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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


(of a cruel or violent action) deliberate and unprovoked.
"sheer wanton vandalism"
synonyms: deliberate, willful, malicious, spiteful, wicked, cruel; More
(especially of a woman) sexually immodest or promiscuous.
synonyms: promiscuous, immoral, immodest, indecent, shameless, unchaste, fast, loose, impure, abandoned, lustful, lecherous, lascivious, libidinous, licentious, dissolute, debauched, degenerate, corrupt, whorish, disreputable
"a wanton seductress"

I have always thought of 'wanton' not solely as definition 1 or definition 2, but rather as a combination of both. And it is that blended concept that is prompted by the following image by spanking artist H-Bum.

Spanking art that depicts kids being punished is a sticky wicket. Those who view spanking as a purely sexual kink naturally have more of an issue with it than those who can relate to spanking as something more asexually punitive. And of course, there is a gray area where aspects intermingle. 

Of the 60-plus stories I've written, 7 are about kids between puberty and adolescence, 1 has a brief mention of a childhood punishment, and 1 more is about an adult who is regressed into his boyhood self during a series of dreams. When I wrote these stories I was not advocating the spanking of children but rather dealing with my own memories of my own thoughts about spanking when I was young. As such, many if not all of these stories revolve around kids who are in some way interested in being spanked and who intentionally invite the experience. The theme of 'complicit victim' resonates with me.

While we would like to cleanly extricate sexuality from childhood, the fact is the two are unavoidably linked. Many spankos have admitted to having spanking fantasies and desires well before they had any knowledge of how sex itself worked. I was certainly one of these. But I also realize the abuse of children is an evil thing, whether that abuse is sexual or comes in the disguise of legitimate punishment. Still, much of the world still does acknowledge spanking as one form of discipline and no one can deny that historically it was quite common. And even an anti-spanking advocate would have to acknowledge a significant difference between a measured, OTK bun-warming for good cause versus a black-eyed, bone-cracking beating by a drunken parent.

But spanking politics aside, the fact that there is a lot of spanking art out there with kids in it, speaks volumes. My personal belief is that the appeal lies in the ability of the viewer to imagine themselves in the place of the youthful victim. At least that's what happens with me, be it a boy or girl.

So......back to H-Bum's picture: I love this image for several reasons, but there is a particular aspect to H-Bum's work that intrigues me. ( at a later date I will write more about H-Bum's other work) He manages to depict a duality of regret and complicity in his victims.....and it's that complicity that gets me. The expressions of the people involved in this one are very straightforward. The mother is obviously angry, though not out of control. Her expression is one familiar to any kid in trouble. She means business. She may not be out to kill her daughter, but she has no guilt in ensuring that the girl will have a hard time sitting once she's done. She is getting no sexual pleasure from spanking the girl. Her attire is plain, almost dowdy, her hairstyle matronly.

But let's look at the girl. One look at her face tells you that she is not having a fun and easy time over her mom's lap. Her outstretched arms and flailing legs indicate the spanking is definitely painful. And if you need more, just check out the color in those spanked buns. That's not just a pinkened hinder......that rump's being roasted. 

Now........take a closer look at that bottom. Overall she's a pretty thin kid by the looks of her, and as such you'd expect her skinny bottom to be cringing and shrinking away from the hairbrush, striving for escape just like the rest of her...........but there it is instead, arched up like a bubble-booty on a Brazilian dancer. It doesn't seem as repentant as the rest of her, rather it is sort of provoking the mother with an "is that all you got?" gestural taunt. It's subtle and it's not. You could argue it away as the result of her position, or as an anatomical anomaly of her otherwise lean physique..........but always remember: an artist starts with a blank page. If something is there, it's because he intentionally put it there.....and that high, round butt is definitely inviting more punishment. Something about the image just suggests that part of that kid, and maybe it's only a small part....wants this spanking.

As someone who has been over a few laps in my day for different reasons, I can tell you that getting a good roasting beyond just the usual spanking can occur for three reasons: 1: whatever you did was so bad that you just flat-out deserve a long ordeal, 2: your Top is in one of those merciless moods they sometimes get into, or 3: you've invited a worse fate through gesture or word. ( a smart-ass remark in mid-spanking will provoke most tops into doling out a lot more than one bargained for....but so will that arched-up bottom. Just move it up instead of away and you've sent an irresistible challenge. It may not even be consciously intentional. Sometimes something will just make you arch your spine just enough to say 'here it is!'. What Top can resist that.....and what disciplinarian is going to stop if they think you are nowhere near sorry?)

The girl in the picture might be struggling, but there's something about her that is not properly 'defeated' and given that position, I cannot picture that angry mom stopping anytime soon. And, as a viewer? Alter that position into one of cringing surrender and I might feel sorry for her. But as she is? Oh, I want that mom to keep going as well. 

H-Bum uses this overly-rounded or arched-up technique a lot......on his boy victims as well as his female ones. Everything else about them shouts, 'get me outta here!' while that one feature.....the one getting all of the behaving as if it had a separate agenda. And that agenda is a bit................wanton.


  1. It's definitely food for thought. Unfortunately, my thoughts have turned to the misspelling of that word, and now I wantonly desire wonton soup, Perhaps it is me who should have a spanking?

    1. Oh no, we can't have that. It would upset the balance of nature. Perhaps you need a proxy?

    2. Are you offering? ::giggles::

      Of course you aren't!

    3. I'm sure you have candidates much closer at hand.....but despite the reservations I've expressed previously, given my current mood, with permission and proximity.....I could see myself being easily convinced to take my chances.

  2. Oh my! You ARE a daredevil, aren't you?

    1. It's just the result of my current mood. I'll probably go back to being a chicken again when the mood swings.

  3. Seeing an older woman, spanking a part of foreplay, she doing the spanking. Wanton would be the spankings she gives when I act childish, her words. All spankings are over her lap and I know when I went to far, dancing around afterwards, rubbing and crying, facing the wall. This is Wanton for me.

    1. I can see that connection.

      Also, we have a few Anonymous contributors. Please sign a name into your posts so we can keep them all straight?

    2. Joe, I don't know how other really feel when the spanking is just that and nothing comes of it. But then again at those times, I find myself facing the wall knowing I crossed the line. She insures my sitting will not be comfortable for several days, she does give a very proper spanking when I'm as she states a naughty little boy.

  4. We all obviously draw lines in different places where provocative spanking art is concerned. One line I draw is posting drawings depicting kids being spanked. You believe that people are drawn to them because they identify with the kids in the picture, perhaps recalling their own childhood spankings, but I'm always concerned that more people are attracted to them because they get off on images of kids being spanked or are attracted themselves to being the spanker in those circumstances, not the spankee. It's one of the reasons I seldom post spanking art from Barbara O'Toole, even though I really love her style. I just wish she would make the spanking recipients a few years older, instead of depicting mostly adolescent boys. I'm also, honestly, always concerned that when the Google thought police come out every couple of years, I'm putting the existence of my blog at risk by posting any drawings or pictures that depict any non-adult.

    1. Dan, all good points with very sound reasoning. Let me respond to a few:

      Google is Google is Google. (Can't argue with sound logic like that eh? ) But seriously, what I mean is that when it comes to anything with even a toe in the arena of sexuality, Google and companies like Google, will always have their knee-jerk reactions to whatever the issue du jour happens to be. If Google decides that blogs with gray & black backgrounds encourage teen suicide, they'll shut me down. I run a sexually-provocative blog and I know from past experience that such things are not only tricky.....but unpredictably arbitrary. My personal defense against any Google criticism of an image like the one posted is......."I actually got this Googly-offensive image off Google."

      As for the whole kid/spanking thing? Well I suppose one could say, "better to avoid it and be safe" and that's a valid position. Personally I have changed my view on this over the years. Probably about 5 years ago I would be in the exact same camp as you, but over time I have come to realize that there is a huge difference between dealing with the sexual aspects of childhood and the sexual predation of children. "Thought police" may never be able to see this distinction, but it does exist and I know which side of this dichotomy I'm on. I have written spanking stories with kids in them. There are purely disciplinary aspects to these stories and a kind of sexual-in-a-kinky/play-way aspect as well. But no story depicts an adult sexually preying upon an underage victim. In my view, the picture above does not depict a sexual connection between the mother and daughter even if the pose of the daughter appears "wanton".

      Barbara O'Toole. What to say about Barbara O'Toole? As an artist I have a pretty solid inkling that at least half of the work is the coloring and handling of photographic images to make them appear as if they were drawn. The jury is out on the other half. It would not surprise me to learn that they too are rendered photos.

      As for their subjects? There does seem to be an enjoyment of the victims' various predicaments by their tormentors and authority figures. I would assume that enjoyment is at least partially rooted in sexuality thereby closely toying with a blurry line with more blur on the inappropriate side.

      Thank you for such a stimulating post though! It really made me think about these issues in a way that has actually inspired a topic for a later blog post!

    2. Thanks, KD. Like you, I like to allow my beliefs to grow and morph over time. For example, for years I had a hard time accepting M/f forms of DD, because the potential for abuse of a woman by a stronger man, or one one whom she was financially dependent, seemed inherently problematic. But, after on-line chats in some of the forums you and I have encountered each other on, I got that many of them are attracted to DD for the exact same reasons I am. So, while it's sometimes hard to do so,I do try to keep an open mind. And you are certainly right that Google is Google and they are going to do what they are going to do.

    3. Have I ever told you that even if we don't agree completely, you are one of the most intellectually open-minded people I've ever had the pleasure to meet through the Internet?

      And as for your M/f example? I too have struggled with that same reaction. Even now, after years of interaction and even logical deduction, I have been able to intellectually accept and understand M/f dynamics as very similar to my own, and yet I STILL have an emotionally negative 'gut reaction' to it.

      Please keep reading and participating!