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Friday, September 30, 2016


You are all invited to check out my latest story: Milgram 2016.  It is a longer piece broken into sections much in the style Quentin Tarantino uses. The plot centers around a student's attempt to modernize the classic "Milgram Experiment" (read more) utilizing a spanking machine in place of fake electric shocks.

The underlying F/M theme, however, is the strange relationship between the heroine of the piece and her test subject. 

So, you know what to do: click the linked title above or go to the main website's story section and look for the "New!" next to "Milgram 2016" and give it a try! (And please let me know what you think!)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

"I can't hear you!"

Today we will take a short break from our reversals theme to change gears a bit. I want to ask you some serious questions: In your life experience have you ever had someone tell you, "oh you don't need to listen to that person!" and have you ever had someone say instead, "let them talk. I have nothing to fear from them."? In your mind, which person seemed most secure, confident, and credible?

The Commission on Presidential Debates has done you a favor, so they think, by limiting the television debates to just the two parties.( The same two parties who comprise the Commission by the way.........but that's probably just a coincidence, right? ) There's no need for you to hear what anyone else has to say.............even if he is a candidate on the ballot in all 50 States, and one with a petition with over 1 million signatures to allow him to debate, and who has a higher polling percentage than Ross Perot did when he was allowed to debate, and who has had 62% of people polled say he should be allowed on that stage.

But no need to worry about any of that! The Commission is going to protect you. They are like the person in my first example; you don't need to listen to him. They say their rules flatly decree that he needs to be at 15% in the polls before you can watch him debate. In other words...their self-serving criteria has conveniently disqualified him. "We can't let people hear you until a lot of them are already for you, even though to be for you, they do really need to hear you." (Joseph Heller's "Catch 22"?)

Before there was the Commission on Presidential Debates the League of Women Voters ran the debates. But isn't it better to have a commission run by the two major parties controlling what you can hear? (read more)

My main point here is not "Vote for Gary Johnson". ( read more) My point is that the American people are being done a great disservice, one that runs contrary to everything a democracy stands for........................and as a people we seem to be OK with that. The same people who wave the flag at veterans and wipe away a tear at the sacrifices made for freedom are blithely content to throw those hard-earned freedoms into the shitter when it comes to travesties like this.

Why not let the man speak? Then, if he comes across as an idiot, or just someone who does not share your views.......don't vote for him. BUT LET HIM SPEAK ON THAT SAME STAGE. HE EARNED THAT RIGHT BY GETTING ON THE BALLOT IN ALL 50 STATES!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Skewed hierarchy

In continuing the reversal theme, this time we are going to look at reversals based on flipping the expected ranks of people within a hierarchy. This too, is a popular theme with one of the most overused examples being the 'secretary who spanks their boss'.

Another interesting one is the maid who turns the tables on their employer:

Unfortunately, when these dynamics occur in a story, too often the reason for the reversal centers around some sort of blackmail. I HATE BLACKMAIL PLOTS! I prefer the reversal to result from some mutual recognition that the subordinate who takes control is somehow destined through their character to become the Top. What I like about this picture is how the expression on the scrubbing 'employer' in addition to the soap in her mouth, implies some possibly deserved fate for how she spoke to her maid. All people in all stations, deserve respect, so this is a nice lesson for Ms. Homemaker.

Our last set of pictures deals with the reversed 'teacher/student' dynamic:

There seems to be some implication of a class issue at play here. The teacher, though ostensibly 'in charge' ends up subordinate to a student of higher social/economic status. I love it and hate it simultaneously.

I'm not sure if the same situation is true here, but I love their 
expressions and what they imply. For whatever reason, the teacher seems to have accepted her fate, making no attempt to resist. That willingness to accept the younger girl's determined paddling is the key to the appeal for me.

I don't know enough about this kid to know how he was able to pull this off......
but it is a cartoon.

And here, "teacher Clare" is just overwhelmed by sheer force of numbers. In the real teaching world, devoid of models and cameras, there would be suspensions and probably criminal assault charges filed.

The "student spanks teacher" dynamic while popular is a difficult one to rationalize. It makes for great fantasy-fodder, but other than the "teacher did something bad and rather than face formal accusations, agrees to be spanked"-angle, I can't think of too many plots that make sense. And how many times can you use that one?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sibling reversal

One of the greatest moments in spanking film and photo history has to be the day when the infamous "Kailee" had her sister "Lily" join the 'RealSpankings' team for a while and someone said, "I know! Let's have the younger sister be the Top!"

Pure genius! This was several years ago and like Camelot, it only lasted a brief and shining moment, but in that time the sisters made several films together and an array of still shots that any simple Google image search will reveal.

What I liked about this pairing was something more rooted in my head than in the images themselves. After all the two were models and while cute, neither need worry where they will place their Oscar statuette. But contrived plots or not, a few significant things were undeniably real: the actual spankings filmed at 'RealSpankings' (to their success and credit) are genuine stingers, the two really are sisters, and older sister Lily was usually (though not always) the one to go over her younger sister's lap.

I used to try to imagine what that was like for Lily. Spanko or not, fake or not, she was the older sister and Kailee was no wimpy spanker. She knew Kailee was going to give it to her pretty good! That has to be a factor when baring and bending, right?

But for all I know, these delicious musings may have never even occurred to her. She may have been a girl who just needed money whose sister said "why not make a few bucks filming with us?" But I try not to think about that. I would like to keep my imagined thoughts of the public acceptance masking an inner embarrassment of getting it good from one's younger sibling. And in their pictures......there's no denial of that!

Here is a brief retrospective of the various times Lily got spanked by Kailee:

this was her first time getting it at RealSpankings and little sis did the honors. Imagine your debut is a naked OTK over your kid sister's lap!

Pro spanko or not, Lily made the best faces when struck and Kailee never seemed to mind 
spanking her older sister hard enough to get those reactions.

A 'school scene'. I hate those....but the outfits work for me.

Due to her fair skin, Lily always colored up nicely!
(too bad about that tattoo. >sigh< these kids today!)

Monday, September 26, 2016

More reversals still.....

These are some of my favorite reversal pictures: 

Youngsters did it in the old days....

.....and are still at it today!

It can happen to a seasoned pro.

But it's best when it happens for real, like this from XOXOBeth. Her Master's younger sub actually got to cane her. Delicious! Imagine getting it in your own home from a fellow sub who is younger than you.... yet still knows how to leave welts.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

More reversal- "Retro"

OK, it is posed and corny and we'd all be safe in assuming the "Mom" probably never got a single whack, but.......there's no denying the appeal to this vintage 'reversal' photo.

The idea of reversals occurring within families is a small but solid subset of reversal fans and there are writers who specialize in this very specific genre. I myself have recently completed a story where this is an underlying theme......though not the only one, in a story I have yet to 'release'. (It's still being tweaked, which is my standard procedure for any piece I do.) Just be patient and it may be released soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I LOVE the whole notion of 'reversal' when it comes, not just to spanking, but all forms of D/s & BDSM.  My next few posts will deal with this fascinating twist on traditional roles. But today we'll start simply: f/F spanking art.

The image of the older, wiser, more mature, more respected and established female figure disciplining her younger charge is a solidly established stereotype. How much more powerful is the submission when those roles are reversed?

What an added bit of embarrassment it is for a spanked person submit to the authority of someone much younger...........but just as capable with a strap or paddle?

And there are all sorts of concocted rationales for how the younger party manages to secure the dominant role. The least appealing are the ones where the older person behaves irresponsibly to such a degree that the younger person in their life is forced to take charge and set them back on a disciplined path. The most appealing are the ones where the older party is just drawn to the younger person's strength and doesn't consciously focus on their age.....although at times still feel the added embarrassment of having a younger Top.

I have a couple of f/F stories with a reversal theme: "An Age Thing" & "Deep Pockets". If you have a thing for reversals and haven't read them, head over to the main website and check them out. (I will warn you. You won't find any 'Mom came home drunk again and I need to stop her destructive behavior'-type plots.)

Monday, September 19, 2016

My World-view

Yes, this pretty much sums it up.

When you are a horny boy kept in denial for lengthy periods (as I am right now) and your own sexual indulgence is severely limited to just a few treats, those treats..........which may seem trivial to some........take on importance of global proportions. 

Whereas the average vanilla man can indulge in regular sex, or if not, at least in masturbation to achieve orgasm, I have only a few sanctioned outlets for my desires:

1: if permitted and approved I can self-tease..........but not to orgasm
2: I can kiss and worship Rosa's feet
3: or if she is feeling willing, playful, and generous I can 
devote my attentions to her butt

While the first is the most 'direct', it is also a bit of a lonely solo act.........and one that, while it feels nice building up, ends only in a worse frustration. The second, foot worship, is a lovely joint activity, but for me, foot kissing and toe-sucking is a very complex act. I can engage in it with many different motives and many different feelings..........from an almost innocent act of deference, to a sort of simple, emotional bonding, to a true demonstration of submission, all the way to being very sexually turned on by it. It can merely make me feel safe, connected, and snuggling with a security blanket (sucking a thumb?), or be a crazed, huffing-puffing sexual act (like a horny woman sucking a penis that has five wiggling tips).

So, of the three, getting to bury myself in my Honey's soft, smooth, curvy butt is by far the best! It is not ambiguous. It is always exactly what it is: pure sexual devotion that makes me feel crazed with passion. It is always powerful. It is always indescribably sexy. And we both feel similarly. Rosa can orgasm from this activity if she is in the right mood.........and with permission, so can I........even with a minimum of direct genital stimulation and sometimes with none at all.

So when the one really satisfying thing that I am allowed to enjoy is butt mind tends to see my sexual world as one big, round butt!

(And that's not a bad thing!)

Friday, September 16, 2016

It's tomorrow!

Well the RenFaire is just a day away and today will mean doing all the pre-cooking and decorating so that tomorrow is just last-minute stuff. It will be a busy day but I really like setting up and later I will even have some help. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow and I'll be sure to update you all on how the whole "RenFaire-Disciplinarian"-thing went.

In the meantime, here's an illustration I found that I really like even though the Viking time period is a little early for what I'm doing. Still the flavor is there and I love the gesture and expressions very much! I also like that the more petite young lady is the Top..............but more about that another day.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Let's play "What's Wrong with This Picture?"

Far be it from me to tell someone how to spank. And the dangling titties are very cute. But if you were only going to remove half of a spankee's clothes.............shouldn't it be their pants?

I've always been amused at the antics depicted in spanking photos. Some are downright hysterical. Here, check out this shot for getting things backwards:

Like.........."WTF?" Is the mostly-clothed person being punished for walking in on the naked girl? And if so, wouldn't a spanker still want to dress first to re-establish their authority......and perhaps then to make a point, have their victim get naked? least this spanker had the sense to bare her victim's bottom!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Staying organized

As the RenFaire Party looms ever closer, I am struggling to balance all the different things that still need to be done. While a lot of preparation has been completed, the bulk of the decorating and set-up will be done Friday. In the meantime, some shopping needs to be done..........and of course the food and drinks purchased and prepared. A lot to do! You could say with all this going on, I'm really just trying to "keep all my ducks in a row".

Monday, September 12, 2016


We've been going through a stressful financial/legal issue for some time now. Sometimes it would depress us, but Rosa would invariably advise me to remain calm and everything would work out. Today it seems the news we were waiting for finally arrived. Rosa, it seems, was right. And while a few more things need to still happen, the major issue at least seems resolved.

As a result of this burden easing, the stress seems to have eased as well resulting in Rosa foreseeing something else in my near future:

Rosa said that due to the prior stress she had been very lenient with me and let a lot of things slide. But now, she sees no reason to get back on track with regard to the less playful and more genuine aspects of accountability and discipline that is part of our relationship. She said she will not hesitate to re-establish order.

Prior to this, our "DD" sort of went on hold. I was far too stressed to be held strictly accountable and she told me often how she would love to get back to where we were but did not have the heart to add real discipline on top of the ass-kicking life was handing me. It appears that situation has changed.

For those of you who practice DD, you know what this means. To those of you who are more into role-play and kinky spice, I should briefly explain that this comment from Rosa is not a "wow, glad that's over. Now we can really relax and play again"-type remark. It's more like when you were a kid and you were sick and your mother let a lot of things go by unpunished until the day you were all better and happy and energetic........and she called you over and said, "now that you're feeling better, we need to discuss some things." And you knew that you were guilty of all sorts of things that had nothing to do with your recent illness and now that there was no illness standing in the way, you were going to get it but good.
To be honest, I think I've given my Honey enough attitude in the last couple of months to justify her apparent eagerness to get me back on track. I doubt I could not even seek support from my step-kids (who I've been snippy with as well) or even my neighbor, Marta (who has heard me snap at Rosa more than once), on this score! So I am resolved to whatever she decides. And knowing her as I do, I doubt it will be as enjoyable for me as it will be for her.


This was precisely the enthusiastic desire of a couple of guests Rosa and I had over on Saturday. These are two lovely ladies we are close to, that we haven't seen in a while and who were eager for some adventurous fun while cooling off on the unusually hot day. Unfortunately I had every intention of closing the pool prior to the RenFaire this weekend and as a result sort of 'let it go' rather than dump more chemicals into it for no good reason. As a result the pool was less than pristine. In fact it had more than its share of debris on the bottom and a few patches of late-season algae bloom. A dip would have churned that all into soup in minutes. So I gave the bad news to the ladies.

Rosa told them she would have been more than willing to indulge their idea and that had we known, we would have taken steps to get the thing back in shape. Our friends seemed disappointed but upon actually seeing the pool realized we weren't making up some story to avoid getting naked. (HA! Like that would happen!) I think we were all a little disappointed at the missed opportunity......but who knew this would come up?

However, one thing I mentioned to Rosa on Sunday was that maybe it was for the best since, due to certain circumstances, I was actually locked in a chastity device that day. We don't use locking devices all of the time but every now and then we do for an extra bit of 'emphasis'. Had I stripped down with the ladies, they would have seen the device and maybe they would have been a little freaked by it.

(not me, but make the legs a bit hairier, change the device to a different design, and add two hernia scars, and it's otherwise close.)

At first Rosa  said that had it come down to an issue with the CB, she would have just had me remove it......but as we discussed it more, Rosa came to the conclusion that these particular ladies would not be offended at all but rather have a positive "you go, girl!" attitude. As such, had this happened.....or if it happens in the future and I am locked......I will be skinny-dipping that way so that my situation and Rosa's control are blatantly visible!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pulp and circumstance

I don't know but when I think of "Queer Pulp" I can't help but assume it's hand-squeezed.

Anyways.................. I am pleased to report that my most recent perusals of Blogger's tracking report indicate a significant jump in visitors per day. "Welcome!" to all newcomers. 

However, on a more depressing note (probably something in D minor), one would think that such a spike in attendance would correlate to a similar bump in participation .............but, alas, this does not seem to be the case. To all you new folks who are enjoying yourselves:

Please join in! This is meant to be a participatory blog. Don't be shy. If you are clever, amuse us. If you are more direct............try being honest with a little vulgarity tossed in for spice. (that usually gets a nod of appreciation). If you are simply dull and boring? Fake it. Pretend you are Oscar Wilde and who knows? Maybe you'll channel him.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

More stupidity

I saw this captioned photo recently and felt I finally found the male match to the offensive caption I found about "Not all cunts are equal":

What crap! You don't have to be a perfect man to be a man, and you certainly don't have to be the things mentioned to be a submissive male..........which is where I think the taunt is directed. Anyone who knows me would never say I was a weak follower who lacked strength and confidence. And yet.....I am a submissive male to my Rosa (and select others). 

And what's the thing about being a friend and a pleaser? These are bad things? A woman doesn't want her man ........even if he's a more dominant-style be her friend and try to please her and the people he cares about? Even the submissive women I know would not want a man like that!

Being a 'man' is literally as simple as having the right plumbing dangling from between one's legs. Yet I do understand there are ideals about manhood that transcend genitalia. However, to me this criteria, while it may encompass many things, is primarily about one waning couplet of traits among mankind: HONOR & INTEGRITY.

Do what's right even when it's difficult, even as those around you abandon you. Stick to your word. Help rather than harm. Be truthful when it is most difficult to stand your ground. Measure your success by how easily you can look at yourself in the mirror rather than by how expensive the mirror is or how handsome the reflection is in it.

Do these things and whether you enjoying putting a willing lady over your rugged lap, sharing life equally, or happily burying your face in your lady's butt after she's spanked will STILL be a man.

I don't know who I feel worse for, the person who wrote this shit? the poor model who was probably just posing for some glamour ad, never suspecting some idiot would stick these asinine words in her mouth and have her look like a myopic bitch? or the person who sees it and thinks it's hot?

Two of the greatest male heroes in film: Atticus Finch played by Gregory Peck......
....and Will Kane played by Gary Cooper. Neither of whom achieved their heroic status as  "men" through financial success, meanness, or any other silly notion of masculinity.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Model identity?

I've used this photo as an illustration for my "Deep Pockets" story.....since it was nearly perfect for it. I've also found two other shots of this couple but based on their clothing, the photos are clearly from the same shoot. Now I know many of my visitors are probably well-versed in fetish models and the situations surrounding them, so my question is:

Does anyone know who this model is and what her 'story' is? Has she done other work? Is there a company she regularly works for? Or was she a come-and-go young lady who did this one shoot and quit the business?

I've Googled the image and did some sleuthing to no avail. There's just something about her girl-next-door casual confidence that I find appealing, but she is something of a mystery. Any accurate leads would be appreciated!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Teased again!

So about an hour ago, I see my neighbor, Marta heading over with some cookies for my step-kids. I was outside by my garage door working on a very cool prop for the upcoming RenFaire and showed it to her. I then invited her inside to see Rosa who was sewing some new pillow covers for our porch. I also complimented her on her appearance since she had just gotten ready to go out to another friend's house and looked quite nice.

We all chatted for a bit and Marta complimented Rosa on her work. And then as we discussed our thoughts for the pillows and a new futon cover, I mentioned that we had considered dyeing the old one with blue Rit Dye but that Rosa was concerned that the dye might rub off on the pants of our guests. Marta just happened to be wearing white slacks and agreed it was a definite possibility.

Then without any prompting, she looked right at me and playfully threatened, "and if I ever ended up with a blue butt, you'd definitely end up with a red one!"

My mouth fell open and Rosa could not stop laughing and even more teasing ensued before Marta had to leave.  Before she did, Rosa commented in front of Marta, that she had certainly grown quite comfortable with her authority. 

We also talked a bit more about Marta's role as RenFaire disciplinarian and the inevitability of me ending up on the receiving end of some of her smacks. 

It's so cool to have a friend who is comfortable enough with our lifestyle to tease like this!