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Monday, June 20, 2016


Ah, but for whom?

While the imagery is clearly sexual, this sounds like something leaders within our 2-party system would secretly say about the American voting public.

As the election gets closer, I am asked more and more frequently "so who are you going to vote for, Trump or Hillary?" if these were my only two choices.  How depressing. In a land ostensibly based on freedom and where freedom is touted as the primary ideal, people feel locked into voting for what Gore Vidal had said was ....."two parties (who) are really one party representing four percent of the people." And I am not of that 4%.

I have been told that voting outside of the two established parties is "crazy" and a "waste of a vote". Well I don't live in a swing state, so regardless of what I do, my state is going to the party it always goes to. Thank you, Electoral College. (Remember how after the 2000 Jeb Bush "hanging chad" election fraud, everyone was for abolishing the Electoral College in favor of a General Election by popular vote? That fervor lasted.........oh, about two weeks. After that there must have been something really good on television.)

As for "crazy", well, I've never claimed sanity, but I do have to ask, 'what is crazier? voting for a Party that actually reflects your beliefs but will probably not win or voting for one who is far more likely to win but doesn't represent your views?'  Einstein said, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result." Most people are clearly unhappy with the state of politics as it is, and yet they continue to vote in the same system they mistrust in the hopes of a difference. (And I'm the crazy one?)

I have been a Libertarian for a long time now. (though in the 2008 election they really pissed me off with Barr. ) Thankfully they regained their sanity in 2012 and are still back in 2016 to being a party and platform I can relate to. (And please don't confuse me with a Tea Party person. They like to claim a Libertarian stance, but  don't actually have one. Think of a staunchly Christian person who conveniently ignores any scripture geared towards love, tolerance, and warnings not to judge others, in favor of using scripture to further a position of intolerance and extreme judgmentalism. I also hate Tea-Partiers for turning the Gadsden Flag into their Party's symbol rather than having the creativity to come up with their own design. Now, despite loving that flag and what it says, I can't fly one without everyone thinking I'm one of them. Icon-ruining bastards!) 

So if you want a change, vote differently. Or you could just go on happily sucking on one of the two differently-flavored dicks attached to the same gloating elitist. Your choice.


  1. My political party is the "Anyone but Trump" party. Unfortunately, I'm not too pleased with the others either. Why can't we keep Obama for 2 more years and have a Democratic Congress? That way, stuff can get done. Toss out the current candidates and pick out new ones based on their worthiness. Yeah, I know it wouldn't fly, but a girl can dream...

    1. I have heard others voice a similar sentiment.

      As for Trump? While I would not vote for him, I am not as in fear of him as many of my friends............mainly because I don't believe he is what he is portraying himself to be. It is almost as if he's just screwing with everybody for some personal, twisted amusement. And if he does win, I think the arch-conservatives backing him are going to be in for quite a shock. (Something I will find morbidly delicious.)