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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sibling reversal

One of the greatest moments in spanking film and photo history has to be the day when the infamous "Kailee" had her sister "Lily" join the 'RealSpankings' team for a while and someone said, "I know! Let's have the younger sister be the Top!"

Pure genius! This was several years ago and like Camelot, it only lasted a brief and shining moment, but in that time the sisters made several films together and an array of still shots that any simple Google image search will reveal.

What I liked about this pairing was something more rooted in my head than in the images themselves. After all the two were models and while cute, neither need worry where they will place their Oscar statuette. But contrived plots or not, a few significant things were undeniably real: the actual spankings filmed at 'RealSpankings' (to their success and credit) are genuine stingers, the two really are sisters, and older sister Lily was usually (though not always) the one to go over her younger sister's lap.

I used to try to imagine what that was like for Lily. Spanko or not, fake or not, she was the older sister and Kailee was no wimpy spanker. She knew Kailee was going to give it to her pretty good! That has to be a factor when baring and bending, right?

But for all I know, these delicious musings may have never even occurred to her. She may have been a girl who just needed money whose sister said "why not make a few bucks filming with us?" But I try not to think about that. I would like to keep my imagined thoughts of the public acceptance masking an inner embarrassment of getting it good from one's younger sibling. And in their pictures......there's no denial of that!

Here is a brief retrospective of the various times Lily got spanked by Kailee:

this was her first time getting it at RealSpankings and little sis did the honors. Imagine your debut is a naked OTK over your kid sister's lap!

Pro spanko or not, Lily made the best faces when struck and Kailee never seemed to mind 
spanking her older sister hard enough to get those reactions.

A 'school scene'. I hate those....but the outfits work for me.

Due to her fair skin, Lily always colored up nicely!
(too bad about that tattoo. >sigh< these kids today!)


  1. Well, I recall a Kailee-spanks-Lily video scene in which Kailee claimed that their mother was angry will Lily (although neither sister knew the reason for it) and therefore had instructed Kailee to spank her big sister--which she did, rather emphatically and atop the older girl's bare bottom with a solid wooden hairbrush.

    The spanking was shot from different angles--one was focused on Lily's face reacting to the solid smacks of the punishment brush, while the other showed Kailee's face, with a resolute expression, and Lily's squirming bumcheeks as they reddened under the steady walloping.

    What I found intriguing, albeit perplexing, was that neither young lady knew any details about why the spanking was being administered, yet they both went along with it as determined spanker (Kailee) and reluctant yet cooperative spankee (Lily).

    Younger though she is, Kailee certainly struck me as the much more assertive of the two sisters... --C.K.

    1. I know that video. It's part of the reason that I said there's no need for either of them to write any "acceptance speeches". I think the main reason both cooperated with the 'mystery spanking' was the paycheck. It's like when your boss tells you to do something you don't see a point in, but you do it so you can continue to be gainfully employed.

      At least they were cute to watch. ;-)

  2. Until there is a category for "Best depiction of a role reversal spanking", that is.