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Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Q&A of T.M.I.

I began almost immediately in thinking about Hermione's suggestion that I write up my own personal Q&A for people to use to truly reveal their odd sides. And maybe because I think 44 questions are just too much, or because I'm lazy, or maybe because I really think you only need to answer one good question a certain way in order to qualify as "odd", my quiz consists of only 25 questions. Here it is. (Don't let the accompanying illustrations influence you. They are only there because people like to look at pictures.)

“25 things you never needed to know about me, that now you do.”

1.About how old were you when you first knew you were kinky?

2.Will you eat something if it falls on the floor?
3.Have you ever kept a personal memento of a lover like their hair or nail clippings…….or other?
4.If you could affordably and safely keep any unusual animal as a pet, what would you choose?

5.If you could tell someone from your past about your lifestyle, who would it be?
6.Who was the absolute worst person you’ve ever known?
7.If you could enact a law, what would it be and what would the penalty be for breaking it?
8.If the only way you could continue to live a kinky lifestyle was to switch to the role opposite of the one you are currently in, would you or could you do it?
9.If you could be part of a TV family would you choose the Partridge family, the Addams family, or the Waltons?
10.Has anyone besides you or your S.O. ever seen your or your S.O.’s  butt when it was still red from a spanking, and if so, who was it?
11.If you had to dispatch a zombie, other than a gun, what would be your implement of choice?
12.Would you rather fool around with a vampire, alien, or mer-maid/man?

13.Have you ever professed your religious tolerance by saying, “I don’t care what you believe as long as you believe in something.”?
14.In which fictional bar would you prefer to drink: Quark’s Bar, Cheers Pub, Rick’s CafĂ© Americain, or the Leaky Cauldron?
15. What is your fondest memory involving  a nipple?

16.Confess the most prejudiced or un-PC thing you actually believe to be true.
17.What’s the most desperate thing you’ve ever used to wipe your butt?
18.When you finally die, how would you like to go out? And conversely, what is the worst way to die?
19.What was the strangest way you ever achieved an orgasm?

20.If you could get away with it, who would you most like to bludgeon to death?
21.Can you eat with chopsticks?
22. What sexual experiment of yours ended the most disastrously?

23.If you suddenly went all 1950’s Sci-Fi, would you rather begin to grow or shrink………….and how would you work that into your sex life?

24.Which sounds most like ‘you’: A kaleidoscope……… a. works on principles of physics and optics, b. is a toy you’ll never see these darned modern day kids enjoying, c. is a rainbow in a blender, or d. reminds me of my last acid trip?

25.And finally………. just what is the largest thing you’ve ever had up your ass?

(If you are curious about my own answers to these queries, you'll just have to wait. I don't want to prejudice anyone else's responses right off the bat. But I can be badgered into doing so sooner by reading your instigating comments.)


  1. I like those questions! You'll have to remind me about this too when I feel better.

    1. Thanks. I will. You are my best hope for someone actually doing this darned thing.

    2. I never did reply. Then again, my injury took nearly a year to recover.

  2. 1. very young - 5 at the most.
    2. I eat stuff off the floor when I drop it more than most people would.
    3. No interest in former partners
    4. A big smelly nasty camel that I could ride to the bakery on Saturday while people are riding bikes in their spandex and walking their golden retrievers.
    8. I would switch if she really enjoyed being submissive.
    9. The partridge family - Susan Dey is hot
    12. Sorry, I am pretty much turned on by my own species.
    14. Rick's
    15 Liz E when we were 13 or 14.
    19. Tied to a chair in my wife's closet - sorry that's the best I can do. Or maybe when we were whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon - had to pull over and let the other boats get ahead.
    21. Yes chopsticks
    22. whipped cream and pussy don't taste so great together

    1. Thanks for taking part of the q&a, anonymous. Next time please toss in a fake name so we can tell one anonymous from another. Thanks. ( I like #4 and #19.)

  3. oops Sorry for not leaving a name - it is Rosco

    was it the closet of the rafting that you liked?

    1. The rafting. Something about that just amuses me.

  4. Hi kd,

    I love this meme. I'm going to post my answers on my blog next week. Not sure if I can come up with answers to all the questions, but I will try.


    1. Great! I will be interested to see your answers. And please try them all even if you write "not applicable" as your answer.

      Oh, and I bet I know which bar you'll end up in...........unless you truly surprise me on that one.