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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I LOVE the whole notion of 'reversal' when it comes, not just to spanking, but all forms of D/s & BDSM.  My next few posts will deal with this fascinating twist on traditional roles. But today we'll start simply: f/F spanking art.

The image of the older, wiser, more mature, more respected and established female figure disciplining her younger charge is a solidly established stereotype. How much more powerful is the submission when those roles are reversed?

What an added bit of embarrassment it is for a spanked person submit to the authority of someone much younger...........but just as capable with a strap or paddle?

And there are all sorts of concocted rationales for how the younger party manages to secure the dominant role. The least appealing are the ones where the older person behaves irresponsibly to such a degree that the younger person in their life is forced to take charge and set them back on a disciplined path. The most appealing are the ones where the older party is just drawn to the younger person's strength and doesn't consciously focus on their age.....although at times still feel the added embarrassment of having a younger Top.

I have a couple of f/F stories with a reversal theme: "An Age Thing" & "Deep Pockets". If you have a thing for reversals and haven't read them, head over to the main website and check them out. (I will warn you. You won't find any 'Mom came home drunk again and I need to stop her destructive behavior'-type plots.)


  1. I watched my girlfriend's apartment manager, a very stern lady, spank her, she was given a choice due to the fact she was late with her rent, not first time, move out or be spanked. This woman with me present bare her bottom, scolded her like a child, between her hand and hairbrush got my girlfriends attention. Worse was afterwards, facing the wall, displaying a very sore red spanked bottom. When she finally was told to come from the wall, she pulled up her panties, thanked the lady. I was given the hairbrush, the look on my girlfriends face, and when I said it will be used, she quickly started to rub her sore bottom. Jack

    1. Good story Jack. Was the apartment manager younger than your girlfriend?

  2. Crimson Kid (C.K.)October 18, 2016 at 1:12 AM

    "An Age Thing" is a terrific story, I'd certainly recommend it, I myself enjoy 'role reversal' spanking stories (and pictures) myself and I certainly identified (even cross-gender in my case) with the middle-aged woman who was so soundly and embarrassingly spanked by two much younger females. Of course, the enforced humility of the age-reversal is part of the appeal, as well as the paddling action itself.

    The reason for the spankings was quite straightforward and credible, while admittedly many 'role reversal' scenarios can be a bit far-fetched plotwise... --C.K.

    1. Thank you, CK! I try.

      Honestly though, after the seemingly flat reception for Milgram, Proxy, and The Raffle, I think I may take a break from writing. It does not seem people here are prone to commenting on the stories, and the LSF seems to have gone soft on comments as well. It also seems the audience there is looking for wank-fodder more than thought-out pieces.

      I also think the pay-subscriber aspect to the LSF has changed it for the worse. I can't even use the features necessary to find the very miniscule number of stories that actually appeal to me, so I haven't found much there lately to enjoy. I also feel like there are very few people there that I can relate to and conversely, who can relate to me or my work.

  3. Crimson Kid (C.K.)October 18, 2016 at 1:15 PM

    Well, for various outside reasons I haven't been that active in the Library either, but I am trying to get back into writing stories and commenting on ones I'm reading. (Right now I'm focusing on the Challenge reading, rating and commenting on those entries.)

    Anyway, I've read "Proxy" on your sister site and I think it's terrific, I thoroughly enjoyed taking the idea of a role-reversed proxy a step further than normal, having the *de facto* stepfather not only being the teenage girl's spanking-recipient proxy for her "misbehavior," but actually at her discretion being very soundly chastised by his stepdaughter for her offenses.

    I do plan on reading and commenting on all three of these stories, but I've got a lot of catching up to do online... --C.K.

    1. I noticed your absence and given the time of year, assumed a vacation. However, given your past and continued support, on the LSF and here, no concern of mine with regard to feedback EVER includes you. Whenever you have the time, I'd be thrilled with a classic "C.K. review", but I fully appreciate you doing it at the pace you need to.

      Thanks for the comment on "Proxy" too!

      As for the latest LSF challenge? It truly doesn't appeal to me. Oh, and good exchange with Burgundy!