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Monday, September 19, 2016

My World-view

Yes, this pretty much sums it up.

When you are a horny boy kept in denial for lengthy periods (as I am right now) and your own sexual indulgence is severely limited to just a few treats, those treats..........which may seem trivial to some........take on importance of global proportions. 

Whereas the average vanilla man can indulge in regular sex, or if not, at least in masturbation to achieve orgasm, I have only a few sanctioned outlets for my desires:

1: if permitted and approved I can self-tease..........but not to orgasm
2: I can kiss and worship Rosa's feet
3: or if she is feeling willing, playful, and generous I can 
devote my attentions to her butt

While the first is the most 'direct', it is also a bit of a lonely solo act.........and one that, while it feels nice building up, ends only in a worse frustration. The second, foot worship, is a lovely joint activity, but for me, foot kissing and toe-sucking is a very complex act. I can engage in it with many different motives and many different feelings..........from an almost innocent act of deference, to a sort of simple, emotional bonding, to a true demonstration of submission, all the way to being very sexually turned on by it. It can merely make me feel safe, connected, and snuggling with a security blanket (sucking a thumb?), or be a crazed, huffing-puffing sexual act (like a horny woman sucking a penis that has five wiggling tips).

So, of the three, getting to bury myself in my Honey's soft, smooth, curvy butt is by far the best! It is not ambiguous. It is always exactly what it is: pure sexual devotion that makes me feel crazed with passion. It is always powerful. It is always indescribably sexy. And we both feel similarly. Rosa can orgasm from this activity if she is in the right mood.........and with permission, so can I........even with a minimum of direct genital stimulation and sometimes with none at all.

So when the one really satisfying thing that I am allowed to enjoy is butt mind tends to see my sexual world as one big, round butt!

(And that's not a bad thing!)

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