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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Beginning to wonder.......

Considering that this blog is supposed to be interactive, lately I feel it's about as interactive as the adventures of a thirteen-year-old boy locked in the bathroom with a bottle of hand lotion. I suppose I could just think of that way and enjoy the solitude...........but at my age I was hoping for something more.


  1. Well, I did like the picture of the dog yesterday but, as you said, it was so good that words couldn't add anything. ;-)

    Sorry, I have just been buried the last couple of weeks, and it is going to stay that way through mid-September. I'm barely keeping up with my own blog. Hope to get more active soon.

    1. Dan, you and our currently injured Merry are the regulars I can count on. And Hermione has been visiting a bit as well............but considering what Blogger is telling me about how many people visit, I was hoping for a bit more interaction with those folks.

      I'd like to think I'm providing enough variety of "things adult" to get some kind of response. But who knows? Maybe kink wrapped in snarky sarcasm isn't what people really want.

      (That dog is a hoot though, huh? LOL)

  2. Apologies,I'm guilty of never quite knowing what to say and hence just lurking like so many others. So what to say? Well I'll start with a simple thank you for a great blog that I've enjoyed for a while now. Cocks in locks had me rolling around in laughter and the dog is just priceless! The cartoons on your collected submissions site are a firm favourite with the "great un-equalizer" really raising my temperature. :-)

    As for kink wrapped in snarky sarcasm please stick with it I love it!

    Anyhow, I'll try to participate a little more when I can but in the meantime please keep blogging there are many like me who love what you do and look forward to every post.
    All the best, DC

    1. Thanks, DC. Your post meant a lot. Hell, that's all I really need...........just a reply comment after a post saying 'hey that made me laugh. thanks.'

      Granted, there are posts that might be a bit more complicated that not everyone will feel comfortable really getting down and dirty with. But please, keep reading and enjoying, and if nothing else, please hit the comment tab now and then.......even if it's just to say, "good post".

      (When you put yourself out there as a writer and artist, and you charge nothing for it...........a simple "thanks" or compliment on the work goes a long fucking way.)

      Thanks again for your comment and please do participate. I would love to see this blog become a gathering place for kinky people to banter about just about anything.

    2. Hi, you are very welcome! Hell the least I can do is express a little appreciation once in a while. In this anonymous online arena you tend to forget there are real people out there.

      I love some of the more in depth conversations that go on here but must admit to having very little experience and not currently being in a relationship I'm a little like a deer in the headlights at times. LOL So my readings here are a great learning experience as well as a source of great pleasure and amusement. Your cartoons are fabulous and never fail to amuse, I'm thinking of particularly of your Christmas being a time for unwrapping packages chastity cartoon. I can almost hear the desperation in the poor guys voice as he says it! :-)

      Anyhow, mundanity is calling so I better get to it. Many thanks again for all your efforts, I'll try and stick my head over the parapet a little more often! DC

  3. I' m here! Don't worry so much. I LOVE spying on a grown man acting like a little 13-year-old locked alone in the bathroom with a bottle of hand lotion! What does go through his mind as he rubs his little dicky? What would Mommy do if she caught him at it???

    1. There's that impish wit that's been missing here lately!

      As for your spying? Hmmmm. Maybe the "mommy" would be more upset with the spying than the masturbation? ;-)

      If my mother had ever caught me doing that she'd go into 'denial mode' and act like she saw nothing. Rosa, on the other hand, would be shocked at me disobeying one of our most stringent rules. I would definitely be in for a serious punishment with her!

    2. BTW, I cordially and playfully invite you to take my "25 things, etc." q&a! Your answers would probably be pretty entertaining.