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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Proclivity and occupations

.......there will be far fewer social workers on the job.

For real. Less help at the Home Depot as well. There might be an inclination to think that just as Lesbian women are sprinkled through the population, and one's social circle, they would be evenly distributed through the workforce. But it seems that just isn't so. (read more) In my own experience, the 'social worker'-thing has proven true......but I had always assumed it was mere coincidence. Apparently not.

(I wonder if 'when Lesbians strike', they wear comfortable shoes on the picket line?)


  1. Fascinating! I had many lesbian friends who spent their time in heels(ERGH!) I prefer comfy shoes myself. Oh, and I don't wear makeup or lots of jewelry either. I also am frequently questioned about my sexuality when I'm alone. Fun, fun, FUN!

    1. My experience as someone who just happened to end up with quite a number of Lesbian friends, relatives, and acquaintances, falls heavily into the "comfortable shoes" camp. Even the very few "Lipstick Lesbians" I knew still wore flats. Fashionable flats....but flats nonetheless.

      (I've also had my sexuality questioned.......but only by straights. Gays always seem to immediately know I'm straight.)

    2. Most straight women think I'm straight, and lesbians just aren't quite sure about me. I'm attracted to people, not genders, so it adds to the confusion of others.