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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Words vs. Deeds

I remember when I was a kid how my mouth did more to get me into trouble than my hands ever did.

Some things never really change I suppose. I'm not sure exactly how this happens because I know it's not intentional on my part but every so often, (like the other day) I get up from Rosa's lap only to have some sort of exchange that results in her saying, "you know what? How about you get back right over here now!"

I think it's because sometimes after a punishment I attempt to distance myself from the embarrassment of having just been spanked and adopt an "attitude". And I think Rosa is expecting just the opposite, assuming that after a spanking I'm going to have a very compliant disposition. Often, I do, but like I said, sometimes something just gets in me and if she asks me things I find myself answering in a way that, under the circumstances, is just stupid.

Well that's what happened again. I was already standing and getting prepared to redress when I answered her about doing something she wanted in a way that just had her say, "Really?!" followed by her insistence that I get right back over her lap. She then spanked me so hard and fast that I was kicking like a drowning person. When she let me up I was much more respectful and she was grinning like crazy. She then told me to dress and do what she had asked earlier.....which I did with a much better attitude.

(here's a cartoon that shows a slightly different take on getting more punishment. only here the lady clearly WANTS it!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

When play gets 'real'

 I recently had an experience with Rosa that had very little to do with standard "DD" and was far more geared towards sexy fun, but afterwards Rosa admitted to me how powerful a reaction she had to something I truly did without thinking.

As you may or may not know, Rosa and I are about as D/s-Femdom as we are DD. As such, besides household rules, we have major one being that I cannot touch myself sexually without her permission and definitely cannot have an orgasm without it as well. Masturbation....unless instructed, is never an option for me. But even when we are together, 90% of our orgasm-inducing encounters mean orgasms for her only. I get one every now and then and some of those are done in a way that are not intensely satisfying but more of a release.

Another thing about us is that we are both very "butt-oriented". A lot of what we find sexy centers around posteriors in one way or another. One such activity is:

So.....a couple of days ago, I was thus engaged as a sort of 'treat'. And in the midst of said treat, I got very excited. (the fact that Rosa was teasing my privates with her feet as I was doing this only made it worse). So at one point, I did what I am required to do at these times and asked if I could have an orgasm. Rosa said 'no' which as I said before, is not at all uncommon, so I just resigned myself to enjoy the activity without an explosive pay-off.

After a bit more time, Rosa started to really get into what I was doing and I could see she was working her way to an orgasm for herself (and 'yes' she can have an orgasm from such stimulation). However, her excitement made me even more excited and now I felt like holding off would be next to impossible. So when even after trying every trick I knew to stave off an ejaculation, I felt one coming on, I just sort of asked her again if it was OK to have one, and this time she said 'yes'.

Suffice it to say we both ended the evening satisfied......though she teased me a lot about having an "O" when she had initially said 'no'. But she was just playing. So, last night I was talking to her about the experience and I said i actually did feel a bit bad or guilty about having one when it was not her intention and wondered if she thought I should be penalized in some way. She then went on to say that since she did grant permission eventually, she was fine that I had an "O" and said without a doubt she would not feel that way if she had NOT said 'yes' the second time. She said she would certainly punish such a transgression without hesitation with any number of punishments. 

She THEN went on to say that the way I asked the second time made her insanely crazy/horny, and it actually fueled her eventual orgasm. I didn't think anything of it and asked why. She said that my tone was so desperate yet full of obvious concern for remaining obedient that she just found that struggle to obey a rule that at that moment was so close to being broken, not through disobedience, but physical inevitability, to be such an indication of her authority and my commitment to it. She just thought it proved that even in 'play' I was still her obedient sub.....and that my desire to be obedient was proof of her power and authority...........................and after thinking about it, I suppose it was!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I found this on the internet and have been trying to convince people it's an actual picture of me in Grammar School:
However, in all honesty, I actually do remember when I drew my first 'spanking-oriented' drawing and I wasn't quite so young. It was in 8th grade, and it was very extreme and corny. I do believe unfulfilled desire lends itself to extremes but satisfaction brings about moderation.