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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Words vs. Deeds

I remember when I was a kid how my mouth did more to get me into trouble than my hands ever did.

Some things never really change I suppose. I'm not sure exactly how this happens because I know it's not intentional on my part but every so often, (like the other day) I get up from Rosa's lap only to have some sort of exchange that results in her saying, "you know what? How about you get back right over here now!"

I think it's because sometimes after a punishment I attempt to distance myself from the embarrassment of having just been spanked and adopt an "attitude". And I think Rosa is expecting just the opposite, assuming that after a spanking I'm going to have a very compliant disposition. Often, I do, but like I said, sometimes something just gets in me and if she asks me things I find myself answering in a way that, under the circumstances, is just stupid.

Well that's what happened again. I was already standing and getting prepared to redress when I answered her about doing something she wanted in a way that just had her say, "Really?!" followed by her insistence that I get right back over her lap. She then spanked me so hard and fast that I was kicking like a drowning person. When she let me up I was much more respectful and she was grinning like crazy. She then told me to dress and do what she had asked earlier.....which I did with a much better attitude.

(here's a cartoon that shows a slightly different take on getting more punishment. only here the lady clearly WANTS it!)


  1. Interesting. One of the emotions I experience during a hard spanking session (Okay, that was silly...I've never had a 'soft' spanking session...) is ANGER. I grit my teeth and just GET MAD. I feel like, when my spanker (usually, Merry) says, "I'm done", that I'm going to bounce up, and just ... bop her, a good one. I never have done that, nor even come close, but the emotion goes a long way towards masking any pain I might be feeling.

    1. When spankings are genuine.....the emotions in play are genuine as well, and some can be unpleasant. Thanks for the contribution!

  2. Ha! When I occasionally bottom, I'm either like the woman in your cartoon, or I'm laughing hysterically. As for what Shilo wrote, I'm aware of it, but he also knows that he was "asking for it" in one way or another.

    1. In play, I was often like the woman in the cartoon as well. (that's what inspired it!) But with true discipline, there were plenty of times I was very grateful for "it" to be over!

    2. Crimson Kid (C.K.)March 31, 2016 at 5:52 PM

      Well, shouldn't "true discipline" work that way, the person being punished hoping for it to be over with as soon as possible?

      Since my spousal spankings are pretty much for play (although once in a while I may detect a touch of genuine annoyance powering my wife's swats), I tend to feel like the 'bottomish' woman in this comic strip--the endorphins have kicked in, I've entered 'subspace' (so some of my supposed pained reactions may be exaggerations), and I definitely desire additional walloping.

      My loving marital chastiser may feel that I've had enough, often she'll ask if I agree with her on that conclusion, then I'll generally accept her judgment yet add something like, "Let's say twelve more hard ones on each cheek, that should do it, honey."

      Of course, even after those I may want more paddling, but I don't push my luck at that point, instead I'm thankful for the spanking that I've just received... --C.K.