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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Recent development

It seems that Rosa and I have ventured into some new territory. As you may know we are "out" to a lot of people, One very interested person is our neighbor, Marta .....and to a lesser degree, her husband, Wally. They are older than me which makes them much older than Rosa (who has become a sort of surrogate daughter to Marta.) Over the years Marta has become quite comfortable discussing our DD arrangement and, with Rosa's encouragement, has even playfully teased me about misbehaving and its consequences. She has even seen me in my post-punishment "chaps" after dropping by unannounced while I was making breakfast one morning. Rather than have me cover up, Rosa had me turn and show my spanked cheeks to her. Another time Marta even got to see my locked-up privates! So, she is very much "in the loop".

While Marta was always open to the notion of kinky spanking ....a la '50 Shades', she was admittedly a bit surprised when she first learned about the length, severity, and overall 'genuine punitive aspect' of my punishment spankings. But over time she has grown to not only understand how DD spanking 'works' but has expressed her comfort with it. She has told me outright that it makes perfect sense to her that if Rosa is going to spank me for genuine misbehavior, the spanking is going to be just as genuine............and unpleasant.  Now, if Rosa tells her about something I did and how I was punished, Marta will give me a 'look' and make some sort of "well, you definitely got what you deserved" comment.

Well recently Marta and Wally had dinner with us and brought a dessert and some homemade bread. She specifically asked that we return the serving plates even though they were just "fancy plastic". Of course we agreed and took care to clean them and keep them separate. Well somehow they got MELTED! No one knows how. It could have been me.......or it could have been someone else (possibly even Rosa herself) however, I'm the sub in an FLR sooooooo.............the blame is defaulting to me, and I'm OK with that. Especially since I'm in the kitchen a lot and even though I don't remember melting them, I could have done it by accident.

This past Saturday we were invited to their house for dinner and Rosa was going to tell her about what happened. But Rosa also decided that she would tell Marta that not only will we be replacing her plates.....but that I was going to be punished for the mishap and that Marta should come up with a number for the spanking.

Just before going over to our neighbors' house Rosa gave me a semi-serious spanking. By semi-serious, I mean that the offences cited were real enough, but minor and used more as an excuse by Rosa to bemusedly have my buns tender while we were with our friends than any real anger or upset. I joked with her afterwards that while she found this to be a "fun one", from my end (literally) it felt fairly serious. She agreed with the contradiction.

So, Rosa got Marta in the kitchen pretty early on and told her about the melted plates and her intention to punish me for the incident in an amount of Marta's choosing. Initially Marta said it wasn't necessary, but Rosa assured her very evilly that it was. And that's all it took for Marta to jump right on board! The only thing was Marta's "experience" with spanking is limited to the laughable descriptions in "50 Shades", so  Rosa told me later that she first suggested "8" thinking it was worse than the "6" mentioned in the book. Of course Rosa nearly bust out laughing and told her she would need to go higher than that! Marta then suggested her age and Rosa said that if she doubled that she might be getting closer. Rosa then quickly gave her the lowdown on what a punishment spanking REALLY consisted of and after some banter and negotiating they agreed on 300 spanks. (Rosa tried to coax her even higher but Marta said she couldn't imagine going higher, so 300 it would be). Now all this was done outside of my presence, but when we settled in to play cards after dinner, Marta began to tease me and went through a series of increasing amounts each time she felt I was being less than humble and meek in my playing. Ultimately she declared the 300 they had previously agreed upon.

After that there was some discussion of DD and her husband asked me about HoH perceptions and realities. It was very cool. I said some things about Rosa as she was sitting there that made her very proud and happy. When we got home Rosa said she was very pleased with me and my humbled attitude. So.......she decided to give me a reward-play-spanking the following night so that I'd be all mushy and sore and so when my "300" came, they would be very hard to take!

So Sunday I got spanked just before bedtime, I found my 'reward' to not be very 'rewarding' at all though.....and struggled through the entire 200 nasty spanks Rosa gave me. I texted her the following morning however, that I appreciate her no-nonsense spanking style very much......even if it is impossible for me to show it at the time. Afterwards I am always glad her spankings are the real deal, delivered jut as she wishes rather than a spanking done exactly as I would wish it. She liked that text a lot!

Monday I went out and  bought the replacement plates and wrote Marta a very heartfelt note which I signed and included with her plates. 

After Rosa got out of work, had dinner, and relaxed a bit with a stroll through our garden, we talked a bit and she suggested we get on with the intended discipline. I went to our room and stripped. She got into her place against the pillows and headboard and over her lap I went! Since this was a punishment, she used our heftiest paddle and delivered the 300 smacks with punitive enthusiasm. She did not go overboard, but with that paddle she didn't need to. Firm application was sufficient to leave my butt appropriately pink, stinging, swollen, and hot. 

Then as I dressed in a pair of cheek-revealing 'punishment panties' and my denim chaps, she called Marta on her cell phone and informed her of what just transpired and asked if she'd like to come over for her plates and to see my freshly-spanked bottom on display. Of course she agreed. 

When Marta came, initially alone, I gave her a hug which she said later felt so much different than any I had given her before. (later we talked about "post-spanking hugs" and how they affect me and Marta said very sweetly that she understood what I meant and could tell at the time that a lot more emotion was being conveyed besides the usual 'greeting hug' she normally receives. She even admitted she was thinking a "wow" in her head at how profound an experience a punishment spanking must be for me. Rosa confirmed her reaction, assuring her that my post-spanking hugs are always very full of sincere, contrite emotion and appreciation.) 

Then I gave her the plates and the note.....which she said she wanted to read at home. was time to turn around.  Well, you can imagine her reaction. She asked some questions about the spanking itself and I even showed her the paddle Rosa used. After hefting it and tapping it against her own hand, she fully appreciated what I had just endured.......but while impressed, and a bit surprised, she acted in no way 'sorry' for me. (I love that about her!)

We then went off to relax on our porch with me still in my chaps as Marta teasingly asked me, "are you sure you can sit down?" I served the ladies drinks, along with myself. Interestingly, I got teased more about my my punishment-panties than my raw butt.............even though my raw posterior naturally prompted a few teases (especially as I poured the drinks with my back to them).  

Marta asked a lot more questions about our lifestyle and Rosa was particularly vocal and went into more detail and background than she usually does. Eventually after some revealing conversation, her husband came over and there was a lot of joking about me not getting out of my chair! But a bit later I did get up to get Marta another drink,.................and despite the warnings to Wally to cover his eyes...........the world did not come to an end. More questions ensued before the topic changed to politics and history. Around 8 PM our neighbors decided to go home. 

It was a very interesting evening. Marta was pleased with everything.....including the clear understanding that this was not some one-time thing, but a precedent for how any future misbehavior or annoyances could be handled. Rosa was very clear that any complaint and suggestion for punishment would be dealt with just as seriously as this one had. She even said she'd probably go along with any recommendation from Marta.......even if it wasn't 100% 'serious'. And just so she knew I was OK with that, I confirmed my willingness to abide by their decisions. Marta definitely seemed to like the idea. What person wouldn't appreciate that kind of power? In the past, Rosa had always included her somewhat in being another 'boss' to be obeyed. Besides ensuring Rosa's glass was always full, it was expected that I treat Marta with that same privilege. A few times she'd 'play up' this limited authority by waving her empty glass at me, smiling with an insinuating look of 'you better fill this'. But none of that can compare to the authority she now has. Rosa could not have been more clear that, while she would naturally have the final approval and say, Marta would not need to present some long and convincing case for me to get a spanking at her suggestion. A mere request would invariably be sufficient.

Marta is far from being a mean person.......but she can be mischievous as hell. I wonder what she's going to do with this new authority. We all see each other a lot and it's clear that Wally, while not interested in participating, has no problem with me being in the situation I'm in. Rosa loves this and is a real instigator. And I also made it pretty clear that I'm willing to be somewhat at her mercy. it's just a matter of time before something comes up.

As for the last few days? Well, while my buns are still very tender as I write this, overall everything went very well. The only truly unpleasant part of the whole event was the spanking itself.......and with my Rosa, that is exactly what I've come to expect and admire her for. I had expected to be more embarrassed when it came time to show my spanked cheeks, but somehow it was only slightly so. (Maybe because Marta had already seen me like this before?) And when Wally came over I really thought I'd be more embarrassed than I was............but I think the very cool, curious, and accepting way that both Marta and Wally approached the situation did a lot to make me feel that, just like Rosa and I find this "normal" for ourselves..........they too see it as "normal" for who we all are as well.


  1. This was really interesting to read. You have some very cool accepting neighbors (maybe too accepting, lol). I'm glad you are comfortable with the arrangement; I'm sure Rosa wouldn't have suggested it if she thought you wouldn't be. I hope your bottom is better soon. My behind sends it's sympathy and is SO glad it's not yours, lol.

    1. Thanks, Liz. I texted Marta today and she replied that overall she "loved" the letter I wrote her. There were several things in it but she specifically texted me back that she
      "felt happy that you accepted the punishment" (she added a "ha ha" after this LOL) and thanked me for feeling comfortable around her.

      I am truly curious as to if, when, and how Marta uses her new authority going forward.

      Thanks for the reply!

  2. random thoughts on this, just to let you know that there are people reading this:
    1. Nothing in this situation would embarrass me. Fact is, 'nothing' seems to embarrass or humiliate me. We've tried to find something ...but that's another story.
    2. Locked up privates? Am mildly curious if that is a 24/7 long term thing or otherwise. I have been locked up multiple times, longest term, about 2 weeks.
    3. 300 swats? I don't think Merry has ever applied 300 in one single session. If she applied 300 with our heftiest paddle, a two foot long, two inches wide bamboo paddle, there would be a lot of blood drawn.

    1. To confirm what Shilo wrote: Humiliation isn't a kink of mine, but we've done all sorts of things just to see if he gets humiliated, but, so far, nothing. Maybe one day...

      I'm pretty sure Shilo has gotten 300 in one session, but never more than 100 with any individual paddle. Also of note: Bloodshed doesn't stop me unless we're filming because C4S has rules against it.

    2. Merry & Shilo:
      When I wrote "heftiest paddle" I wasn't being 100% accurate. We also have a lucite sorority-style "2-hander" that is heavier and hits my entire bottom in a stroke. But I was talking just in terms of the paddles typically used for punishment. Of 'those', Rosa used the heaviest.

      As for high quantities? We've gone much higher. Often with a break in between. Rosa doesn't deliver every swat with her mightiest swing. She mixes things up to make the experience unpleasant and painful. The higher quantities seem to help wear down my resistance better than 50 super-hard swats.

      There are times when there's some stipling of blood here and there. Rosa is not usually deterred by that either because it's nothing serious.

      I am kept chaste all of the time by honor and obedience mostly......but there are times when one of our 2 CBs are used and Rosa will wear her key in a locket around her neck. Sometimes I will wear this hematite choker necklace when I'm locked....that has a 'lock' charm on it. Needless to say, my orgasms are infrequent and often not full orgasms when I am allowed one.

      Embarrassment seems to be a very personal thing. It's also a bit of a spectrum for people. I think I'm on the high end while Shilo, you must be the limit of the high end. I don't embarrass easily, but I do blush at certain things that catch me a certain way. Because I rarely get embarrassed, Rosa and others get very excited when someone manages to get me to blush.

      You two are great.....keep commenting!

  3. Stipling of blood....yes, that's an apt description of what has happened to me; I've never been 'cut open', even when a sjambok was used (not by Merry, but a male friend of ours that owns one).
    I have a number (8 or 9) CBs/devices that I just started collecting, when I had an interest in it b4 I met Merry. We 'play' with them, but I am also mostly chaste by obedience and abstinence.

    Public nudity ...even if or especially if it's just me who is naked...simply does not bother me. I think that's partially from doing so much dungeon-party play. One time, Merry fisted my hole, with a large crowd watching. Did not faze me.

    Things that probably would embarrass me, I simply will not do, such as public karaoke or any singing, or any public speaking.

    1. Well public nudity is not an issue for me. Nor is 'enhanced nudity' a problem among fellow kinksters at a party or such. It's 'enhanced nudity' in front of everyday folk you see all the time. But like I said, even that wasn't so bad this time. A little.....but not as bad as I expected.

  4. It is easy to imagine more to this story, unbeknownst to you, real or fiction, in which Rosa and Marta, planned all of this from the beginning, including the melting of the fancy plastic plates and blaming it on you, thereby setting the stage for your spanking in the presence of Marta. It would make a great spanking fiction story.

    1. I agree that's a cool idea but I already wrote one with a similar "planned from the beginning" ending, only with a different plot. It's called "Pride". Check it out.

    2. Crimson Kid (C.K.)May 30, 2016 at 10:14 PM

      Ahhhh, "Pride" is a terrific story about the potential efficacy of 'enforced inequality' in a female-male relationship, one which isn't romantic or even friendly, in fact it's a rivalry which needs to be resolved. The female rival does get to spank her male counterpart herself though, rather than simply having it done by his romantic partner.

      However, the account here overall reminded me more of "Secret's Out," with a couple providing details of their femdom-style relationship to their neighbors, except that the neighbor lady (likewise the much more interested of the pair) is given direct spanking authority over the submissive male in the story.

      Still, Marta does have quite a bit of real-life punitive authority if even her offhand, light-hearted corporally corrective suggestions are going to be taken seriously and thus strictly (not to mention severely) carried out by Rosa. That's a touch like the ending of a third story, "Coincidences," isn't it?

      I tend to agree with "Anonymous" in that there might be a separate story in this kind of 'close girlfriend's recommendation' punitive arrangement... --C.K.

    3. Thanks, CK. Maybe you are right. I will have to consider the possibility of making this into a story. A lot of my stories actually are fictionalized accounts of actual events in my life.

      BTW, Marta in "Coincidences" is based entirely on the Marta I speak of here.