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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More ridiculous captions

I found this series recently and just couldn't resist commenting:

Or when simply asked to do a chore around the house.

"I really should have gotten my period by now...."

Looks like "dad" wanted her top off as well. Better to see his "daughter's" collection of tattoos I suppose? At least he let her keep her socks on. "Dad" may be a bit of a weirdo....but definitely not a foot fetishist! 

Or that anyone notices the kitty litter in the corner.

Yeah, that wig of his is pretty bad.

But probably a bit too old to be going around topless in front of him.  Discipline may be one thing, but "Dad" seems like a bit of a pervert.

Wow, some of these are just so creepy! The photo series is bad enough, but someone actually felt the need to narrate the scene. Anyway, enough for now. I do have a few more I'll be posting in a bit. Please feel free to comment or better yet...........send me the best captioned calamity you've found!

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