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Sunday, September 25, 2016

More reversal- "Retro"

OK, it is posed and corny and we'd all be safe in assuming the "Mom" probably never got a single whack, but.......there's no denying the appeal to this vintage 'reversal' photo.

The idea of reversals occurring within families is a small but solid subset of reversal fans and there are writers who specialize in this very specific genre. I myself have recently completed a story where this is an underlying theme......though not the only one, in a story I have yet to 'release'. (It's still being tweaked, which is my standard procedure for any piece I do.) Just be patient and it may be released soon.


  1. I also like the reversal themes. Loved your story and cannot wait to read the new one.


    1. Thank you, Stan. It hopefully should not be a long wait.