other get-togethers. Sunday morning Rosa and I just relaxed with our coffee after breakfast and evaluated the 'hits & misses' of the party to make next year's even better.

We also discussed what the next things on our agenda would be now that the craziness of party preparation and clean-up was over. A bit of re-connection topped the list, but, being in an FLR/DD relationship, there's also the inevitable clearing of the air after all the instances of hyperactivity and impatience are tallied. Therefore, very soon I've been informed, there will be a reckoning at hand:

In addition, after all that running about, Rosa will no doubt be wanting a bit of this as well:

So, while October 31st itself is over, remnants of Halloween will be lingering for a bit.

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