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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nature lessons

There are so many things we can learn out in the woods. Just look at this eager little fellow working on his next merit badge. 

I guess when the scout master challenged everyone to try and spot some beaver, this kid took him very seriously.

Anyway, there are so many things out in our own backyards this time of year.....if we just pay attention. Yesterday Rosa and I were cooling off in the pool when a hummingbird came by our trumpet vines to feed. Normally the hummingbirds we get are very skittish and you're lucky if you catch a fleeting glimpse.............but for some reason, this fellow just kept going from flower to flower seemingly oblivious to our presence. It was very cool.

Also, our rue plants have become a nursery for Eastern Black Swallowtail caterpillars.

And there's so much more too. You just have to keep your eyes open and you never know what you'll see. But always remember to respect nature. If not, you never know what might happen.

Natural switches out in the open air are a pretty effective punishment. I've had the experience a few times. It's weird being punished in the open air with the unlikely but definitely possible consequence of being seen .....or heard. And depending on the switch....they can sting like crazy and leave welts like earthworms!


  1. Ah, those sexy but strict girl scouts.

    When I heard they were having a night out at that cabin in the woods, I couldn't resist. I crept quietly through the trees and up to the window, hoping to catch them undressing for the evening.

    My timing was perfect. There was Isabella in nothing but a bra and flimsy panties that barely covered her ample bottom.

    But as I was just beginning to appreciate the view, Louise came up from behind me, grabbed me by the ear and dragged me inside.

    I had been lured there, as it turned out. They all needed to earn their "switching" merit badges. And so they did, each seemingly whipping me more ferociously than the one before.

    Some needed work on their knots as well - I was tied and retied in all kinds of humiliating and vulnerable positions.

    When they were finally though with me, it was too late to send me home so they dressed me in a pinkie nightie and let me stay.

    They sent me off in the morning, after each had the opportunity to whip my tender bottom once more, but not until telling me what time I should return the following week.


    1. Greetings, Rosco. It seems you have a copy of "The Scout Mistress" in your book collection.

      I must admit, I have never heard of merit badges for switching. Were these American Girl Scouts............or were they perhaps from Sweden?

  2. I keep trying to reply but it doesn't get posted somehow.

    Rosco here again - these were American girl scouts, but if they want to send me abroad to expand my "education", I guess I'll have to go.

    In late winter here in northern California, the plum trees send up straight and supple shoots - as delicious on a naughty bottom as drinking lemonade on a hot day.