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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


With September almost here, I am already preparing for our annual backyard RenFaire. Every year I try to add new things and new twists. I will post more as we get closer to the event but yesterday I asked my neighbor who I always refer to as "Marta", if she would be willing to be the official "sergeant-at-arms/disciplinarian". She agreed pretty quickly. Her duty will be to spank those sent to the stocks with a new wide slapper I made for the occasion.

I told her we chose her because she is the perfect combination of a likable and trustworthy person who we could trust would not go overboard...........while not having too much guilt about swatting a few behinds either. She agreed.

Of course Rosa was there and kept teasing us both about how she would make sure that I ended up in the stocks so that Marta would have a good shot at me before that day was out! (I don't doubt it!)

As this happy fellow can attest............"it's good to be king!"

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