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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Spanking Machine

I currently have one story (Best Laid Plans) on the main website where a spanking machine figures prominently. I even used the above illustration by Endart for it since it involved two female friends in a situation amazingly similar to the drawing. (My only issue with the drawing is how the machine is designed so that the top crowns of each cheek are struck. If it was me, I'd reverse the action so the paddles struck the lower cheek in an upwards stroke.)

 Currently I am very close to finishing a long piece where there is also a spanking machine. However, the machine is more incidental to the piece rather than being the main focus. I will of course post when the story is finished and available to read.

I was rummaging around looking at some spanking machine illustrations for the piece when I saw something that I had long forgotten:

I actually had this album as a child! And I remembered that the back of the cover (which I cannot find online anywhere) has several line drawings illustrating the story......including one I still recall where the wolf is being spanked in the machine mentioned on the cover. I found something similar, but it is not the same picture:

In trying to find the one I remembered, however, I stumbled upon several spanking machines and snickered at how seemingly common these contraptions were in cartoons. Here are a few I found:

Here are two where the piggies get a taste of their own contraption.

 And here's another oldie:

And interestingly enough, the spanking machine as it relates to cartoon characters seems as alive as ever. Here are a couple of modern takes on the theme:

So it seems, here we are ..............all these years later, and the spanking machine is as popular as it ever was. And now, there are even real ones you can actually buy that work. Personally I've never been in one but I think there's a weird appeal to the idea of a spanking coming from an unfeeling machine. 


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    1. I could go on and on about Disney, both the man and the company. My biggest beef is the way so many people profess the wholesomeness of Disney when their most popular full length features revolve around misogyny, racism, and blind obedience to authority. (But I suppose the bible does the same thing and remains just as popular.)

  2. KD,

    I think you are reading just a little too much into old Walt - he just understood that America loves corny - AND he was probably a bit kinky. In the meantime, enjoy:

    Go to 4:30 if you want to get straight to the action

    Carl H

    1. Welcome, Carl. And yes....that's the cartoon the stills are from!

      And please don't misunderstand about Disney. I don't have an issue with Walt as much as I do with those who can watch some of these things and see the issues I mentioned as wholesome entertainment for children.

      I'm sure every father would think it prudent for their 14-year-old daughter to abandon her entire way of life for a guy she saw briefly from a distance..........and yet that pretty much sums up "The Little Mermaid".

      "I don't want legs so I can explore or climb a mountain. I want legs so that I can spread them for Mr Hunky-Guy!"....perfectly OK as long as you do it all to catchy tunes.


  3. I have always found the idea of a spanking machine so very intriguing. From the cartoon illustration to more realistic depictions to actual devices. While a delicious fantasy, it is also a realty. Equally fantastic to write about.


    1. Machines are unfeeling and impersonal. They just perform a this case: spank. That aspect can be very appealing to some people, while others are turned-off by the cold, mechanical aspect. To make the concept work, the trick is making the impersonal personal in some way.

      Thanks for the comment and welcome!