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Thursday, September 15, 2016


Let's play "What's Wrong with This Picture?"

Far be it from me to tell someone how to spank. And the dangling titties are very cute. But if you were only going to remove half of a spankee's clothes.............shouldn't it be their pants?

I've always been amused at the antics depicted in spanking photos. Some are downright hysterical. Here, check out this shot for getting things backwards:

Like.........."WTF?" Is the mostly-clothed person being punished for walking in on the naked girl? And if so, wouldn't a spanker still want to dress first to re-establish their authority......and perhaps then to make a point, have their victim get naked? least this spanker had the sense to bare her victim's bottom!


  1. Not sure on pic #1,I think maybe the spanker was fondling the spankees tits when something went wrong so now she is going to spank her and just has not pulled her dress off yet.
    Pic #2 the spanker is this picture had just been spanked by the one now being spanked. But she wanted it harder and is now showing how to spank hard.
    How's that for a guess?

    1. Not bad. My theory is the same for both photos:

      A pot-bellied producer, complete with bald spot and ponytail and reeking of way too much Acqua Di Gio says something like, "hey you, blondie, I don't know much about this spankin' thing, but I do know men like tits. So take off your top and jiggle those things around as much as you can while we're filming."