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Friday, August 12, 2016

Words are unnecessary

When I first stumbled upon this photo I was struck by many things, not the least of which was its potential for captioning. 

I mean really! Is this not priceless? Just look at that dog's face in comparison with the naked girl's lack of awareness. But the more I wanted to put clever words in that dog's mouth, the more I realized...........why? Why sully something so already perfect? Sure the possibilities are tempting, (and plentiful), but as soon as you put them into words you've limited the experience.

Readers here already know I'm not a big fan of most of the captioning found on the Internet............but captioning can be fun and I've seen some that are just great. A good caption can even turn a mundane image into something wonderful. So I'm not opposed to ALL captioning, just as I'm not opposed to good conversation. But I also recognize the value of silence. Sometimes saying nothing is more eloquent than the most finely constructed speech. And for me..........THIS is one of those times.

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