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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Perfect Martini

As something of a 'booze perfectionist', I am always in search of wonderful straight spirits, cocktails, and even charming glasses and ideal garnishes. In fact, I recently discovered an amazing cocktail of gin, Strega, and lime juice over ice, garnished with a sour cherry or two. (I serve mine in a hand blown glass with an elegant cobalt blue swirl.) I highly recommend it.

I also love a good gin Martini. My gin of choice is Blue Coat, a small batch gin made in Philadelphia. And I always found the perfect garnish to be two garlic-stuffed olives.......until I saw this:

Other than Rosa complaining about the freezing temperature of the liquids, she would probably find doing something like this fun and amusing. And for me? What better garnish for the perfect Martini than five perfect toes?


  1. Replies
    1. Care to elaborate on that "hmmm", hmmmmm?

    2. So many great ideas for my feet came to mind. You didn't see the gears turning?

    3. Not from this far away, but I thought I heard something. Still, aren't you going to share?

    4. Alcohol isn't allowed in my Household, but chocolate pudding is. It could turn into a fun game!

    5. I've done pudding. Make sure it's not too cold....otherwise I have been told it feels like walking barefoot in cold mud. And even after all the licking and sucking in the world, you'll still feel sticky until you wash them off. (My part in it was wonderful though!) Now go have fun and try not to think of Bill Cosby while you're doing it.

    6. You just HAD to write that! Good thing you're far away!

    7. More threats? Gee, some people have no sense of humor.

      But seriously, if you do try this, post us an update/review!

    8. Aww... I can't threaten you with a good time, can I?

    9. Sure you can. Rosa often has a good time while I do not.

    10. How coincidental. Merry Contrary also often has a good time while I do not....

    11. We are neighbors in the same territory so it's not surprising that the terrain seems similar ;-).

  2. fun idea, specially since you would have to lick and suck the toes clean...
    bottoms up

    1. Hi Red! Welcome!

      I love toes to begin with, but gin-infused toes? Heaven on Earth!