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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Death of Thanksgiving

As a former retail manager, I am glad I retired when I did. Thanksgiving was bad enough with having to get up ridiculously early for Black Friday.....but now? Now people work ON Thanksgiving, and Black Friday....and the weekend. Greed and the public's lack of any interest besides shopping have killed an American holiday.

The irony is that this particular holiday was not celebrated to commemorate some religious event, or even some defining historical milestone. It was geared to celebrating what we have, recognizing whatever good fortune we received, and sharing those feelings with those around us. It was a feast of family and bounty. So what did we do? We killed it. 

Over the preceding years we sent a message to the retailers that we were willing to come in anytime they opened. "You open......and I'll be there! You are far more important than anything else." And they obliged. Now families are quite likely to have kids (because let's face of the main jobs for kids in school, is retail) absent from their table during a time we were supposed to be together.

"Buying and selling" used to be a practical exchange of goods: trade. Now that simple business has resulted in the disease of consumerism. I wish people would finally stop. Stay home both days and really send a message. But they won't. They never have and never will. And may take a while.....but not a long while.....and Christmas will be next. That's not 'slippery slope''s the nature of consumerism.

Something to think about. (rant over)


  1. I have NO desire to go shopping amongst crowds of people. Even the grocery stores get full of people who have no business going out, crowding aisles while they try to decide what they want.

    1. Good for you! There's nothing wrong with shopping. I made my living around it, but even as a retail person, I realize there is more to life.

  2. I've discovered late morning (10AM) until about 1:30 Monday through Friday is the least crowded, so that's when I bought my Thanksgiving food. We're having extra people over, so I will have to pick up a few more items Tuesday morning. ::shudders::

    1. That is true. There's also a lull at dinnertime.