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Friday, July 22, 2016


It has been over three days and only brave Merry has attempted a caption. All I can say is.......... "what the fuck?" It's like looking at a bowl of perfectly ripe fruit spoil when no one eats any. How about?

"Why did you kill him? He was a regular client who just liked me to get naked and walk all over him!"

"When I said I don't like men who engage in unprotected sex, I was thinking more of a condom."

"Wow, I've never done it on a dead giant lizard before."

HIM: "Wait, let me get my sword first."
HER: "No, leave it there a minute and I'll show you a trick I learned after spending a lot of time alone in the castle."

"Now that he's dead, I have to say.....he may not have been handsome, but he was a good provider."

HER: "My hero! You've saved me! I'm finally free!""
HIM: "Um actually........your next stop is MY dungeon."
HER: "Oooooooh.....Is it well-equipped?!"

You think these are lame? You think you've got a better one? Well come on! Let's hear it! 


  1. Are you as ugly as he is under that armor?

  2. I've always wanted to do it on a sea monster rug.

  3. Father thought I was beautiful. Why are you covering me?

  4. Cloth?! You're covering me with cloth??!!! Now that you killed him, why can't you make me an alligator purse with shoes?

    1. Merry, I love these!

      Can you believe no one else is playing?

    2. Thank you! I just needed time to marinate.

    3. Ah, that explains why you're so flavorful!