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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Did you get something good from Santa?


  1. My darling spouse bought me an Italian-made, silky-feeling suit, which was on sale for around 30% of its normal price (she insists), plus a few accessories for it (shirt-tie-cufflinks-hanky combos and socks)--she likes to 'dress me up' and overspent quite a bit (albeit lovingly) to be able to do so.

    No, I didn't get her a 'Christmas dominatrix outfit' like the one a bemused Mrs. Santa Claus is being helped into here, nor a cane either.

    I'm uncertain that the traditional representation of Mrs. Claus, as a kindly, sixtyish grandmother type, works all that well as a dominatrix, but who knows for certain?

    Somebody might have to 'crack the whip' to keep those elves working so feverishly up until Christmas Eve, after all... --C.K.

    1. The suit sounds cool.

      As for the Mrs. Santa? CK, by now you MUST know that if anything, I LOVE to twist traditional stereotypes ......especially BDSM ones. The mythical archetype of the torpedo-titted, wasp-waist dominatrix on 8" spike heels is laughable to me. (Especially in porn) Regular women, in all their glorious shapes, sizes, and types, are wonderfully capable of the nastiest kinks, and I prefer them to the hackneyed pin-up images. I also like the regular ladies out there to be able to see kinky images featuring people who they can relate to and look more like they do.

  2. Love this so much.................

    1. Thanks again. All of these images (and more) are on the main website BTW. Just click the link on the right of the blog page.

  3. Well, the buxom woman in shiny black leather, cracking a dressage whip or riding crop, that's what a "dominatrix" is to me--I suppose it's a matter of connotation rather than denotation. I'm thinking of a professional 'mistress' type, projecting the classical image which some submissive males obviously are responsive to.

    To me, a "domme" would simply be a dominant female, whether she were to be a professional or merely someone with a natural tendency toward dominance, which I'd figure would go beyond merely administering corporal punishment.

    However, a feminine "disciplinarian" strikes me (pun not intended) as a woman who employs spanking and spanking-related methods of discipline for behavior modification purposes, although she doesn't necessarily dominate her spankees beyond administering corporal correction for certain offenses.

    So I could easily envision the traditional portrayal of Mrs. Santa Claus as a "disciplinarian," and possibly even a "domme," yet to me it's amusing to have her being attired as a classic "dominatrix" when she hardly fits that image. Indeed, her expression strikes me as rather bemused at attempting to fulfill such a role.

    Of course, these are only my personal connotations concerning the terms involved, personally I'm much more attracted to the "disciplinarian" types who to me are indeed otherwise ordinary females who have adopted corporally punitive roles in certain relationships... --C.K.