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Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's the 24th,......

......take advantage!

Then rest up for tomorrow!



  1. My wife volunteered to have a big Christmas dinner for the family of our son's girlfriend, so we were working on cleaning and decorating the house (which was in pretty sad shape) for the 23rd and 24th (and much of Christmas itself), not to mention my wife and the girlfriend cooking a major holiday dinner, so I certainly envied Mrs. Santa Claus in these drawings, relaxing and being both served and serviced.

    I had to clean the master bathroom on the 24th, and it reminded me of the story "The Arrangement," wherein the husband is given a very sound (first) spanking by his wife via her hairbrush, then told to clean their bathroom completely within half an hour, still totally nude with his glowing glutes being reflected by the mirrors inside the room--if he doesn't make the thirty-minute time limit, he'll receive a second spanking just as emphatic as the first one.

    He makes it in time within the story, but I'd end up back across my wife's lap based on my limited cleaning efficiency a couple of days ago. "Are you still working on the bathroom?"

    Still, I hopefully earned myself a strenuous spousal 'good boy' walloping or two before 2015 ends, for helping out quite a bit even though I hadn't been consulted on the decision beforehand... --C.K.

    1. Holidays can be hectic, but I hope you get what you are after. It could be a stress-relieving activity for both of you! Merry Christmas!

  2. love this...................