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Friday, August 26, 2016


Rosa and I visited a cave today with our gang. The best thing about it was the cool temperature inside versus what was waiting for us outside! Unfortunately the cave itself was not........magnificent. Interesting in spots, but nothing to really impress.

However, I will admit that there was something about being in there that made me think kinky thoughts. Caves just seem ideal places to go a little weird and wild. 

We even saw a limestone wall amazingly similar to this one.......albeit without the lovely tourists posing in front of it:

Anyway, I do have a soft spot for caves and the things within. Today's cave however, would probably be more impressive if converted into a dwelling. It would make a very cool home in more ways than one. Although the echoes from one of Rosa's spankings would probably trigger a cave-in!


  1. John's Chili won the ContestAugust 26, 2016 at 9:22 PM

    Wait....wait. So, what you are saying is....there were no naked women in the cave??

    1. I'm sure they were naked under their clothes, but sadly none were openly nude. Too bad too. At the temperature inside they would have been very .............perky.

    2. And if it was a contest, John would have probably won. Though next time you should try 'eggplant' chili.