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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spanked hard

That's what happened to me last evening! Three separate installments. All hard. Yet, I feel so much better today! (Well, OK maybe my butt doesn't feel so good, but emotionally I feel a lot more grounded and calm.)

Spanking #1 was for being snippy and nasty instead of explaining myself respectfully and nicely. Rosa was genuinely unhappy with me on this one and spanked super hard right from the first swat with our nastiest paddle. The only saving grace was that due to the force being used, she did go more slowly so I could process the pain without having a coronary.

We then took a break and she relaxed with a pedicure from me. To be honest, at the time I was feeling a bit unresolved, despite the severity of the punishment, but I kept it to myself and just obediently cared for her toes.

Interestingly, a short while after, Rosa told me she was going to do her exercises for a bit and then added that she was seriously considering a second spanking after she was done. I asked her why and she admitted that she really didn't have a solid reason, but just wanted to. Knowing she likes having a reason, I offered up the fact that I had confessed a broken rule to her that she never chose to punish me for. That worked for her.

So, Spanking#2 was a short but also very hard punishment for intentionally breaking our rule about me making our bed each day. She admitted she wasn't even as remotely upset over this infraction as she was with the disrespect she addressed earlier.....but my butt still got a good work-out again with the nasty paddle.

You would think after all that I would be grateful for an end to it all, but an interesting thing happened. The previous spankings seemed to lead me to a place of emotional contentment.................but not quite deliver me there. I felt punished but not resolved, not reconnected. It was a strong feeling of just needing a bit more to get to a better place. So, because Rosa and I have always based our DD on mutual resolution (she fully understands how the guilty party also needs to feel that 'clean slate' feeling) I simply told her where I was emotionally.

So, Spanking#3 was a bit different. Rosa suggested I fetch her our lighter but still quite effective paddle rather than the nasty, heavy one. Using the lighter one, she employed a different tactic: instead of a moderate amount of super-hard wallops delivered slowly, she spanked with more rapid, stingy swats..........for a really long time. (Much longer than I had expected! ) 

The result was that the amount of time being spanked eroded all of that pent-up resistance I was carrying around. It was the difference between breaking a small rock with a quick, heavy blow and wearing down an entire mountain with years of rain.
I was able to give in to it all: my guilt, her hurt feelings, my submission, her authority, all of it.

The result of these three sessions was a roasted bottom that felt swollen and hot......but man did it completely change my mood! I immediately thanked my honey and snuggled in against her side as we relaxed before going to sleep.

Sometimes we deserve a spanking. Sometimes we just need one. Yesterday, for me it was both.


  1. I just Love this! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I agree. Great that you got where you needed to be!

    1. Thanks, Dan. I hope things head in a similar direction for you soon.

  3. Wow! Three real spankings given for three qualitatively different reasons, all expressions of a healthy FM DD relationship by a single couple on a single evening! The first because of disrespectful behavior on your part, the second because Rosa felt the urge to do so (without having a ready reason to do so), and the third because you felt the urge to be spanked some more (to be brought to an emotionally better place). This is a beautiful expression of the DD lifestyle.

    1. Welcome, Doug! Thank you for the feedback!

  4. I love this story. Those kind of spankings really touch the submissive in me. I also always feel relaxed and ready for cuddles or even a nap after such a purging of emotions. I hope these kind of experiences happen for you more often.

    1. Thanks Goldie! And it is so nice to see you here. Enjoy looking around.

      And I am pretty content with things here.