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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pulp and circumstance

I don't know but when I think of "Queer Pulp" I can't help but assume it's hand-squeezed.

Anyways.................. I am pleased to report that my most recent perusals of Blogger's tracking report indicate a significant jump in visitors per day. "Welcome!" to all newcomers. 

However, on a more depressing note (probably something in D minor), one would think that such a spike in attendance would correlate to a similar bump in participation .............but, alas, this does not seem to be the case. To all you new folks who are enjoying yourselves:

Please join in! This is meant to be a participatory blog. Don't be shy. If you are clever, amuse us. If you are more direct............try being honest with a little vulgarity tossed in for spice. (that usually gets a nod of appreciation). If you are simply dull and boring? Fake it. Pretend you are Oscar Wilde and who knows? Maybe you'll channel him.


  1. Faithful follower poor responder. Looking at the picture I have to wonder what the girl standing desires of the girl kneeling. I'm sure some tops and bottoms will soon be removed.

    1. ..........and something is definitely going to get squeezed. That pulp has to come from SOMEWHERE!

      And thanks for commenting, arched. See, it's not so hard. ;-)